A guide for beginners to understand and win at roulette

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Play roulette 77 online for free

Are you excited to try the online roulette game? Participating in this casino game from the comfort of your home has many advantages in https://www.casinoslots.store/ . In addition to not having to dress in luxury to go to a casino, or spend on gas and hotels, you also have many platforms to choose from, so you can decide which one is best for you. Now, if you are a beginner and you have never participated in the casino roulette game, we recommend that you play with dummy money first.

Let's review some of the benefits offered by online roulette:

All the same as when playing in a casino: with the exception of the fact that you are risking dummy money and not real money, there is no difference from the rules compared to face roulette.

It is an excellent opportunity to learn how everything works: it is not advisable for beginners to go to real casinos before feeling perfectly comfortable with the dynamics of the game. The free version will allow you to experience how betting mechanics work, and, as a consequence, you will be better prepared for when you decide to bet real money.

You can play just for fun: few things can be compared to the feeling of choosing the winning number and witnessing how the ball falls on it. If you want to experience the thrill of playing roulette, but you are not convinced to spend real money, this option presents you with an opportunity to enjoy without any additional tension.

Do you need anything else to convince you that your best decision is to try the roulette practice software on our website https://www.casinoslots.store/ ?

How to Play Free Roulette?

Very simple: you just have to visit the website of our casino and choose your favorite type of roulette. You can choose between European roulette or American roulette. Although its rules are quite similar, the difference is that the American has an additional zero hole, double zero. This increases the advantage of the house, although if you like emotion and risk, you can give it a try.

We always suggest trying both versions, since it is about playing the roulette simulator for fun. So you can know which one you prefer and then choose one of the online roulette platforms where you play with real money.

When it comes to playing for free, everything works in exactly the same way. As soon as you have chosen your version and the software has loaded, you can start playing with the assigned balance of funds.

Like playing with real money, in free roulette you can choose numbers and combinations according to your strategy, and you can choose how much you want to bet on each one. When you are ready, you spin the wheel watching carefully where the ball falls. All potential earnings will obviously be calculated in fictitious money. Our best suggestion is that you use the free version of the game until you feel comfortable with the way things work. Make the transition to real money casinos only when you feel you have enough experience to play in them

What is roulette?

When you face a roulette wheel, you have to know what you are doing. That is why you need to learn the basic movements of the game. This article focuses on explaining what Roulette is and how the game works.

Game mechanics

To start, you will need to buy chips that you will use to place bets. You give a certain amount of cash and receive chips in return. Each player receives a different color to avoid confusion, so you end up seeing a roulette table of colors. The next step is to place your chips on the desired numbers or other available bets.

You will notice that each roulette table has a minimum and maximum bet. This indicates the amount you can place on a given bet, whose minimum may vary depending on the bet option you choose.

There is a specific period in which you are allowed to place your bets. You can choose between the numbers from 1 to 36, the spaces of zeros, and the special bets. The dealer will throw the ball and ask you to stop betting at a certain time. The next step is to wait for the ball to land in a particular number. If the ball fell in the number that corresponds to your bet, you will win according to the payout table established in the rules of the game.

Where to play Roulette

You can choose a roulette table between traditional casinos and online casinos. However, more and more players choose the second option since you have 24/7 access to the number roulette from the comfort of your own home. Live roulette sessions with human croupiers that are filmed in real time from a broadcast studio are also available. Whether you choose to play online or offline, the rules of the game remain the same. The design of the board also does not change, with the wheel on one side and the spaces to place bets on the other side of the table.

Roulette Rules

Thanks to the internet, the popularity of roulette has increased exponentially in every corner of the globe. Although there are many people playing in traditional casinos, the internet offers an immense variety of platforms with live croupier sessions that simulate the experience from the comfort of your home. Before you start playing, it is important that you have become familiar with the roulette probability and types of bets you can make, which you will find in the following review of the rules of the game.

Choosing Roulette Type

You can choose between two variants of the game:

American Roulette - With a total of 38 holes, ranging from 1 to 36 and the "0" plus the "00". It is also known as the Double Zero Roulette.

European Roulette - It has a total of 37 holes, ranging from 1 to 36, and a hole "0". It is also known as the Single Zero Roulette.

How can you tell, the difference is in the way in which they distribute the numbers and the extra hole of the American variant. In the American version of the game, the house has a greater advantage over the players. The advantage is 5.26% compared to its European variant, where the advantage is 2.7%. The roulette probability of the European is more attractive.

There is another variant of the game called French Roulette. Here, the house advantage is reduced to 1.35%, in case you place bets that double pay (red / black, high / low, even / odd). The trick is that the hole “0” returns the investment you have made in red or black

How to bet on roulette

All bets can be divided into two groups - internal and external. Internal bets include betting on numbers, which includes:

Direct - a bet placed on a number.

Divided - a bet placed on the line that divides two numbers.

Transversal - covers the sequence of three results on the same line.

Six lines - covers a sequence of numbers between two neighboring lines.

Square - also called “corner bet”, you place the chip in the middle of four results to cover them all.

Trio - Place the bet on the three holes that include the spaces of zeros. The roulette probability of hitting is a little less than ⅓.

Basket - depending on the variant of the game, this covers the numbers 1,2 and 3, in addition to the spaces of one or two zeros.

For external bets, these cover large groups or numbers, such as:

High or Low - the first covers the group of numbers from 1 to 18, while the second option from 19 to 36.

Even or Odd - as the name suggests, this includes betting on odd or even numbers.

Columns - choose the winning column and the rules offer you to pay triple.

Dozens - here, you will have to choose the winning dozen. You can choose between the first dozen (1-12), the second dozen (13-24), or the third dozen (25-36).

In addition to these, there are the well-known “announced bets”. These comprise three segments:

Neighbors from scratch - also known as "voisins du zero", cover a total of 15 numbers, seven on the left and seven on the right of zero.

Le Tiers Du Cylindre - known as Tercio de Rueda, twelve numbers that are located at the bottom of the roulette.

Orphans - bet that covers the remaining numbers, including a total of 8 holes.

Roulette Strategies

Although it is a game of chance, it does not mean that you should play it without applying a tactic or strategy as tricks for roulette. For example, Betting a lot of money on a number could give you big profits if you win, but the fact is that the chances of that happening are extremely small.

That's why you have to use tactics that help you put statistics in your favor. This is not a simple task, so the question arises: What are the best tricks for roulette? Keep in mind that you will continue to have the element of luck, but with the secret casino roulette that we will present, you could increase your luck.

The Martingale Strategy

We will start with the simplest but also the best roulette strategy, according to many players. It is a simple progressive tactic in fields that offer double pay. That includes red / black, even / odd, and low / high. However, in many cases, players often use red / black for the Martingale Strategy. After learning how to play roulette, the process is simple:

Step 1: Bet $ 1 on red or black. If you win, repeat this step. Otherwise, go to Step 2

Step 2: Bet $ 2 on red or black, If you win, return to step 1. Otherwise, go to the next step

Step 3: Bet $ 4 on red or black. If you win, return to step 1. If not, double your bet again

And so...

This strategy requires patience, because if you win, you will only earn $ 1. The problem is that if you enter a run of bad luck, you can lose big. For example, if you play red, and black appears 8 times in a row, you will have invested more than $ 500 just to get $ 1 of winnings. This is the most famous of the tricks for roulette.

The Great Martingale Strategy

Similar to the previous strategy, but with a small and definitive difference. With the Great Martingale, you triple instead of doubling. If you bet $ 1 and lose, the next bet must be $ 3. If you lose again, you must bet $ 9, and continue like this.

You need a lot of cash and a casino that has a high maximum bet amount to use this tactic. Our advice is to monitor the record of previous winning numbers and start betting only if certain fields have not appeared as winners in three or four spins. For example, if 4 consecutive numbers are black, you should start betting on red.

The Fibonacci Strategy

Have you heard of the Fibonacci sequence? It's something like this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, and so on.

The fact that each number is the sum of the previous two is what many consider the best roulette strategy. This is how it works when playing roulette:

Step 1: Bet $ 1. If you win, repeat this step. Otherwise, go to the next step

Step 2: Bet $ 1. If you win, go back to step 1. If you lose, continue to the next step

Step 3: Bet $ 2. If you win, start from step 1. If you lose, increase your bet to $ 3

And so...

Although it gives you a lower profit, it is a good strategy for those who do not have a large balance of money to invest, and who wants to use the advantages of progressive bets. Ultimately, you should consider all these strategies and verify which one best suits your preferences, or design your own if you think you have enough experience. It is considered advanced within roulette systems.

How to win at Roulette

There is no universal solution or technique to win at roulette, and the best tips for playing roulette will vary according to whoever you ask. Although incredibly complex probability and statistical roulette systems have been designed, no strategy can offer a 100% win guarantee. The advantage enjoyed by the house cannot be overcome, beyond your techniques. However, there are ways to avoid silly losses and increase your chances of winning.

Always use European Roulette

All professionals and enthusiasts agree that this is one of the most essential tips of betting roulette. The numbers do not lie, in the American version of roulette, the house has an advantage of 5.36% because the wheel has an extra zero, double zero. That makes a total of 38 possible results, generating such a large advantage. When it comes to European roulette, the house only has 2.7%. You don't need to be an expert to understand which of the two offers the best terms to your players.

There is a trick to reduce the house advantage in American roulette, but that only applies when playing on low / high, even / odd, or red / black / bets that offer 2 to 1 pay). If the ball falls to "0" or "00", you will lose only half of the bet. This is also called “in prison,” or “surrender,” an option that reduces the house's advantage to 2.63%.

Have a Special Fund to Bet

If it is easier for you, you can open a separate bank account where you transfer the money that will be used to bet. The goal is to decide the amount you are prepared to lose when playing. If you win, then great; But if you lose, you will not lose a penny more than you were prepared to lose.

In other words, you will not risk the resources you need for your basic needs, such as food or service bills. It will also allow you to play exclusively for entertainment, which always improves the quality of your betting system and helps prevent silly decisions in an effort to recover lost money. Ultimately, it's about spending a different time and having fun: that's why this is probably the best of all the strategies that exist in roulette.

Forget the past

Imagine the following: Betting on number 22 for several rounds, but you can't win roulette with him. Unfortunately, the first time you've stopped taking it into account, the capricious ball chooses to fall into that hole. This is bad luck, nobody can say no, but don't stress yourself about it. Believe it or not, everything about roulette is an act of chance, and it does not mean that "destiny" has played tricks on you. It was just bad luck, you should completely forget about that and continue having fun as if it hadn't happened.

Another tip to win at roulette is to ignore other players who sit at the same table. Perhaps the other is betting thousands of pesos per spin, but that is not the sum that you can follow as a bettor. Your roulette strategy must be independent of everyone else. If you have a game plan in mind, and if you want to win, you will have a better chance if you focus on it.

The advent of new technologies in roulette

With the advent of Internet technology, players who cannot visit a casino can enjoy the real-time sensation of online games. There is no difference in the rules, you can have real-time experience with great graphics and game effects on your computer, tab or Smartphone. In an offline casino, the dealer spins the wheel, while, in a virtual casino, all functions are managed by the software where you can enjoy playing anytime, anywhere. The advantages of playing in the virtual casino are unlimited. Even if you're sitting in your pajamas dress instead, you can still enjoy the fantastic experience of playing American roulette and earning good money. Casinos offer interesting features such as welcome bonus, progressive jackpots, and opportunities to earn money. You can play for free on your Smartphone or tablet.

Players have a great opportunity to enjoy the excitement of free casinos and play online roulette. There is no need to go to Las Vegas, the playing field has been leveled with the help of new technologies. Speaking of security during playback, players should consider certificates of trust from casinos on the Internet platform. Beginners should pay attention to the exams available on different websites that talk about the development of their software, certification, payment system, security, game functions, effects games and animation effects.

The comments explain how to place bets and win huge rewards and benefits. For beginners, many websites offer winning strategies and tips to play constantly. It is certain that a great addiction can be achieved.


Luck has an important role in the form of a wheel and a betting grid. There are different versions of it; You can opt for the American or European version. The wheel is numbered from 1 to 36 marked on it. In the American version, the wheel will have both 0 and 00. It's very easy, just select a number or the player, the dealer spins the wheel and if the ball lands on the selected number, the player wins the bet . Basically, online casino roulette games begin with the realization of bets. The latter can be placed within the allowed limits. Once the bet is placed, the wheel spins and the ball is then thrown on the wheel.

Players can enjoy playing free online roulette, like the same they would have experienced in Las Vegas casinos. Variety of roulette games are available for players, such as English, Live American, Multiplayer, multi-wheel, union, double spin, Triple Bonus or the French version.

Popular Terms

Backtrack - the outer ring of the wheel where the ball spins is known as Backtrack. “Even money” refers to the bet that pays 1: 1.

Inside Bet: in online roulette when the bet has been placed in the numbered area of ​​the table, includes individual numbers or a group of numbers, the opposite of the inside bet is known as the outside bet. It offers high odds.

Outside Bet: the external bet is more likely and generally safe. Bets can be placed in multiples of 2, colors, odd numbers, etc. Generally, beginners are advised to start with external bets. The chances of losing in external bets are comparatively lower than those of internal bets.

Staight up Bet: is another term for players that means that the bet is placed on a single number and on the chips.

How to succeed when you are a beginner

Casinos attract people as they offer the chance to win a significant amount of money. Casinos available on the web make it possible to enjoy and win interesting prizes. Only the player has to register, create an account, deposit money and bet. Many casinos offer welcome bonuses to players.

Know the rules of the wheel

There are two types of the Wheel

The American Wheel The American wheel has numbers from 0 to 36, and there is an addition of a double zero. The edge of the house (the casino has more advantages than the player) increases in the American style and reaches 5.26%.

European Roulette European roulette has numbers from 0 to 36. In its entirety, 37 years ago and the casino's advantage is 2.63%.

Interesting facts

Another name for him is the "Demon Wheel", as in the case that all numbers are added to 666.

He has been inspired by the English playing in the seventeenth century the game called "Roly Poly" that has a ball that revolves around the wheel.

The most common number played on the wheel is 17. This happens due to the central location of the number in the design.

Best tips to earn more

Look for casinos that offer both delivery and in jail because that helps you lose half the bet. This occurs when 0 or 00 appears, and the other half is returned to the player. It is known as money bets.

It is always suggested to go with a single zero wheel. Suppose you have the possibility to choose between a single zero wheel or double zero wheel proposal, the obvious choice is the only zero wheel. This is because the only "0" gets 2.7%, while the house edge of the "00" has 5.26%.

Create a 401G account. It is an account created to play. G here means the game. In that account, you can deposit money for the game that is for entertainment purposes, so that you can have control over your expenses and do not lead to bankruptcy due to addiction.

Surely, you must understand that you do not need any skills and knowledge; You can win by chance or luck. You should know the rules, how to place bets, meaning of payments and other terminologies.

The casinos where you can enjoy on your smartphones are managed by a computer program called random number generator. The computer program cannot be partial, compared to land-based casinos. Therefore, go for casinos that are safe and secure, licensed and respected by the most popular websites and rating agencies.

The best advice that can be given is that you should practice long before you begin. Many casino sites offer the free roulette game mode for players so they can gain experience.

It is recommended to choose the only European version. Other tips are to place only external bets, for example, red / black, odd / even and high / low.

Beginners who are eager to enjoy the gaming experience can have fun with different slots. Read the comments and decide how to start and make huge profits. Do not lose hope, since it is totally based on luck. Don't bet much; You should consider roulette as entertainment, not a profession. Several payment options are available for your security, so you can be sure when you are betting. In many countries, it has now become legal, but many countries are still banned for people. Many new features such as live entertainment, 3D have introduced elements to make it more exciting

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