How to Win at the Casino Online in 2019

The casino is a gambling establishment. It is open to the public but forbidden to minors. It is regulated by the state in all countries. The establishment must comply with the relevant regulations for the payment of taxes. The existence of this establishment dates back to the 17th century.

Indeed, the development of technology has not spared free games or money including those of casinos. As early as the 1990s, online or download institutions began their development. Technology has boosted the sector allowing access to anyone from anywhere in the world, provided that the country's legislation allows it and that the person meets the conditions to play online on

Authorized online casino

The online casino is regulated and is prohibited to persons under 18 years. Each online casino promoter is required to comply with the legislation in force in the country where he operates.

The promoter must have the authorization issued by the commission in charge of the regulation of the sector. Once the targeted casinos meet these conditions, one or the other can be selected. In addition, the sign of the casino can sometimes count for the choice. In addition, serious casinos must offer customer assistance. This assistance must be provided in several languages ​​24 hours a day, 7 days a week by all the appropriate means of communication, including telephone or e-mail. The other criteria for selecting this online establishment is the reliability and speed of the means of payment.



Note that online entertainment centers are very successful. Players are more focused and play in the desired conditions without restriction because they are at home: in the office or at home in their armchairs. At the table or in his car (not driving), in a waiting room, as long as you have a computer or a mobile phone, you are already in a fun online pay center It goes without saying that a land-based casino can not match an online casino in number of games and players. It should be noted that good online casinos offer bonuses to new players and make periodic promotions. In addition, these centers may grant bonus money to the point of starting the distraction with a larger sum than that deposited self; what land-based casinos can not do. Personal data is secured by online casinos with the latest technology in information protection. Their availability is in order. No slot, at any time, day or night, it is very easy for players to access the online centers.


Tips for online casino players

Before any commitment, it is normal to check the authenticity of the online center. Once identified, simply search on it to collect and appreciate the opinions of other players who have already experienced it. When the opinions are favorable, it is necessary to inquire now of the general conditions of use; this is of great importance and must precede registration. Every player must have the idea that he wants to amuse himself, have fun while paying. Nevertheless, we can remember that the probability of winning is not zero. The player still has the hope of winning while recognizing that he can lose. The rest is self-control, consciousness. That we know that none of the events of losing or winning, is certain. The important thing is to avoid getting bogged down in the loss.

Tips for online casino players

News and Promotion of Online Casinos

Once again, the Wild West awaits you to try to win the jackpot with Sticky Bandits: Wild Return, a second version of the game developed by the same designer.
Screenshot stiky bandit wild

This novelty always tells the story of the bandits of the west where you will be in the foreground to win. Indeed, the group of notorious villains is back in town with more loot on the bill.


An overview of what Sticky Bandits contains: Wild Return

Ready to face the Wild West bandits and leave with big rewards? Take a tour and discover Sticky Bandits: Wild Return.

From visuals to features, this slot machine has been completely revisited for a more conspicuous rendering than the previous one. Sticky Bandits: Wild Return has high volatility and a return rate that reaches 96.28%.

Just like its previous version, this slot machine is also available on all devices, PCs, smartphones or tablets. For a slot that has 5 reels and 40 paylines, Sticky Bandits: Wild Return promises thrills.


Reuniting the retro mood with more accentuated features on the menu

On the game's interface, you will see your favorite bandits and other symbols that have been added to the new version. Among these are distinguished cigar boxes, whiskey, skulls and rifles.

There are also card figures that are usually found on slot machines. During the game, villains appear on the reels as advantageous symbols. They can cover 2 × 2 or 3 × 3 positions during laps.

These bandits can turn into Sticky Wilds if they are hit during free spins. On Sticky Bandits: Wild Return, Skull bonus symbols are the Scatters that trigger these free spins.


A quick glance at the game's defining features

The new Sticky Bandits: Wild Return Slot Machine features two Wilds categories. There are those who are regular and others who are called Sticky Wild. Both have the ability to substitute the place of the other symbols of the game to form winning combinations.

By cons, the Sticky Wilds are only shown during the free spins bonus game. During this period, they lock and stay in their position until the end of free spins. The Wilds can not take the place of the Scatter on Sticky Bandits: Wild Return.

Speaking of the Scatter, three of this symbol will give you up to 7 free spins. In addition, Sticky Bandits: Wild Return has a jackpot running with a multiplier that can go up to x500.

A new slot machine from Betsoft Gemmed

After Wolf Moon Rising, Betsoft has formalized the release of a new slot machine in its catalog. Indeed, the developer has outdone himself by presenting in August 2019 a new slot machine named Gemmed.

Become a renowned explorer with the Gemmed game

Betsoft is not new to the market to offer authentic and original themes for its slot machines.

The new game Gemmed has marked this wonderful initiative. By discovering Gemmed, you will be transported in the shoes of a great adventurer to meet unknown countries. Designed with 3D technology, Gemmed encourages you to discover the most beautiful gems on the planet to reap the greatest number of awards on

On Gemmed, it's not only the graphics that will seduce you, because this slot machine promises a thrilling experience with advantageous features. Indeed, special symbols will complete the reels to quickly reach the victory.

Since Betsoft is, so to speak, a master of the art bonus, expect to discover a number of specific options during the Gemmed game.

A quick look at the features of Betsoft's Gemmed game

The theme that revolves around gemstones evoked on the Gemmed Slot Machine is reminiscent of victory and wealth. Indeed, Gemmed is a fun game that will take you to the quest for treasure.

With a provision that is shared equally in 9 × 9, Gemmed will offer you an incredible odyssey to try the victory. Pearls, diamonds and precious stones will be there to motivate you in your quest.

Although the volatility of this slot machine is not yet known, we can already see the huge potential for gains that await you by launching Gemmed. This creation of Betsoft integrates the mythical Wild and Scatters which favor you towards gains or bonuses of all kinds. Indeed, the developer Betsoft has always been known to offer special options to players, whether beginners or regulars. According to sources, the presence of a certain feature called "MAXPAYSTM" is not excluded in the configurations of the Betsoft Gemmed Slot Machine. Let's wait to find out!

Let's wait to discover it with impatience!

A player wins € 100,000 on a Fugaso machine

With its creative talent that continues to seek even more innovative ideas, Fugaso and its countless games play an important role in the online gaming market. It is not for nothing that the developer has seduced a number of online casinos for the happiness of players from around the world. Recently, the designer even announced the realization of the dream of one of his players with an incredible jackpot of € 100,000.

Significant gain on entertainment signed Fugaso

From its real name Future Gaming Solutions, Fugaso is quite present in the world of online gaming with lots of creations in its reserves

We can also see its presence in several casinos such as world famous. Fugaso has become especially popular for slot machines with features easy to assimilate, but also for its promise of significant gains.

The ease of access to its games has allowed players from all walks of life to discover the slot machines with each game developed by Fugaso with interesting features. It is potentially possible to quickly win the victory over Fugaso slot machines.

This was recently the case on the famous 2018 Mummy slot machine, on which a lucky player took the victory by pocketing some € 100,000 or more precisely € 99,185 in all.

A bet at only € 2 for a gain of € 100,000

With this news, it is rather motivating to note that Fugaso slot machines have the potential to offer captivating entertainment that can be very lucrative.

While luck is required, it is also crucial to distinguish the game that suits everyone to try to maximum rewards.

On The Mummy 2018 for example, Fugaso allowed a player to realize his dream after winning a jackpot of € 100,000 for a small minimum stake of € 2.

Note that Fugaso has always strived to increase its jackpots for some time and the slot machine The Mummy 2018 is one of them.

Moreover, the rate of return that caps 96.42% on this game says a lot about the potential gains.

Subliminal advertising: ubiquitous marketing even for games

In humans, vision and hearing are a means of perceiving a message. A discussion in a subway, the behavior of a stranger in the restaurant or a word that scrolls on a screen, our mind is immediately captivated. Simple or complex, interactive or analog, the information is constantly looking for recipients. It is then up to everyone to manage it in his own way. Sublime commercials that work around the game are not excluded.
Messages otherwise conveyed

In everyday life, it is easy to see signs, posters that launch products or communicate relevant information. Moreover, we see everywhere, on the panels, the means of transport or even digital media. However, some messages we want to transmit are sometimes hidden through others, waiting to be picked up by its receivers.

Appeared around the 50s, subliminal advertising was used to attract attention through a product or idea without the consumer knowing that the message was transmitted to him. Over time, many companies have adopted this kind of marketing, citing only the behemoths of agribusiness. Some examples include Coca Cola, Marlboro, McDonald's, Husker Do, Benson & Hedges, KFC, Amazon or Disney. This practice is also very present in the world of politics.
Subliminal advertising in gambling

Any mind capable of reflecting, automatically mastering images or sounds that are consciously broadcast. Their impact is usually reflected in a binary way: rejected or accepted.

According to studies, the human brain is able to assimilate 9 bits of information. However, we are not able to control or recognize the data conveyed by the subconscious. As a result, the same impact is manifested on our preconscious.

Note that the subconscious can process up to 20,000 bits of information. Visible messages give us the freedom to act according to our will.

However, those buried and sublimated require special attention. In the field of gaming, this facet may lead players or iGaming players to a fairly vulnerable position, since the sublimation advertising system is being used with a colossal investment estimated at $ 454.18 billion.

This value is distributed through the promotions of hard casinos, sports betting and games of chance So pay attention to subliminal messages in this area. Do not let your insconcient dictate your choices and stay master of yourself.

Casino Games

Blackjack is a cult card game that you can find in all online casinos. Very popular with players, this game is currently available in several variants. There must be at least 2 to play: a dealer and a player. The goal is to beat the casino representative, aka the dealer.

We must therefore try to get a hand superior to that of the dealer, that is to say to have a game in the hands of a total value close to or equal to 21 without ever exceeding it. If several players participate in a game, each of them plays against the dealer. Be careful if you go over 21 points, you lose.

Slot machines

Slot machines are the star games of all casinos. Considered as games of pure chance, they are divided into several categories including the classic version, the video version and progressive jackpot slot machines.

Originally, the player introduces a token into a slot and then presses a side lever to trigger a game. Easy to understand, the goal is to get a combination of winning symbols.

Nowadays, the mechanical rollers of yesteryear are replaced by screens of high definition where the symbols scroll with one click. You will find in online casinos thousands of slot machines with themes ranging from the most fun to the most elegant.

Roulette is the queen of online casino games because of its simplicity and high earning potential. Currently, the game comes in several variants such as English roulette, French roulette, American roulette, etc.

In general, the game table includes a cylinder of 37 compartments with numbers from 0 to 36. The players play on a table displaying the 37 figures and the possible bets. In online casinos, you can play roulette at any time in free, real or real live dealer mode.

Video Poker

The first slot machines appeared in the 1890s in the United States. The functions have since been modernized and the latest novelties with impressive graphics and various features to experience an extraordinary experience.

The principle of online video poker is simple and you can cash a lot of money quickly during a game. The goal of the game is to get the best combination of cards, the best of course being the royal flush, the latter can multiply your bet by 10,000.