Casinos rules in Argentina 2020

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This page is made up of specialists in Spanish-speaking bookmakers. With more than 35 experts in the field,, it is the market leader in Spanish. Since the foundation of the site, we have specialized in online casinos in Spain and Latin America and now the time has come to focus on Argentina. Throughout our report we will talk about the best options to play from Argentina, whether they are operators located outside or inside the country, but where they can be played with an Argentine account. So we recommend that you continue reading and learn more about the best online casinos available from Argentina.

As we anticipated at the beginning, our site focuses on Spanish-speaking online casinos both in Latin America and in Spain. However, we have a section dedicated to the best physical casinos in Argentina for all those who prefer the excitement of playing face to face with people.

Our evaluation: these are the three best online casinos in Argentina

Of the five operators we choose, these are the three best online casinos that can be played from Argentina. To decide on these three, we take into account your games offer, customer service in addition to bonuses and promotions both welcome and loyalty.

In terms of safety and reliability, these three can be found to exceed the average thanks to the development and investment they have made in this regard. With regard to welcome bonuses, although there are differences, they have in common the best conditions that Argentine players can find.

Guide to the best websites in Argentina

Without structure nothing is achieved. As there are many unscrupulous sites and people who take advantage of gamblers, we take the job of developing an exhaustive analysis of the most reliable and safe operators. In addition to security there are other sensitive points when choosing the best online casinos in Argentina. One of the strengths and that you should always keep in mind is the welcome bonus and, more than anything, the conditions to collect it. The problem happens when a very attractive bonus appears, say AR $ 100,000, to be able to collect it you have to bet that amount more 50 times. This is a clause for more Leonine and, at least for us, unacceptable. It is a nonsense of many online operators both in Latin America and in Spain who seek to attract new customers with this tactic so absurd since they succeed, and the user registers, then learn quickly and sadly, that it is virtually impossible to charge. For reasons like this, we always look for the best bonus to recommend you because we do not want to happen to fall into the trap of spurious conditions.

Argentina is one of the countries with the highest number of punters in average population. Gambling bets are completely legal in our country, both in physical and online casinos. That is why there are large face-to-face casinos such as the Trilenium or the Palermo Racecourse in the capital. Here we will detail you in depth about the regulations and laws in force in Argentina regarding gambling and gambling , check

1. Security and fraud protection when playing for real money

Today security is a key and universal element in any aspect of our lives. Especially since we manage more and more by virtual means where sensitive information travels through different servers in the world. And if that information is also money that we deposit somewhere we must be 100% sure that there is no strange matter. That is why the Argentine government, as well as in the rest of the world, demands from the casinos the same security rigor as a bank. Below, we present the fundamental keys to learn to identify safe sites.

The first thing to note is that at the national level in the Argentine Republic, Law 25.246 governs articles 10 and ss. they created the Financial Information Unit (FIU), so mentioned and famous lately in the country. This is an autonomous entity that is primarily responsible for preventing money laundering. In its article 20, this law establishes the obligation of those who exploit the gambling activity to notify the FIU of suspicious transactions and any other information that is required. But in addition to having government agencies that are responsible for protecting your information and money, there are also technical / digital variables, which we will discuss in more detail at the last point of this analysis, which is the secure connection. Whenever you see that the address of a web page begins with the acronym https I knew that you were in a secure encryption site that prevents hacking.

2. Security and guarantee on deposits and withdrawals

Online casinos in Argentina offer a diverse range of safe and reliable payment methods that are very popular. Surely you use some or all of these methods such as bank transfer, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards and electronic media. We show you a list with the most used methods by the safest and most reliable online casinos in Argentina.

Fortunately in Argentina online casinos offer very secure and varied electronic payment methods from bank transfers, credit and debit cards as well as electronic wallets and prepaid cards. The options are varied and reliable, allowing the vast majority to make deposits and withdrawals with the greatest security to play for real money.

The GamingClub casino for example, offers both credit, debit and prepaid cards along with e-Wallet-type internet systems and electronic payments such as Skill and Neteller. Each of them has its differences in terms of extraction limits and processing times according to its own characteristics and operator times.

2.1. Debit cards: Recommended payment methods

The most secure and used payment method in Argentina is without a doubt the debit card. The vast majority of Argentines use our cards for almost every transaction that we should do in both physical stores and online. And of course, casinos will not be an exception. It is a highly reliable system since it is almost like paying with the bank but through an encrypted and secure network in conjunction with the transfer system of the Maestro or Visa Electron card.

By using the bank account with the debit card you also make sure that the deposit of the money from the casino account goes directly to your bank account in a secure way.

With debit cards you can make all transactions with any online casino you choose from our list. All operators that we review and offer you on our page accept debit cards for both deposit and withdrawal quickly and safely.

2.2. Payment limits and fees

Both deposits and withdrawals and types of payments are very flexible in terms of how to use them so you will not have problems using them in any of the best online casinos in Argentina that we refer to. In general the limits are similar and you can always find out more about the particularities of each operator directly speaking with customer service.

There are two ways to play both virtual slots and roulette or blackjack. One is known as low roller which, as the name implies, characterizes players who bet little money on each roll. Generally, these people like to play like this to have more spins and not worry so much about money. The other is the high roller that bets big and strong. In both cases, we recommend that you use your debit card that has a lower commission from the bank. In the long run, you will end up spending less.

3. Customer service

Every casino that boasts of being highly eligible and professional must have an excellent customer service. Offering it gives users the peace of mind of quickly solving any problem or doubt that may arise and also, solving problems in time. The most frequent means of communication are the telephone, email, fax and live chat plus a section of frequently asked questions.

4. Offer of bonuses in fair and transparent conditions for Argentine players

Bonuses are the spearhead that online casinos have to attract new customers and keep them with loyalty prizes. That's why bonds come in their different shapes and colors and when used accordingly they can be very beneficial. To do this, you have to know the key points to analyze them.

Betting requirement - This is one of the most important points of the bonuses since it defines how many times you will have to play the bonus to collect it.

Period of validity - All bonuses have a validity period that you have to play and collect.

Valid payment methods - You can find the valid payment methods in each casino and especially if there is any restriction to collect the bonus.

Game contribution - Not all games allow you to collect the bonus, and not all are worth the same. Slots, roulettes and blackjack have different contributions.

The bonus that we recommend is that of JackpotCity Casino that offers up to AR $ 56,000 which is one of the most complete on our list with accessible and flexible betting requirements for you. Remember that it is only for new casino users who register and make a first deposit.

5. Large selection of games

From we recommend the best online casinos in Argentina with a selection of more than 200 slot machines, 10 European, American roulette tables and 18 live gaming tables. We keep you up to date on the operators with the best games and categories for you

We are always looking for the best online casinos that offer the most varied games with the best quality in the market. That is why we insist on recommending the JackpotCity casino that is the best operator in Argentina. You are just one click away from enjoying the best games.

6. Software suitable for playing on all devices

The Argentine players have at their disposal a varied and quality offer thanks to the casinos that we recommend offer games developed by NetEnt, Microgaming and Platytech mostly. The programming that the titles have is not only cutting-edge but also extremely safe and recommended. So do not worry about anything, knowing that your funds are safe and secure. There is nothing more important than security when it comes to gambling and internet gambling. That is why the titles developed by companies such as NetEnt have highly specialized and secure software that complies with ISO / IEC 27001 standards.

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