Australia Could Open More Doors To Online Game

If such a change is implemented, local players would have a greater degree of protection, and additionally have access to a greater number of games and options for online betting on

One of the most important issues to consider is sports betting while they are being broadcast live. At this time, this possibility only exists through mobile options and in person. Additionally, poker could also be liberalized. The objective in this case is to align the laws in this field with those that control the results in games in a pre-agreed manner. To review the issue globally, the Communication and Media Authority has been appointed to monitor online bets and establish measures for the protection of the industry. The current position of the government on online betting is not clear enough, when a much more defined point of view could benefit

players and operators. For example, although it is not illegal for Australians to place bets online and play in Internet casinos, it is illegal for operators to offer such services to Australians on .

According to estimates, this industry is quite large, since in 2008, the total amount of money invested in bets reached almost 800 million Australian dollars and at the moment, it could reach 1 trillion dollars every year. On the subject of sports, online betting is allowed, with the exception of those related to live games. Sports betting has grown steadily over the past 10 years, and generates global profits of about 400 million Australian dollars. It is clear that a regulation will generate many profits for all those interested in participating in these operations in the near future. The associations of players welcome these possible plans, and expect them to be realized very soon.

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