Blackjack: Become an expert, beat dealers and win big prizes

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games! The latter has many followers. The principle is simple: have the best technique of blackjack to beat the co-host playing on behalf of the bank and win your bet. Blackjack is classified as a game of chance, simple and exciting, it attracts everyone. Online blackjack attracts many players, thanks to the generous bonuses it retains. Before starting, you will be able to find all the information and blackjack rules.

First, discover the origin of the game of blackjack: the history of blackjack reveals to you.

Blackjack is a free or paid version available for free. It can be downloaded or not. Many games can be found on the Internet. This casino game has also successfully occupied a place in the rooms of land-based casinos, attracting more and more players every day. In order to better guide new players, guides such as gather all the data to help players from start to perfect strategy. Nowadays, with such convenient access on online casino sites, it is hard to imagine that history can be traced back to the present. Today, all online casinos provide this game, and it has undergone tremendous development. Since entering the casino, the game of blackjack has been greatly developed. In the rules and expressions.

Blackjack is not a game created by the role of the Holy Spirit. Like many online casino games, the birth of blackjack still has many mysteries. However, several sources have designated its origin in Italy. The story of this blackjack starts when players call it Treintuno, but they haven't thought of the brilliant idea of ​​hitting cards in blackjack. In fact, this name will not appear until a long time later, but it appears much earlier than online blackjack.

Subsequently, with the exchanges between countries, Trein Tuno went to France. At this time, the French players organized their own blackjack table, reducing the number to 31 to 21 points, and called it the future blackjack "21". Then export 21 to other places in other countries bordering France.

In the rest of the story, the Anglo-Saxons travel to the United States, and the sailors must find a way to last these voyages for several weeks. This is how 21 shipped to the United States. This is where the game of blackjack will become blackjack. Indeed, after arriving in Uncle Sam's homeland, this game did not achieve amazing success. It is for this reason that the casino operator organized a special promotion to highlight the 21st. From his first two cards, he will receive a pair of spades (ie "black") and an ace. The same clothes won the game.

You may know what happened at that time: the promotion passed, but the name stalled, this is how blackjack was born! In fact, Americans have adjusted the game according to their own culture. The current blackjack rules are most similar to the blackjack rules we know. Canadians also like online blackjack very much, so their guide is a real reference for all French speakers.

The rules of blackjack you need to know: the secrets of putting the bank in the bank card game

As a player, you will face the deputy host representing the bank. The ultimate goal of the game is to get as close to blackjack as possible with your hands. First, let us get acquainted with the game; it is played around the game table and up to 7 players can participate in the game. There is nothing very complicated there! Today, all websites that offer online blackjack in France will verify this statement.

The dealer will only draw cards after placing your chips in your chip circle (which constitutes your initial bet). Then the dealer deals two cards to each player: this is your hand. Then, the dealer asks you if you want to change to a new card. Once the first card is issued, you can accumulate any number of cards. Please note that the total score of the hand should not exceed 21 points.

-Numbered cards-from 2 to 10-have the same value as the number on the card.

-Symbol card-Jack, Queen, King-represents 10 points.

-On the other hand, the trump card can be 1 or 10-your hand is better.

Stack blackjack and online blackjack: basic blackjack strategies to make more money

With the success of online games, Blackjack also witnessed the birth of its online version. There are even live games, where the dealer animates the game in real time, just like you are sitting at the gaming table in a casino. Exciting! In online blackjack, the rules are the same, but the game is actually faster. This is the detailed game summary on the Blackjack Pro page:

The online blackjack provided by the online casino is exactly the same as the traditional blackjack. The rules and game flow are the same. In professional game guides and guides written by professionals, you will find the best game strategy.

Please note that we do not recommend that you start learning any blackjack strategies until you fully master the blackjack rules. You must understand the basics and the blackjack tables, which group the different operations available in order to be able to understand the two most famous strategies.

You decide your blackjack skills to reach the expert level. Through hard practice, you will be able to get the cohesive reflection in the basic blackjack strategy, and move on, which may become more difficult. But rest assured, blackjack techniques are very useful, so please stick to it.

Did you know that before the invention of basic strategy in the 1960s, blackjack was an overwhelming female game? But people have the upper hand in this game because everyone wants to test this unstoppable skill to destroy the co-host and balance of power.

Strategy #1: How do players count cards in blackjack? This is their secret

Blackjack professionals agree that the counting technique of blackjack in online blackjack is extremely complicated. In land-based casinos, this practice is particularly popular, albeit illegal. On the Internet, the number of shuffles is not visible, because online blackjack is virtual (except in live casino games, of course).

Therefore, you will understand that to practice this strategy, free online blackjack will not help you, and the same for real money online blackjack.

The purpose of card counting is to be able to predict which cards may fall in your hands, otherwise they will fail. In the past, this was easy because there was only one deck available, and the math genius could figure out the cards in his favor.

To get rich, it's very simple, you just need to read one of the books that explains this technique in detail and practice as much as possible before you start to win blackjack. Unfortunately, for blackjack players, casinos soon discovered that this technology greatly reduces the casino's advantage, and that big winners may harm the profitability of gambling establishments.

The rules have changed bit by bit. Several decks have been added to the host’s game. Because the automatic distributor speeds up the game, there is no need to touch cards today. You will understand that counting blackjack cards online is one step closer than completing an impossible task. Fortunately, another technique can optimize your earnings, taking into account all the obstacles mentioned above.

Strategy #2: Become an accomplished expert by practicing true blackjack skills

In an online casino, even if the random number generator prevents you from judging the number of cards remaining, playing blackjack and winning streaks are quite possible. The real account method works best in live casino games, although for convenience, the dealer only deals cards to certain players, not everyone.

Experts correctly say that blackjack card counting is only half of mastering the real blackjack technique. Therefore, you will understand that it is vital to understand how to play blackjack, to understand the basic strategy inwardly and to train as much as possible to automate certain inferences.

Do you particularly like playing blackjack? Therefore, please experience real counting, this technology is tailored for future blackjack professionals. Obviously, this is not a strategy we can recommend you to practice on free online blackjack, because you will need to see the cards accurately to make all calculations.

Therefore, the real count is only for experienced players, if you are only slightly familiar with the rules of blackjack, we recommend that you do not try, otherwise you may lose a lot of money. Consolidate your training with all our suggestions and get help from professionals who are already proficient in true counting techniques when necessary.

How do you play free blackjack to practice and develop an unstoppable winning strategy?

Like any casino game, online casinos also provide a free version of the game. This is a great technique to practice without losing any pennies and getting your hands dirty. You can also play the game for free, thanks to free bonus codes, which provide access to exclusive offers. To do this, you need to verify your account by depositing money.

In the beginning and/or when making more money or even doubling your stake, having many bonuses is a huge advantage. You are competing with banks-but you have an advantage-because if the code you use can repay your first losing bet, then your hand can win you, and defeat is not always that big loss. Thank you for the bonus!

Free blackjack is a great way to have fun without spending a dime. Some people play blackjack to make money, while others prefer the beauty and concept of the game, and it is fun to play the game. The fun of beating the dealer is indescribable. Some players practice real money or free blackjack without downloading, just to shine in front of other players when the dealer does not win. For some players, playing blackjack is more of an art than a hobby to make money!

The best online casino site that provides the best rewards for playing blackjack online

All online casinos offer more or less favorable bonuses. Please do not hesitate to browse the best casinos and casinos with the most bonuses online, so you don't have too much pressure when playing games.

To play online at 21:00, there are two versions available: Flash version and mobile version. No download is required to play the online Flash version from your computer. Just log in to the online casino and choose the game you want to play-blackjack, poker, roulette, slot machine. You will be redirected to the virtual poker table and let the game begin! The mobile version is similar, the difference is that it is played via a smartphone: it is convenient to carry the Valet table anywhere!

Are you looking for an operator with all these advantages? In this case, we recommend that you turn to a reputable online casino, such as Lucky31.

Why playing blackjack is a good way to learn about casino games?

Blackjack is a simple card game that can be accessed in any casino (online or land). Despite the fierce competition in poker, the so-called "traditional" card game has not lost its initial popularity, and for good reasons: easy to play, fast and expensive. Le Valet Noir has everything to please novices and initiates.

Therefore, before you start playing casino games, please don't be overwhelmed by the pressure or suspense of the game. If you are a beginner, you should start with a low risk.

If you need to leave the blackjack table, you should know that other games may give you peace of mind, such as roulette and all its variants, baccarat (the distant cousin of your favorite game) and even games. Slot machines do not require special knowledge to get benefits. Let's not forget the video poker game, which is known for its lowest game on the edge of the house and therefore pays more money than most casino games.

Whether you choose entertainment, blackjack or something else (whether it's table games or other categories), you should keep entertainment in mind. All online casinos have a "Responsible Gambling" tab on their homepages. Therefore, before playing any game, please read their reviews of responsible games to avoid disappointment. These legal statements are particularly prominent in legitimate online casinos, and they may be another clue to assessing the credibility of online casinos.

Bonus: if blackjack is indeed your game of choice, then take your passion further

Do you like blackjack but want to relax your brain outside the casino? So this is our cultural part in this legendary game. Like you, many players are convinced of the theme of blackjack, which is shrouded in mystery and must be admitted.

Las Vegas 21

Are you a movie fan? We recommend that you spend a good time in front of the TV. The latest movie we recommend is "Las Vegas 21" released in 2008. We must admit that this is our favorite. This is a masterpiece adapted from a book by Ben Mezrich, who was personally inspired by this incredible true story. This is the story of a group of six MIT students who have won huge bets by using point card technology to form a huge blackjack bet. Young people raised millions of dollars in Las Vegas, and millions of dollars in the United States and other parts of the Caribbean.

In the movie "Las Vegas 21", Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey) leads the whole small army with unknown purpose until the last moment of the movie (we guarantee that we will not bring you any suspense !). Of course, students have gone through several stages from euphoria to indifference. Youth love certainly has a place in feature films, but the film’s perspective is more focused on changing the behavior of young people in the face of sudden wealth.

Rain Main

You must have heard of Rain Main, whose main role is played by the legendary Dustin Hoffman. For those who live in the cave, this masterpiece is reminded here. Charlie's character is introduced to you. He is a colorful character, and he missed his legacy when his father died. His father’s property was bequeathed to his unknown brother, and he was placed in a psychiatric institute in Raymond.

You guessed it, "Rain Main" is a movie about the discovery between two brothers. Charlie discovered that his autistic brother was a math genius. The two of them decided to combine their talents to win blackjack as much as possible.

Once a thief

Other less compelling but equally interesting movies may be beneficial to your blackjack culture. In "A Thief Once", Ang Lee and her brother Mike decide to leave the underworld where their father is the godfather. Their solution is to join an underground anti-mafia organization, but one of their tasks is seriously dangerous because they must eliminate half-brothers who are left in the middle of organized crime. Here, blackjack is a medium for telling another story, but it is very impressive to indulge in this carefully composed movie.

Looking for a bedside table blackjack book? This is the best reading we have selected in this game

Beat the dealer

If you are not a movie fan, you might like our favorite blackjack book. Let us not forget that the card counting strategy has gained widespread popularity thanks to Edward Thorp's best-selling book Beat the Dealer in the 1960s. Even if the described technology is no longer applicable today, it is still a very interesting medium that allows you to get a rough idea of ​​blackjack.

Million Dollar Blackjack

Ken Uston and his book "Million Dollar Blackjack" (Million Dollar Blackjack) also provide you with a good opportunity to learn more about point cards in practice Information. We especially appreciate the fact that this book is very comprehensive. This is not a strict and boring manual. You will also find anecdotes about the author, who has extensive experience in the field.

The World's Greatest Blackjack Book

If you don't understand blackjack at all, please quickly read the book "The Greatest Blackjack in the World". This book not only helps you learn the rules of the game, but also outlines the best strategies in blackjack. It is more like a guide than a book you can read before going to bed, but it is a perfect book that provides you with a solid introduction to the most famous table games.

With all the resources we provide, it is almost impossible for you to master the basic rules of blackjack with a minimum of practice. In summary, it is better for you to have a solid foundation and specialize in one strategy or another, rather than blindly invest in blackjack to match the heroes we told you at the festival. And lose money and self-esteem.

Remember to take regular breaks of blackjack to ensure that you recover your best health after the break. Finally, our most important advice is to always pay attention to your funds and manage your deposits and withdrawals and your bets. If you keep all these in mind, then you can only successfully master blackjack!

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