How to play Blackjack in Argentina?

Blackjack is known for being a game with which beginners can learn more quickly about the world of betting. It should not be underestimated as "easy" but it is certainly a good game to start.

Like many card games, the origin of Blackjack is unknown, however, one of his first references appears in the literature, in a work by Miguel de Cervantes called Rinconete y Cortadillo.

Currently, Blackjack has served as inspiration not only for movies but for computer simulators that develop algorithms to beat the house.

If you play in a casino in or in a virtual casino, when you leave Blackjack for the player, you may hear the phrase “Winner winner, Chicken Dinner”.

How to play

Blackjack, also called Twenty-one is a card game, specifically of 52-card English decks without the jokers. Like the rest of gambling, Blackjack is designed to win the house.

The two most popular versions of Blackjack are American and European, in some places you can also find the Spanish version. If you are starting, you probably do better with the European version, in this the dealer (dealer) only gets a card in the first cast. In the American version, the dealer gets two cards in the first deal.

The rules may vary depending on the casino or virtual platform where you play but in general, Blackjack consists of adding a value close to 21 but without going over. Each table can have 5 to 7 players. Each table player plays only against the dealer. For its part, the dealer is subject to rules.

Similar to other casino games, before each hand, players place their bets.

When playing, the numerical cards add their value, the figures add up to 10 and the Ace is worth 11 or 1, as it suits the player.

Identify the plays

The basic moves are: ask, stand, duplicate or divide.

Plant: no more cards and end the turn.

Ask: receive one more card, this can be repeated until the player decides to stand or goes over 21.

Divide: divide the hand into two separate hands in the case of receiving a pair.

Duplicate: double the bet after receiving cards.

The ideal play is the Ace plus a figure or a 10 that makes a Blackjack in 2 cards for a total of 21 points.

There is also a movement called "Insurance." When the dealer's card is an Ace, you can bet that the dealer has blackjack. The player makes an additional bet of half of what he has bet. If successful, the dealer will pay said bet 2 to 1; if you do not succeed, the insurance is lost and follows the normal order of play

Rules for playing in Argentina

In casinos and online platforms during the last year there has been a modification of the regulations, so if you are over 18 you can play.

Each casino or digital betting platform can have its own rules, so it is important that you know them before betting all your capital.

If you bet it is a digital platform, it is recommended that you check your reputation in the forums, so you make sure of the payment method and how they execute the payment when you win.

Tips to win

Some recommend "counting"; the players who practice it track the 10 and Aces. When it is favorable for the player, they increase their bets. When it is favorable for the dealer, they decrease their bets. Although "card counting" is not prohibited, the casino can take action.

If the dealer's card is between 2 and 6, stand when your hand has a total of between 12 and 16 points.

Ask for a card when your hand has a total between 12 and 16 and when the dealer's card is between 7 and Ace.

It is advisable to divide if you have a pair of Aces or 8.

Double if you are 11 and when the dealer's card is between 2 and 10.

Ask or double if you have aces.

Where to play in Argentina

A few years ago, the slot hall of the Palermo Argentine Racecourse incorporated Blackjack. Two machines with six game positions.

According to the CasinoTopLists web portal, the best casinos to play in Argentina are:

Puerto Madero Casino

Buenos Aires (Province)

Trilenium Casino - Tiger City.

Central Casino - Mar del Plata.

Casino Hermitage - Mar de Plata.

Mar de Ajó Casino.

Miramar casino.

Monte Hermoso Casino.

Necochea Casino.

Pinamar Casino.

Sierra de la Ventana Casino.

Tandil Casino

You can also see all the online casinos that we recommend.

Have you played Blackjack before? Which strategy did you find the most? Leave us your comments!


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