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The popularity of online casinos is increasing every day, where players can play within the EU or in Germany and Austria. Nowadays there are many online casinos that are accessible to German speaking players and it is our job to help you make the right choice. We tested the real money casinos for you.

We know that there are hundreds of German online casinos that allow you to play instantly. So if you're looking for a new casino site to sign up for, you're faced with countless options and spoiled for choice. While this ultimately amounts to less elementary decisions at most online casinos; How quickly they will pay back your winnings to you - or what games they have on offer, must also be mentioned that there are actually some casinos where games are not safe.

In fact, there are online casinos founded with the sole purpose of stealing your identity and taking in your illegally hard earned money. This intention to defraud is very rare in German casinos. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and secure online casino in Germany, take a look at our casino reviews! on

Only the best of the best German casinos are listed and we make sure that none of the casinos we mention on are unreliable or unsafe. In our top 10 list you will find the very best online casinos - and not just in terms of security. We also review and evaluate the game selection, payout times, customer support and many other factors. With the top 10 casinos in Germany

The best online casinos in Germany

We have reviewed and rated some of the best online casinos for German players.

Choosing the right internet casino should be that easy, isn't it? Unfortunately there are so many great options, so it is difficult to choose the perfect online casino for you. Not to mention all the criteria that a truly exceptional German casino should meet before you decide to sign up there. Fortunately, we have taken a closer look at the list of online casinos that are available to German players and can therefore give you good advice on which casino best suits you and your needs.

We have reviewed some of the most popular German casinos and show why they are the best and what they do. So make sure you check our list regularly and try out some of the casinos yourself.

Gambling licenses in Germany

In Germany, gambling is a matter for the federal states. The only state that has issued a few licenses for online casinos is Schleswig-Holstein. But that does not mean that a player in Bavaria is punishable if he visits an online casino. One of the reasons for this is that current EU law allows virtual casinos to operate multilingual websites and that EU citizens can also access and use their offers.

However, the question now is how to recognize a valid EU license as a newcomer to the casino. Basically, it's very simple. The licenses and license numbers of the operators are listed in the lower part of the website. Most of the time they are even linked and you are taken to the page with the actual license.

The majority of online casinos have multiple licenses. Most casinos are licensed in Malta by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and / or in the UK by the UKGA (UK Gambling Commission). There are also other licenses from Curacao, the Isle of Men and others. UKGA and MGA are known for their very strict licensing guidelines. Of course, the different countries also have slightly different requirements, but a few essential aspects are part of all licensing procedures.

Basically, legal casinos have licenses from an EU country rather than from tax havens from outside the EU.

Requirements for an EU license

The operators have to meet a whole series of requirements. Despite various variations in the individual points, the standards in the Union for all licensing bodies are very high and do not only refer to playing in the casino. Of course, the technical standard, such as encryption for data transmission, must be just as given as the storage of all games made for a certain time. In addition, the online casinos also have a social responsibility. So they are prescribed how and what they can advertise, what help they have to offer vulnerable players (self-blocking, limits, etc.) and also offer an alternative dispute settlement free of charge. In addition, the operators must also work within the requirements of the Money Laundering Act.

Of course, the responsibility of the license-issuing bodies is not only the issue of licenses, the tasks are varied and include, but are not limited to:

• Monitoring licensees

• Protect players' rights

• Protect players and operators from criminal activity

• Precautions against fraud and money laundering

• Protection of minors and an active approach against gambling addiction

• Supporting charities

Your winnings in the online casino are tax-free in Germany

You will surely find many different details on the Internet. Unfortunately, many of them are simply or partially wrong. Without wanting to be bored with legal German, at the current time (June 2018) we want to briefly summarize the legal situation:

According to § 4 No. 9b UstG, all gambling profits made in Germany and the EU are tax-free. This includes profits in casinos, casinos, online casinos with an EU license and lotteries. The amount of the winnings is basically irrelevant. If you are classified as a professional player, income tax may apply. If your profits yield interest, they must be taxed.

The profit must be obtained from a provider who has a gaming license in a country of the European Union and duly pays his taxes there.

If you win at an online casino that has its license outside the EU, the prize may be confiscated that you can only play legally in Germany at online casinos licensed in the EU.

The question of the legality of an online casino in Germany is not so easy to answer, because we are mostly in a gray area here. Germany is not yet one of the regulated markets like Great Britain or Sweden. There, online casinos acquire a license from the state regulatory authority and, as long as the strict regulations are complied with, the casino operates legally.

In Germany, the situation is more complicated because the State Treaty on Gambling grants the states the right to issue gaming licenses.

Comparison of German casinos:

Schleswig Holstein license

The Ministry of the Interior, Rural Areas and Integration in Schleswig Holstein issued licenses (casino permits) to numerous casino operators in 2012. No other federal state in Germany has yet dared to take this step. The European license, for example from Malta, is therefore valid for players who do not live in Schleswig Holstein. Schleswig-Holstein has not issued any new licenses since 2013. A new law is to be ratified in 2021. The licenses granted in 2012/13 expired on December 18, 2018. The black-yellow-green coalition in Schleswig Holstein is striving to extend existing licenses until 2021. This license extension has now been approved.

Hessen license 2020

The federal state of Hesse will also issue licenses from early 2020, but only for sports betting providers. The licensees must also undertake not to offer casino games. For this reason, Bet365, for example, has now removed its casino for German players. The Hessen licenses should initially only remain valid until 2021, after which a new, nationwide gaming law is expected.

Reputable providers for players in Germany:

We also recommend adding to your bookmarks as we check casinos more than once to be sure the quality stays the same. We also publish articles, tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of online casinos. Learn things about your favorite casino slot machines that you may not have known before, or learn about great bonus promotions from the casinos we have reviewed and rated. You will definitely not want to miss anything we offer our readers.

When choosing the right German casino, there are always a few factors to consider: You should always ensure that you get along well with the languages ​​offered on the casino website. The online casinos we checked are all translated into different languages, so you never have a single choice, such as English. So you will be able to play in the most recommended casinos in German.

Another criterion that all online casinos in Germany should meet is decent customer service. If you are unsure of how a particular game works, or if you have problems with the payment of your winnings, you should be assured that the online casino you are playing in will provide you with good advice and support - last but not least, be sure that all money transactions, i.e. all deposits and withdrawals, are carried out safely and quickly. You should also be careful to find an online casino that offers many different deposit and withdrawal methods. The most important thing is that you are happy with your choice and feel comfortable and safe when you want to deposit or withdraw money. So you can concentrate on the fun and winning big jackpots !!

Any website that prompts you to enter your password, email address, or credit card information should be protected with secure SSL encryption. Make sure that the connection is secure in the browser, for example by making sure on Google Chrome that you see a green lock to the left of the URL. You can also click the lock icon to learn more.

Google Chrome has also recently warned you if you are about to enter a website that does not have reliable SSL encryption. If this happens when you visit an online casino website, all alarm bells should ring. Due to the lack of SSL encryption, unauthorized third parties can read what you enter on the website and your data could end up in the wrong hands.


If you've ever visited a land-based casino and played a few games on a well-known slot machine or played a table game, you've probably picked out a few favorites quickly. Fortunately, the casino games offered to players in German casinos tend to be similar to those in casinos.

Regardless of whether you want to play from the comfort of your own desk or go online with your mobile device while on the move: A huge selection of casino games is available to you at the push of a button, because the most popular online casino software providers offer various games for German players.

You can choose between games from manufacturers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech and so many more. Choose a fun and silly slot, hunt the jackpot in progressive slots, experience real game excitement on a live table game or just play a quick game of bingo. The possibilities are almost limitless!

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