BlackJack Rules for Argentina players .

The rules of BlackJack are very simple, and that is what makes it so popular (at least in the US).

Although the rules change from casino to casino, and even from table to table, basically the game is like that

Before playing:

BlackJack is played on a table, semicircular, with place for the dealer (dealer), and five or seven places for players. Each table has written on the cloth the rules on payments of "BlackJack" (As, and a ten) and "Insurance" ("Insurance" in English). Also in many casinos include a sign next to the dealer with some more specific rules that you can check on .


VALUES: In simple words, whoever gets closer to "21" without going over, wins the game; if you are Argentine, you probably remember a 90's program, with Nicolas Repeto playing "seven and a half"; BlackJack is very similar.

In this game you are against the casino. Unlike poker, it doesn't matter what the other participants do, since they don't affect their game (at least not directly).

The dealer deals two cards for each player, and one for himself. The letters ARE VISIBLE for everyone.

Each card has a value, and is played WITHOUT wild cards:

-from 2 to 10, each card is worth its own value (3 is worth three, etc.)

-the J, Q and K (the figures), are also worth ten (all are worth ten)

-The Ace can be worth one or eleven

With those letters you should approach the value 21, remember, WITHOUT PASSING!

YOUR TURN: You can ask for more cards if you do not have enough to get close to 21, for example, if you have a 2 and a 3, you are adding "5", a number quite far to 21. That's why you you must ask for another letter,

Suppose that third card you receive is an "AS", now you have 2 + 3 + 1 = 6 or 2 + 3 + 11 = 16 since the Ace is worth both 1 and 11.

If it is planted at this time you have a hand of “16” (it is the most favorable, compared to that of “6”).

But suppose you ask for another card, and it is a 6. Now you would have: 2 + 3 + 1 + 6 = 12 or 2 + 3 + 11 + 6 = 22 but since the Ace with value 11 makes it go from 21 (and therefore, lose), the Ace is worth 1, therefore now you have a hand of "12"

Now "the problems" begin, because if you ask for another card and it is a 10, you add 22 and lose your money automatically !, but if you get to touch a 9 or less, you get closer to 21 and improve your hand.

The decision is yours always.

DEALER TURN: Once you "planted" (and all the players at the table were planted), it is the dealer's turn. He must also reach 21, without going over, but with the particularity that can only be planted when he adds between 17 and 21 points inclusive. Therefore, if the dealer touches a 7 and a 9, add “16” but it cannot be planted (you could do it). Therefore you are forced to ask for one more card, and if that card is a 6 or higher, the house loses, and you win! (unless of course, that you have also passed 21)

More rules !:

So far you could say that you can already play a hand of BlackJack, but there are more rules that could benefit you:

When it is your turn, as we saw in the above paragraphs, you can "Plant" or "Ask for one more card", let's look at it in detail, and learn the terms in English because they will serve you to practice later in online games :

Stand (stand): It means that you keep the cards and the value you have achieved so far. Remember, once it is planted, you cannot ask for more cards until you finish your hand.

Ask (hit): The dealer will give you one more card, you can ask as many as you want (always without going over 21)

Double down: If you think you have an excellent hand, you can double the bet (putting another amount equal to the bet next to the first), and ask for one, and only one more card.

Open or Separate (split): This option is only available when you have two cards of the same value, for example, two "Aces", two "five", or two figures (remember that 10, J, Q and K, are worth the same: ten). In this case you can separate those two cards, and in the separate card you must bet the same as I bet at the beginning, therefore you are betting twice. Now, you should play them as two separate hands on the same hand. Therefore if you separate two "fives" you would play with two hands, each with a "five". You can win both hands, or lose both, or even win one and lose the other. Be careful with this option!

Insurance: (available in some casinos) When the dealer touches an "AS", you can pay an "insurance" in which, if the next card from the dealer is a "10" (or a J, Q, K) and therefore, the dealer has BlackJack, you usually win 2: 1 of your bet.

Surrender (surrender): (available in a few casinos) In this case, if your hand is very bad, you can surrender and lose only half of your initial bet.

BlackJack (BlackJack): Actually, having BlackJack is not a decision. In case you have an Ace and a “10” or “figure”, you have BlackJack. And if the dealer does NOT have BlackJack you win 3: 2 of your bet.

If you play in a US casino, when you leave BlackJack for the player, you can get to hear the phrase “Winner winner, Chicken Dinner”, simply, a funny detail.

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