Get rich through Casino Roulette Online ?

I am ashamed to say that I tried hands on the online casino. There is money to be made, the offer is great, and there are many websites explaining how to do it.

If you type "make money with roulette" in a search engine, you will see hundreds of websites telling you how easy it is to make a fortune in an online casino. These sites provide you with an e-book to learn about effective methods and make you one of the photos before Porsche. They even reveal these tips to you often or even for free. Therefore, you will be rich, but apart from that, we also provide you with free advice. The reason is simple. They all said: "Giving me a foolproof tip will not make me so rich." Why do they do this? You simply click on their referral link to get a bonus to convert it into real currency.

What is the trick? This is just up. Let us explain in detail: In roulette, you have two colors, red and black. Winning money allows you to double your bet, lose... lose your bet. Just bet 1 euro on red. If you win, you will get 2 euros and save 1 euro without any problems. If you lose, you only need to bet twice on the same suit next time, which is 2 euros; if you lose again, bet 4 euros. Therefore, you only need to wait for Red to come out to collect previous bets and make a profit. This is how to destroy the casino.

Well, seriously thinking that the casino is destructible is just a fantasy. When we understand the law of large numbers, we know that casinos will not lose money for a long time. So let us separate emerging theories. The starting point is to wait for the red color to fall, and when the red color falls, you win. Indeed, this is very effective, except that the rise quickly reaches the sum of astronomical numbers. Indeed, doubling your bet on each failed spin is equivalent to betting €1, then betting €2, €4, €8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, etc... So if Black falls by 8 This time, you bet 256 euros, hoping to make up for your loss and earn...1 euro.

In addition, all casinos have a maximum bet. For online casinos, the maximum bet is usually no more than 1,000 euros to avoid endless increases during the black series (must be to protect players, and the casino will not be rash under any circumstances risks of). This 1,000 euro loss is less than 10 euros, so it is very fast.

If we take a step back, we will realize that the original premise itself is wrong. Indeed, these excellent volunteer theorists tell you that there is a one-half chance of the color you bet on... and no! My friend returns to zero. It is neither red nor black, so the probability of color falling is not one in two. Likewise, your win is lower than the likelihood of achieving this goal. This is why the casino never loses.

Even according to the law of large numbers, the fewer incidents occur, the more likely the possibility of incidents can be verified. Playing roulette to generate income is a profession that involves risks. Because the gain is always calculated with a lower probability than the event that achieved it. To play is to play, not to win.

How to get rich through roulette games

Roulette is the game of choice for players in large casinos. As we all know, these players are regular players and often winners. This is also the game where the casino makes the least money and takes the greatest risk.

Advantages of roulette:

Compared with players, the statistical advantage of the casino is very low

The player is the master of his betting, so he can adjust his betting strategy according to his chance of exiting the box.


When you play automated games in a casino, such as slot machines or video poker, these programs are programmed to pay players a certain amount of bets. Generally, this type of game accounts for about 80%. In other words, of the 100 euros charged by the casino, 80 euros will be returned to the player.

When playing roulette, you can bet on multiple slot machines with a certain chance of winning. There are integers (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.), columns, dozens and single odds (black, red, even, odd, pass and miss).

In roulette, 37 numbers are 0. If you bet a full number and that number appears, you will win 36 times the bet.

Therefore, compared to roulette players, the advantage of the casino is the number of numbers minus the number of bets you made at the time of winning, which is 1/37, which equals 2.7%.

Compared with any other casino game, roulette is more likely to win in the long run. But this is not all!

Stay tuned, we will explain below how to further reduce the casino's advantage over players.

Simple opportunity

Single odds are square, red, black, even, odd, miss, pass. If you win, bet with numbers and you will win twice the bet.

In European Roulette, there are 18 black numbers, 18 red numbers and a green number 0. In this way, the house advantage is always 1/37 or 2.7%, but when your simple chance to bet is 0 (corresponding to the house advantage), then you will get half of the bet.

By betting with simple odds, the casino only has a 1.35% advantage over the players, which is almost zero!


With good management of bets and strategies suitable for the probability of betting numbers, you will find that it is almost impossible to lose in roulette. However, this strategy cannot be used in all online casinos.

Super winner of roulette

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Roulette makes people happy, that’s for sure. When you are at the table, you wait for the ball to stabilize, hoping that this is the number you appear, and it feels very strong. Imagine a person with a big money winner. Today, we have listed the biggest roulette winners. You can find more recommendations in the article written by our friend Isabelle on her Canadian website

First, we remember

1873 is the year that Monte Carlo Casino will always remember, because it was the first major winner to benefit from the eccentric wheel (that is, the imperfect wheel). There, this observation paid off because the player won more than 300,000 Frs by betting the highest "payout" number.

Fierce player

At the end of the 19th century, in the very famous Monte Carlo Casino, another Charles Wells made history. Indeed, the British roulette fan decided to travel briefly to southern France to play his favorite game. Its budget is several thousand pounds. The amazing thing about this player is that every time he plays a game and wins the highest prize on the table every day, we call it "broken money", which actually translates into the fact that all his money is emptied. Income: 1,000,000 Frs at the time.

Observer player

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo is widely known in Spain. He is already a leader in the Spanish film industry, and he stood out in the Spanish Capital Casino in Madrid in one day. His technique? Long-term observation with colleagues: his son. For a while, they observed the results of the casino table and processed everything with a computer to arrive at a list of numbers that appeared more often than other numbers.

When he took action, he knew what he had to do to get rich. Although it cost him a casino ban, the number of wins is staggering. Earnings: 600,000 Euros. Also in France, we also have an impressive winner. It took place at the Enghien Casino, where the players came from the small village of Vigneux-sur-Seine: 125,000 Euros.

This story may seem incredible to you, but it is true. In the early 2000s, an American citizen named Ashley Revell did a very ordinary thing, and in a way it was quite bold. Indeed, this person began to sell his life through auction. He has liquidated everything from the house to the car, to his most personal belongings (such as clothes). He went to Las Vegas for a total amount equivalent to one hundred thousand euros. In his first game, at the first table that followed, he had the courage to change his life course: in other words, His whole life was dyed red. One in ten chances of becoming rich or homeless. Fortunately for him, luck is by his side. Earnings: $272,000.

If you still want to make money by playing roulette, please visit, this website provides you with all the tips and tricks to bring you good luck!

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