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Blackjack Rules - Learn the rules of Blackjack here!

Blackjack has been used in many casinos in the United States, Europe and Asia for decades, and players all over the world are spending a lot of entertainment time. This classic casino game played in a classic casino revolves around a semicircular table and usually only allows seven players at a time. In recent years, many casinos have chosen to produce more digital versions of their games.

This is because classic casino games must be made available to players from their own homes. Each variant has its own rules, which is why our experts at CasinoSlots recommend that you always read the rules of the game. The reason for this is that all different variants of the same game will have different rules, not the rules for comparison with the original copy.

Rules in online blackjack

In today's world, you will find that most online casinos offer blackjack in a classic form, but there are many other variants, all of which are derived from the original and classic game of blackjack. If you want to play blackjack online, you need to set aside time to learn the rules, as this can increase your chances of winning. Choose your favorite blackjack variant, and then you can learn all the rules!

Popular variants of blackjack

-Classic online blackjack

-Online online blackjack

-Blackjack switch

-Online Blackjack-Free Game

-Blackjack surrender


-Spanish 21

Other variants of blackjack:

-Blackjack Double Exposure

-Blackjack 5 Hand

-Blackjack Single Deck

-Multiplayer Blackjack

-Increasing Blackjack Online

-Caribbean 21 Blackjack

-Face up 21 Blackjack

-Super Fun 21 Blackjack

-Match Play 21 Blackjack

Classic blackjack online

Since this is the original version of Blackjack, most players of all ages know some of the rules of the classic version. The "house advantage" of the game is 5%, which means that players can win huge prizes as long as they follow all the rules. If you are interested in playing this game, you will soon find that this classic blackjack game has both a live version and a regular version. Are you interested in learning rules? So please check them out below!

How to play classic blackjack online

-Classic Blackjack consists of 1-8 sets of 52 cards.

-A trump card usually counts as 1 or 11 points. 10. Child, queen, king counts 10 points. Cards between 2-9 count the points shown on the card.

-The value of a hand is the same as the sum of the cards dealt

-"Blackjack" is the highest card and usually consists of two cards; an ace and a king, queen, jack or 10. The sum of these cards is 21, which is "Blackjack". The second highest hand is "21", which consists of 3-5 cards and is worth 2-9.

-At the beginning of the game, the dealer deals two cards to each player and the dealer himself. This happens when each player places a bet.

-In a typical blackjack game, the dealer will show one of his cards, which the player can see. The second card, called the "hole card", will face down.

-If the dealer has "blackjack", all players will lose (unless the game is insured).

-If you as the player manage to get "21" and the dealer also gets "21", then this will result in a "push", whether you win or lose. In this case, the dealer will only refund the amount played by the player.

-The dealer will always deal first to the player on the left. Look at the player's choices in the blackjack game. You will find these options below:

Standing: Players choose to stand and bet their cards.

Hit: The player wants to receive another card from the dealer. You must realize that if your total exceeds 21, then you will be "bankrupt", which means you have lost. Therefore, if you are a new player, you should check our blackjack strategy page, which can help you decide whether to hold another card.

Double bet: The player wants to double bet and get another card. If you choose this option, you can only receive one more card.

Split: If you as a player have a pair (or two 10-point cards), then you will be able to double your bet and split these cards into two hands. Then the dealer deals a card to two separate hands. Therefore, the player will eventually get a total of four cards. Then, the player can choose whether he/she wants to "hit", "stand" or "double". However, you should note that if you choose to split two A, then each A will only receive one extra card.

Surrender: Players give up half of their bets. The player keeps the other half, but does not complete the hand. However, this option is only available after receiving the first two cards. You should also be aware that not all casinos offer this option in blackjack.

Insurance: If the dealer has blackjack, you can choose insurance. If the dealer's card is a trump card, this insurance will be provided. If you accept this insurance, you will again use half of your original bet to play. If the dealer actually has blackjack, you win! The expenditure here is 2 to 1.

-After all players have turned one round, the dealer will hand over his "hole cards", showing the total points of the players who set off. If the total amount of the dealer is less than 16, another card will be drawn.

-If the total number of dealers exceeds 21 and you are not "bankrupt", then you will win the game.

-On the other hand, if the dealer is not "bankrupt", then the highest total number of points will be obtained between the dealer and the player.

-A win at blackjack usually doubles the player's bet. However, this is an exception, that is, the player won the blackjack game of blackjack, and the odds are 3:2. If you are considering playing blackjack online, please note that some online casinos will increase the "house advantage" of the casino, so that the chances of winning are small for players.

Blackjack switch

The rules of "Blackjack Switch" come from traditional games that have been played in casinos for many years. Therefore, if you want to play this version of blackjack, we recommend that you first learn the original rules. On the other hand, if you already know the original rules, you can check below where you can learn about the unique rules of Blackjack Switch.

How to play blackjack switch

-All rules used in blackjack switching are based on the rules of the original game, unless otherwise specified below. Therefore, we refer to the "Classic Blackjack" section, where you can learn all the rules of classic blackjack.

-In this variant, usually 6-8 sets of playing cards are used.

-Each player can play two equal amounts; the dealer takes out one hand for each hand. -The dealer places both hands up instead of one.

-If the dealer has blackjack, then all players will lose. On the other hand, if the player also has natural blackjack, then this will result in a "push down".

"Free Blackjack" in online casinos

"Free Blackjack" offers a huge change for all players who choose to play this blackjack variant. The change is that players are not forced to spend their own money when splitting or doubling the game. If you choose to play this version, you will be happy to hear that the natural blackjack odds are 3:2, and the "house advantage" is relatively low at 1.02%.

Free blackjack rules

-This version is based on the original version of Blackjack and uses 6 sets of playing cards. -Under normal circumstances, it is only allowed to double on two cards, or it can be doubled after splitting.

-You can choose to split a pair again, so you can have up to four hands, including A. -Like the classic version, "Free Blackjack" does not provide a "surrender" option.

-If you have two cards with a total value of 9, 10 or 11, you can choose "Free Doubles" in "Free Blackjack". With this "free win-win", your initial bet will be matched using the "free bet" button. As a player, you will automatically get an extra card. In this blackjack variant, it can also be used in regular Double on the two playing cards.

-If the dealer wins, the player will only lose the original bet.

-If the player's hand is pressed, the player will resume their original bet.

-On the other hand, if the player wins the game, he/she will have to return the original bet and double the bet.

-Your card will be split into two hands by "free split". During the game, the player's first hand bet is made with the first hand. Due to the split, a "free bet" button is placed on the player's second hand. As a player, you will have the opportunity to play with both hands at the same time. Players can also get "free doubles" or "free doubles" with both hands. In case the player manages to win, this "free bet" button will be replaced with real chips with the same value as the original bet. On the other hand, the dealer will also withdraw the "free bet" button when the player loses a hand, but it will also withdraw if the hand is finally pressed.

-If the dealer gets a total of 22 points, then this will also lead to failure. If the player's chip stack is 21 or less in this case, then the player's bet will also result in a bet.

Play different Blackjack variants at Leo Vegas!


The pontoon is the British relative of classic blackjack. Although the origin of this variant can be traced back to the United Kingdom, this version is very popular internationally-especially in Australia. Usually, there is a "house edge" which is 1/3 smaller.

Floating Bridge Rules (Australian Edition)

-This game variant uses 4-8 sets of playing cards. Each set of cards contains 48 cards, while the ordinary card game contains 52 cards. It is worth mentioning that the size of this game has been reduced by four 10s. This is why the game is for the benefit of the dealer, not the player. Compared with the classic variant of blackjack, on pontoons, players usually get generous bonuses and more favorable rules. This is because the game itself has a rather unfavorable chance of winning for the player.

-Users who play Pontoon have the opportunity to perform the same actions available in the classic version of Blackjack-which include hitting, standing, splitting and buying. In the floating bridge, these concepts are simply abbreviated by other terms. The following terms are used in floating bridges.

Twist (hit)- If you want the dealer to give you extra cards, you must select this option. Joystick (hold)- when you do not want the dealer to give you another card, you need to use this action.

Purchase (Double)- If you want to double your deposit, please use this function.

Split- If you receive two identical cards, you can split the two separated hands. Each time you choose to split a pair, you must place a new bet that is the same as your first bet.

-The best card on the pontoon is 21, which includes two cards. These two cards must be an ace and a 10, a jack, a queen or a king. The next best card in the pontoon is the "five-card trick", which consists of five cards whose sum does not exceed 21. From 3-4 cards, all hands with a total of 21 cards defeat all other hands (except the two hands just mentioned). Cards with total hands equal to or greater than 21 are ranked according to their value. However, when you are "bankrupt", this is not the case, and your total number exceeds 21, and such hands will be useless.

-After the first bet, the dealer will deal two cards, each with its own way. Therefore, one card is facing up and the other card is facing up so that the clothes are hidden. As a player, you can look at your own cards, but the dealer must not see his/her hand.

-With this version of the game, your bet can be doubled. However, you should note that doubling the bet is only allowed when the sum is between 9 and 11. If you choose to double the bet where there is an ace, then the value of that ace will be 1. You can no longer choose whether ace should be 1 or 11. In addition, in Pontoon, once the split is carried out, it can also be "purchased" again.

-When playing the pontoon, you can choose "Late Surrender" (surrender). However, this is only possible in 10s or aces with the dealer facing up. In this case, the player will have the option to use the "surrender" button. If the dealer manages to play blackjack, then the player will lose all bets.

-At the pontoon, you can also "surrender" after "buying". This strategy is called "double rescue." In this case, the player is required to abandon his/her original bet. The surrender from the player will happen immediately, which means that this is actually an "early surrender", as opposed to "late surrender".

-In terms of payment, five cards pay 3:2. Six cards pay 2:1. Seven or more hands pay 3:1. If you choose "Buy", no bonus will be paid. Or double your bet. If there are 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 with different colors, the expenditure is 3:2. On the other hand, if all cards have the same suit, the payout is 2: 1. However, if all cards are spades, there will be an exception, and the odds will be 3:1.

-If you get 7-7-7 cards in the same game and the dealer also puts 7 face up, the payout will be $1,000 for a bet of $5-24. For bets over $25, there will be a payout of $5,000. All other players on the table will also receive the "Envy Bonus". However, if splitting or doubling occurs, this method is not applicable.

Spanish 21

Since its launch, the table game "Spanish 21" has flourished in casinos all over the world. Basically, this variant of blackjack is based on the classic and original version. However, this version of the game contains several different rules and features. In order to play this version of blackjack (usually found in online casinos), you must first understand the rules of classic blackjack. Below, you can read the rules of Spanish 21, our experts recommend that you do this before choosing to play games for real money.

Spanish 21-Rules

-Usually, "Spanish 21" uses 6-8 sets of playing cards. Each set includes 48 playing cards, while ordinary playing cards contain 52 playing cards. In Spanish 21, all four 10s have been deleted. However, you should be aware that this is the casino's advantage in this game, because these four 10s have been removed from the playing cards.

-If you choose to play this version of the game, you will find that the following content is always allowed: "Late surrender", double and split A again after splitting.

-In Spanish 21, the sum of 21 will always beat the dealer's hand. This also applies to natural blackjack.

-When playing Spanish 21, you can always double your bet no matter how many cards you have on the table. After choosing to break up, you can further choose to hit and double.

-When you play Spanish 21, you can also "surrender" after choosing to double. This strategy is called "double bailout" and the result is the first deposit.

-In Spanish 21, the odds of 21 for five cards are 3:2. The odds of 21 for six cards are 2:1. If you get 21 on 7 or more cards, the odds are 3:1. Double or split.

-Hands of different suits including 6-7-8 or 7-7-7 will pay 3:2, and hands of the same suit will pay 2:1. Do not pay 2:1.

-A hand of the same set of three 7s will pay $1,000 for a $5-24 bet. If your bet amount exceeds $25, the payout is $5,000. The Spaniard 21 then offers "envious rewards" to all other players on the table. However, if there are two or two splits, this bonus will not be paid.

Blackjack Surrender

If you feel that you are a gambler and rarely try your luck when playing games, but still want to play blackjack, then "Blackjack Surrender" may be for you. This version has a lower "house advantage", which makes the player more likely to win. As the name suggests, players have the opportunity to "surrender" (surrender), which will cause them to lose the game. However, if you choose to use this "surrender" button, you can keep half of your bet even if you lose the game. To learn more about this variant of the classic blackjack, read the blackjack surrender rules below.

How to play blackjack surrender

-Generally speaking, blackjack surrender is performed at a regular blackjack table, using 4-6 sets of playing cards in online casinos.

-At the beginning of the game, the dealer will give himself two cards and give the player two cards-just like the classic version of the game.

-The strategies that can be used in this version are roughly the same as those used in the original version of Blackjack; hit, stand, split and double. However, the biggest difference between these two versions is that if your hand is bad, then you have a chance to surrender (surrender).

-In the blackjack surrender, the dealer is allowed to check blackjack.

-In this version of Blackjack, the dealer must stand when the total value reaches 17.

-As a player, it is allowed to double his first two cards and after breaking up.

-If you manage to get a pair, you can split the pair. However, one thing you need to understand is that in this variant, only one split is allowed. This means that the player cannot split again, which may result in four hands.

-In the blackjack surrender, if the sum of the player and the dealer exceeds 21, they will all go bankrupt.

Link blackjack rules to strategies

It is important to emphasize that if you do not know the rules and strategies of blackjack, then no matter you choose to play the blackjack variant of blackjack, you will almost always lose. If you are reading your favorite blackjack game, you will have a greater advantage when playing the game. If you want to learn about the strategies you can use when playing games, please check out our page on blackjack strategies.

Since its launch, blackjack has taken the world by storm in online casinos. Many gamblers think this game is their favorite, because this classic casino game is not only about luck, but also about the common sense of the game and the strategy you choose to use. If you are happy to start playing blackjack, check out our comprehensive guide to blackjack, where you can also find the best online casinos that offer the best variants of blackjack!

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