Australia also stops online poker

Given the possibility of receiving millionaire fines, decided that it is time to withdraw from the market. PokerStars could make a similar decision shortly

Not only Argentina is complicated with the new regulations issued on the online game. Now it is Australia's turn, which is about to pass a severe law and any company that violates it must pay up to 5 million dollars a day.

That is why some company announced that as of today it will no longer provide its services for Australian players, who can withdraw their funds whenever they want without problems. Not only Australians: they also leave Slovenia as PokerStars had done in 2016.

Speaking of the red pica room, the Amaya CFO, Daniel Sebag commented that they still provide poker services, but that if the law is passed they will be forced to block Australians from the site.

Playing poker online is getting more complicated, gentlemen

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