How to play Blackjack?

Mis à jour : 30 sept. 2020

In blackjack, you play against the dealer, as opposed to poker, for example, you play against other players. There are several different types of blackjack, including:

-Classic Blackjack

-European Blackjack

The difference between the different types of blackjack usually lies in how many card games are used, but there may be other rules that distinguish them from each other.

At each blackjack table, in addition to the dealer, up to 9 players have the opportunity to participate. Before the game starts, all participants must place bets.

Once all the bets are placed, the dealer distributes a card to each player from left to right, and finally a card to himself. The cardholder from which the issuer issues the card is also called "shoes".

Then another card is issued to each player. All cards are issued face up. The dealer also got another card, but that card is face down, called the "hole card".

Once all players have received two cards, they must choose their own gameplay.

What is classic blackjack?

Classic blackjack is sometimes called American blackjack. It is the most standard version of blackjack, which is the version on which all other types of blackjack are based. Once you understand the classic blackjack rules, you will also find it easier to understand other blackjack rules.

However, there are also changes in classic blackjack, such as how many card games are used. But the most common is to use 6 or 8 game cards (no kidding).

In some variations of classic blackjack, if the first card is an ace, the dealer will immediately show the "hole card", and in some cases, even if it is a 10 or picture card, it will allow two Eleven o'clock. If blackjack is issued to the dealer, the game will stop immediately and the dealer will place all bets-unless some players are also offered blackjack. In this case, they will continue to work hard.

In other variations of the game, no matter what the dealer’s first card is, the player can play his card before showing the "hole card."

What is European blackjack?

European blackjack is also a very popular variant of the game. Here, only two cards are played.

Unlike classic blackjack, the "hole cards" in European blackjack are drawn only after the player decides his own playing style. In this way, neither the player nor the dealer knows whether the dealer has blackjack, so the game may be longer than classic or American blackjack.

What is the value of the different cards in the blackjack?

-The value of the card from 2 to 10 is the same as the value of the number hint

-Ace gives 1 or 11, whichever is the biggest advantage of the opponent

-Picture cards, boy, queen and king, 10 for each

How to win blackjack?

If you want to win in blackjack, you must have a better hand than the dealer. To get it, get as close to 21 as possible without ending.

The highest card in the blackjack is a trump card and a 10 or a picture card. This hand is called blackjack, neutral or neutral blackjack. The odds at blackjack are 3:2. In other words, if you bet 300 DKK, you will again get 300 DKK + 200 DKK.

You can get 21 without blackjack. If you score 21 points on a hand other than blackjack and at the same time blackjack is offered to blackjack in the game, then blackjack automatically wins the other hand.

If you get blackjack and the dealer's first card is 2 to 9, you will automatically get a 3:2 bonus.

If you get blackjack and the dealer’s first card is an A, you can choose a 1:1 payout-or you can choose to continue playing and bet the dealer will not get blackjack .

If you get blackjack and the dealer’s first card is a 10 or picture card, continue the game as usual until the dealer’s hand ends. If you are still the only person with blackjack, you will win 3:2.

If you win in any other way-that is, get more than the dealer but not more than 21, or if the dealer wins more than 21-the odds are 1:1. That is, if you bet 200 DKK, you will again receive 200 DKK + 200 DKK.

What does "Bankruptcy" mean?

A blowout is when you or the dealer's total score exceeds 21, thus losing the game. When you go bankrupt, you lose, but when the dealer goes bankrupt, you win-unless you are bankrupt or surrender before the dealer makes a move.

What does "push" mean?

If you and the dealer both get blackjack, the game will proceed directly, which is also called "push". This means you will continue to work hard. This is also true if your other hand (under 21) matches the dealer's hand.

However, if you and the dealer are both "bankrupt", it is not "push", because "bankruptcy" is a loss anyway.

What is the difference between soft and hard hands?

Basically, all hands containing ace are soft hands, and hard hands are all hands that may be "destroyed" by the next card.

What hands can you play at blackjack?

Once the dealer has distributed two cards for each player, you can use the following options to play cards:





However, the options depend on the card you have. For example, you can choose to split only when you get two identical cards.

How to split my card?

If you get two identical cards, such as two 8s, you can choose to split the cards and form a novice. To split a pair, place a corresponding bet on the new hand so that you can play on two different hands.

For example, if you separate two 8s and add another 8 to one hand, you can choose to separate again to have three hands. Similarly, you will have to place a bet similar to the round on the other two hands, and all rounds will be played separately.

What does it mean to find?

Hit is an option, you can ask the dealer to bring an extra card closer to 21. However, if you have a hard hand, you may risk the next card with more than 21. But the game also has to beat the dealer, so if your total number of cards is too low, you will also lose.

Tip: If you feel soft, you should always find it.

Can a dealer find it?

Basically, the dealer’s hand has only two cards, but if the total number of cards in the dealer’s hand is 16 or less, the dealer must always draw an extra card.

Most casinos also follow the following rules: The dealer must always invent soft 17, ie. et es + en 6’er.

When should I choose to stand?

If you think you have the ability to beat the dealer, please choose the stand. Standing or standing is where you stop and accept your hand up.

What is double?

Doubling means that you think you can win by getting a third card, but never again. If you choose to double, you double your bet, giving you a chance to win more money.

Special rules

You can also choose to use special rules (such as surrender and insurance) to play blackjack.


Surrender is a very special rule that allows you to surrender after receiving the first two cards. When you choose to surrender, you will only lose half of your bet-that is, if you conclude that you lose, you will lose much less.

Not many casinos offer the option of surrendering. But as the only casino, the CasinoSlots Casino in Vejle offers this option.


If the dealer’s first card is an ace, he can choose to ensure that the dealer wins blackjack. For this reason, please bet up to half of the original bet on the insurance area of ​​the gaming table.

If the dealer gets blackjack, the insurance payment ratio is 2:1.

In other words, you can bet + bet value. If the dealer does not get blackjack, the insurance will be lost.