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If you want to play roulette on which website and know that you are in the right place, our website allows you to play roulette for free and provides access to your best partners in real mode. But before you worry, you must at least understand some rules! The rules of roulette are very easy to remember. The land version is the same as the online version and offers the same odds of winning, depending on the variant used and your bet type. A cylinder contains cells from 1 to 36, which are displayed alternately in red and black. Box 0 is green, allowing the casino to maintain an advantage over the players. The purpose of the game is to bet on the next number or set of numbers that appears next. There are various combinations to bet, and the odds of winning are more or less different. In short, the more risk you take, the more likely you are to win the big lottery. Taking a risk in online roulette may mean aiming for only one number. In this case, if you are right, you will win 35 times the initial bet. Lower-risk bets include, for example, bets on color (red or black), which represent a simple opportunity to double your bet. After placing the bet, the dealer will throw a ball and spin the reels until it stops on one of the roulette squares. The following are the most common bets on European roulette:

Full bet: When you bet a number, if you bet the correct number, you can win 35 times the principal.

Two numbers on horseback: When you bet on two numbers, place your bet on the line separating the two numbers. This bet allows you to win 17 times your bet.

Square: When you place a bet on the bottom corner of 4 numbers, if one of the selected numbers is out, you win 8 bets.

Column: Place a bet in one of the three columns of the game and try to win two bets.

Simple odds: These simple odds allow you to double your bet. In any case, you will bet half of your hands, except for 0.

There are many other ways to bet on electronic roulette for free, including betting systems and techniques that can change the probability of winning. You may have heard of La Martingale method or Fibonacci sequence before. By testing free roulette in the demo mode, you can learn new strategies to reduce the house advantage, thereby maximizing your chances of winning. Play only in reliable and safe online casinos that guarantee fair payment rates. Don't believe in miraculous technologies that will only waste money in the long run. Roulette should be as entertaining as slot machines and blackjack, and should not be seen as a way to make money. Take advantage of online roulette bonuses and try your luck in real mode!

Why must I play roulette for free first?

In the beginning, it’s best to play roulette for free without downloading it. In our guide, you will find several free roulette demos played from the browser. Through practice, you will better understand how the game works and You can learn from your mistakes, and if you start using real-money online roulette right away, you may soon return empty-handed. To play roulette, you can choose to find a land-based casino or play roulette in a free online casino. We recommend that you launch yourself in a demo mode on a free version based on your favorite European Roulette, American Roulette, French Roulette or free roulette games. Royal, you can easily understand the rules without risking any loss.

You can use Flash or HTML5 technology to access free download-free roulette games, so you can play almost any platform from your browser. No need to create an account or download anything! In addition, beware that roulette software downloads may make more money, which does not work, and to draw money there, the designers of these software cooperate with very few online casinos. careful. To practice, you can get online roulette for free without registering. One of the great advantages of these roulettes is that they have no limits on bets.

Once you feel that you are playing well in the game and you have placed the right bet, you need to educate yourself on the different strategies used to try to make money more easily. But be aware that online roulette must always be a way to entertain you, not a way to get rich, if it exists, it will be well known! We hope you enjoy different online roulette games, please leave your comment in the comments below each game comment.

What are the different variants of roulette?

Online casinos usually offer more changes than land-based casinos such as free roulette in some casinos. You will be able to play roulette online without downloading, and you can get real money in many ways, and sometimes you can even get extra bonuses. . It is best to be interested in the variants of roulette games to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type, the following are the most commonly found advantages and disadvantages.

European Roulette:

European online roulette is arguably the most popular, and we recommend that you use it for online games. This is because the house edge is lower than American roulette. With simple luck, you will have a 48.6% chance of winning.

American Roulette:

American roulette comes from the United States and has the special characteristics of an additional green box: double 0 means increasing the house advantage and therefore reducing your chances of winning. Therefore, you will not be interested in playing this version online, this change is still common in Las Vegas casinos. The chance of winning at one time is 47.4%.

French Roulette:

French roulette or French roulette is a derivative product of European roulette, mainly appearing in Monte Carlo casinos. It provides more rules and thus brings more advantages to players. The rules of sharing and imprisonment are only available in occasional circumstances, and allow you to recover your shares if 0 is out. You can test this roulette online for free to learn more about the differences in this game.

English Roulette:

English roulette is the same as French roulette, but the game organization has changed. The chips always consist of 37 squares, ranging from 0 to 36. The difference is that each player has his own chip color and he will buy chips at the cashier or table before the game. The table can accommodate up to 7 players, and the amount of chips will vary, but the stakes and bonuses remain the same. If the result is 0, and then you place a bet, you will win 35 times the bet, otherwise the single odds will lose half of the bet.

Electronic English roulette is the same. Compared with the classic version, the advantage is mainly related to the speed of the game, but compared with the dealer, there is no contact with people around. When playing games online, you will find various demo examples of English roulette, specifically, playing this variant online is the same as playing the electronic version in a land-based casino. The advantage of our guide is that you can test multiple for free.

Royal Roulette:

The free game roulette royale includes a jackpot that you can win at any time. You will get a series of victories to win this prize. Each time a bet is placed, a small portion will be added to the total prize pool, which will be triggered randomly. In real mode, this variant is interesting.

Roulette live broadcast:

Online casinos now offer real-time online roulette games with dealers. Players really like this new way of playing. This way of playing can rest assured of the reliability and safety of table games, and can directly contact the staff of real casinos, thus bringing us a more vivid experience.

Please note that it is important to note that there is no free live roulette, which is like entering a land-based casino and asking the dealer to fake playthings! They are already very complicated to manage the chips of real players. Imagine the complexity of more players in the demo mode! You can only play roulette online in our guide, but it will not be broadcast live, otherwise, to play roulette online with the co-host, you will have to go to an online casino that offers such games.

Mini Roulette:

We can compare this version with a ball game, but there are 13 squares. This miniature variant is simplified, but the advantages of the house are far superior to other versions. It is not recommended to use in real mode.

Roulette 3D:

3D roulette will provide a stronger visual experience and improved graphics.

Get roulette: can you get rich through roulette?

Roulette is one of the classic games of chance. It regularly rewards players with generous bonuses. Therefore, we have developed this guide to explain the different betting and winning situations that may occur depending on the outcome of the game. Here are the steps to maximize your chances of winning roulette!

1. Mastering the rules of roulette is still the basis: winning roulette cannot be improvised

In order to become the ace of roulette, it is necessary to master the rules of the game, because the roulette wins of this century will not automatically enter your bank account. As we said so well: "Good luck".

Before discussing topics related to "Roulette Winning Value" and other "Roulette Winning Probability", and even before proceeding to "Roulette Winning Calculation", you must first understand the game rules and the difference between the game. Changes in roulette games.

Frankly speaking, if you don't know how the game works and the different bets, winning at roulette is not so easy. Remember, for example, British roulette and American roulette do not use the same gameplay, so odds do not apply to different games.

2. Roulette winning: knowing the different roulette bets can help you win big

In order to win a "winning roulette" that has proven to be profitable, you need to know who won, who lost, and under what circumstances. For players hoping to win the jackpot, knowing which bets you can consider to optimize your chances and get a greater "roulette win" is a real reward. Please note that there are a total of 10 different bets on roulette, including in live casinos and online casinos, including the live version. Below is a summary of the different bets:

- Please note that you will win a very impressive roulette bet by betting on a complete number, that is, betting on a square where the ball stops.

- Horse: Place the bet on two numbers at the same time.

- Horizontal: Place the chips on the three numbers on the entire row.

- Sixain: The bet is always made with 6 numbers.

- Square: The chip is placed at the intersection of the four numbers.

- Simple chance: bet on a color (red/black), even, odd or missing.

- Dozens: Play 12 numbers.

- Column: The bet is placed on one of the three columns you choose.

3. Roulette casino gain: it depends on the minimum bet and the maximum bet possible

Players can be sure to see the minimum and maximum bet amounts displayed on the table. Usually, the minimum bet is set at 2 Euros. The maximum bet varies between casinos, allowing them to minimize the player's use of strategies such as mar.

Indeed, if the casino limits the maximum bet to a small amount, the final game "roulette casino wins" will not reach millions. However, it is important to distinguish the differences in the rules of the various variants. Therefore, the winner on English roulette, European roulette or French roulette is not necessarily similar to the winner on the American table. Please note that French roulette usually accepts a larger maximum bet.

4. What is the biggest victory in roulette? Focus on a very lucky Brazilian bettor

You might be wondering how big roulette wins? We have decided to share with you the story of a Brazilian player who frustrated the opportunity and made the host lose his sanity at the table and placed a bet so that he returned to what we heard about "Casino roulette wins "The largest record in history.

This man is a wealthy businessman from Brazil. He bet US$35,000 and received a net prize of US$3.5 million. To win so much money, you know that he is not betting on a few boxes, but on one box: 32 red. Grand prize!

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