Blackjack rules for argentina players.

How to play blackjack

Introduction to Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most widespread casino games due to its long history in which its fame has been increasing since the original game, Blackjack, was enjoyed more than 500 years ago.

The game traveled all over the world, making American and European blackjack especially famous, of all its variations.

To play Blackjack on you must use at least one French deck of 52 cards, discarding the joker. In casinos, the deck of cards used usually contains 6 complete decks, but this number depends on the casino or the regulation in place where it is played.

Objective of the game

As it happens in the Blackjack, the players of Blackjack, of individual form, try to obtain with a play to add 21 points or in their defect, to approach the possible thing, without happening of those 21 points, to gain to the play of the Bank.

Each player who participates in a Blackjack hand receives two cards whose values ​​are added, when the player considers that his initial play may improve to approach 21 points, he may request additional cards from the dealer until he obtains 21 fair points or decides to stand.

When the sum of points is greater than 21 points the play is canceled.

For its part, the Bank also receives two cards and plays to defend itself following established norms to plant or request a card at all times. If your play totals 16 points or less, you are required to request a card and if there are more than 16 points you will have to stand.

In addition to being the name of the game, Blackjack is the name that receives the best play: when the two initial cards total 21 points.

To win the Bank the player must have a better score than this, if it were the same they would be tied and if it were lower he would lose.

Value of the cards in Blackjack

The cards in the deck have a certain value that will serve to try to add the best possible play.

In Blackjack all the cards with figures drawn on their obverse (J, Q and K) share the same value, 10 points.

The Ace has the peculiarity of having a variable value at the choice of the player who plays it, being able to opt for 1 or 11 points.

The rest of the cards in the deck have the same value as indicated on the front.

Game mechanics

Table, seats and croupier

To play Blackjack there is a table designed specifically for this, in which the game areas of each participant, the bench are defined, and the basic rules of the game are indicated.

The table is shaped like a fan in which the curved zone is reserved for the players and the straight zone for the dealer who will be in charge of managing the development of the hands and represents the Bank.

Up to 7 players can participate simultaneously in a Blackjack table.

Betting round

When a player starts a Blackjack hand, he must place an initial bet to participate, the amount that is started must have a volume between the minimum and maximum limits established by the online casino.

It is normal that within the same casino there are Blackjack tables with different limits so that players of all kinds can participate in them.

The initial bet is made by depositing the casino chips corresponding to the desired amount in the table area that corresponds to each player.

Card Deal

The next phase of the hand begins when the dealer closes the turn of bets, distributing two cards, one at a time and showing their value, to each player who has made his initial bet on , while the Bank only receives one card.

The distribution of cards is done following the clockwise direction starting with that player who is placed closer to the dealer on his left side.

Before the hand continues and only when the Bank receives an Ace, players have the possibility to ensure, in other cases the hand continues normally.


It is about betting that the hand of the Bank will get the Blackjack play with its second card, which will have to be 10 points. The maximum amount that is bet on the insurance will be half of the initial bet and in case of winning 2 to 1 will be paid. Insuring is totally optional.

Turn of the players.

At this point, it is the players who take action following the same order in which the cards were dealt. In each player's turn, he may choose three actions: Divide (only if the two initial cards have the same value), ask for a card or stand.

Split or separate

In the case of having two cards with the same value, the player can choose to divide his hand, moving on to play two instead of one. When you do this, you must bet the same amount on the new hand to then receive a second card on each of the separate cards. If you receive a new card equal to the first, you can re-divide up to the maximum number of times established by the online casino

Once you have two cards in each of the divided hands, each of them is played independently and one at a time.

When making a division having a pair of aces, the player receives a second card for each of the plays but may not ask for more cards for either of his two hands, thus ending his turn.

If it is possible to add 21 points with the two cards of a split hand, it will not be considered Blackjack when making the payment

Request letter

When the player thinks he can improve his initial play, he has the possibility to add more cards. The value of the added cards will be added progressively to those of the previous ones until you decide not to ask for any more cards, get 21 points or your play is canceled by exceeding those 21 points.


A player may close his turn at any time if his play has not been canceled. It can be planted with your initial letters or after you have requested letters. When planted, the score obtained will be the one that faces the Bank's score.

Double or double the bet

At the beginning of his turn, if a player considers that asking for a single card can improve, he has the option of doubling his initial bet. By doing this, you will not be able to ask for more cards and you will have to stand with the result obtained. If your play were to add more than 21 points it would be canceled as in the other cases.

Dealer's turn

Once the shifts of all the players have ended and if there were any left with an active play (not canceled), the Bank would play its hand through the dealer. If there are no active players left, they would proceed to draw their second card to decide whether the insurance bets and then conclude the hand and start a new one.

To play your hand, the Bank receives its second card and based on the sum will act according to the established rules, always ask for a card if it adds 16 points or less and stand if that sum is 17 points or more. If your play totals more than 21 points, it will be canceled as if it were one more player.

Once the Bank has finished playing, it goes on to compare its hand with those of the players.

Prize Distribution

The first prizes to be distributed are those corresponding to insurance, those players who bet on insurance receive a 2 to 1 win over the bet made if the Bank had won Blackjack. Otherwise they lose their bet.

Then we proceed to the comparison of the plays between the Bank and each of the players.

If the Bank's hand has been voided, all active players would win their bet.

The hand of the Bank wins all those players whose hand adds less points than theirs so that the dealer can collect their bets.

On the other hand, the dealer will pay the players whose play is higher than that of the Bank, who will win an amount equal to the one they bet, except if they win by having Blackjack (adding 21 points with the two initial cards), in which case it will be paid the bet with a 3 to 2 ratio.

Players who tie with the Bank recover their bet.

After the payment and collection of bets, the dealer will pick up the table to start a new hand.

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