Blackjack for beginners

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Blackjack for beginners is a brief explanation of the Blackjack game. About the purpose of the game and the rules. About everything that comes with it if you want to play Blackjack. Of course also where you can play the best Blackjack. You can play blackjack in many places. Both offline and online. If you play blackjack online, opt for a reliable online casino. Then you know that you can play Blackjack in an honest and safe way.


Blackjack is an old game. It was taken from Europe to America. Blackjack has a long history. A number of adjustments have been made to the game in America. The game that used to have the French name "vingt-et-un" has been renamed Blackjack in America. The old card game has spread worldwide under this name. This game still has many names. In the Netherlands it is also known under the name "twenty-one". But if you play this old card game in a casino this game is called Blackjack


The adjustment that took place in America was an additional payout from a special winning card hand. It was an Ace and a black Jack. That's where the name comes from. "Blackjack" literally means translated Black Farmer. This adaptation has made this card game popular and has made players in all countries enthusiastic in this form. Blackjack is probably the most played card game worldwide.

Attractive card game

Blackjack is an attractive card game. The speed with which it can be played and the simplicity in the rules means that this card game is considered by many players to be their favorite card game. You always play against the Bank. The intention is that you have more points than the Bank. That is the goal. But no more than 21 points because then you will lose. "Bust" is the term used for this. It is therefore important that you know the value of the cards. It is actually very simple. The value of the card is on the card itself. As an example: Hearts 7 are seven points. The images are 10 points. The only exception is the Ace. You can determine the value yourself and you can choose from 1 or 11 points.

How to play Blackjack?

But the question that starting Blackjack players often ask is: "How can I play the best Blackjack?" At least not from an emotion. While playing Blackjack, try to play as calmly and wisely as possible. Not from a vague gut feeling. Stay calm! Even if you are in a winning position. Don't do crazy things. That is why it is important to know when you can best fit or take an extra card. Or that you better split your cards. That's why many players play with a Blackjack strategy. It helps you to control the emotions and to play more successful Blackjack

Blackjack strategy

Playing with a Blackjack strategy will help you play Blackjack in a more successful manner. There are various options for playing Blackjack with a strategy. It is important that you know and master the basic rules of the Blackjack strategy. First delve into the basic rules and then try them out. There are plenty of options for this. As a starting Blackjack player, the best thing you can do is play free Blackjack. In this way you learn to know and apply the rules while playing. This also applies to the Blackjack strategy. Knowing how you can best play a certain card hand is an absolute plus. Does it give a guaranteed profit? No, because Blackjack is a game of chance, keep that in mind. But as long as you play Blackjack for free, there is nothing wrong. You can experiment with the strategy to your heart's content on


Often novice players know a threshold to switch to playing Blackjack for money. That is understandable. Inexperience in playing Blackjack plays a role here. Self-confidence in one's own abilities is also sometimes lacking. That too is understandable. But there will always come a time when you have finished playing free Blackjack. That you think you have sufficient experience and confidence to take a chance. Then it is advisable to first play Blackjack for small amounts. That's possible if you play blackjack online at the Online Casino. You play Blackjack for real money but the minimum bet is € 0.10 cents. If you lose then the damage is not too bad. With profit you don't get much richer. But the biggest gain is that you have crossed the threshold of playing for money.

Where to play Blackjack?

Where can you play the best Blackjack? In an online casino! It is the only way to play free Blackjack or Blackjack with small amounts. Do you think you are ready to switch to a real Blackjack table? Even then an online casino is recommended. Make sure you choose an online casino that is reliable and where you can play Blackjack in an honest and safe way. If you want to play Blackjack online, then at least play in an online casino that has a European license to offer online gambling. Then you know that you play with a reliable partner.

Blackjack casinos

online casino We have listed a number of online Blackjack casinos for you. Each of the aforementioned online casinos can be considered as a reliable partner where you can play Blackjack in an honest and reliable way. Create a player account and see which online casino feels best to you. Now you can choose from your gut feeling. Creating a player account is done in no time and gives no obligation. You have the option to browse the casino before you start playing Blackjack online. Good luck with playing Blackjack and especially lots of fun!

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