How to win at roulette? 5 strategies we implemented

The most important thing about online roulette is the game of chance. In order to solve this problem, it is important to use roulette strategy in your online roulette game. This will make you more familiar with the game before taking any risks. You will be able to beat roulette and learn how to win roulette in the casino.


1. the mind

2. External betting

3. Martin Galais

4. Advantages of the house

5. Capital breakdown

Roulette strategy 1: bet firmly

Each throw of roulette is independent, which means that although no number falls on the roulette the most times, it is not impossible to drop the ball with the same number or the same color multiple times in a row. Please pay attention to our online roulette strategy section, because it is impossible to predict which number the ball will fall on, we have decided to confront you to confuse the myth of this game. Indeed, you will see that charm and company will not allow you to climb the ladder of harvest. On the other hand, we will explain to you how to get winning ideas by destroying all these superstitions and driving them out of your mind. You will find that rational thinking in online roulette can bring you more benefits than superstitious thinking.

Let's start with the first roulette strategy. Although it doesn't look like much, it can change this situation drastically... If you bet too much in your first attempt, you risk getting into funds soon The risk of distress. It is not even recommended that you attend the meeting next time. It is also important to maintain a good mindset while playing games, which will allow you to avoid major and costly mistakes in the long run.

Roulette Strategy #2: Don’t ignore outside bets

Please also note that experts recommend that you choose another roulette strategy: use so-called "outside" bets on European roulette and even American roulette. Indeed, betting on red, black, even or odd will give you about a 47% chance of winning the game.

We are witty in the online casino world, and you will find that we have many tricks to make you a winner. In fact, click here and we have more useful tips for you!

Roulette strategy n°3: Analysis of different martingales

Another roulette strategy is obviously a strategy, such as Labouchère, Piquemouche and even Alembert. They usually include doubling the bet amount after losing money. It is often said that if a player wins with a, he will eventually recover all the original bets at one point or another after winning the bet.

How to use this technique to win roulette in a casino?

Sebastian lost the first bet by playing a red card for 1 euro. He decided to apply for a, and then invest twice, which is the next step of 2 euros, but he also failed. Then bet and lose 4€, then 8€, then 16€.

Therefore, at this stage, he has invested a total of 31 euros. A red number appeared and he won the bet, which was 32 Euros. Despite a series of bad luck, he managed to make up for the loss and even netted 1 Euro.

Numbers wrong with digital output

In the situation we just explored together, the seems to be the best roulette strategy. However, it also showed obvious flaws. Indeed, it only works under ideal circumstances with unlimited funds.

Even if the player keeps betting on the red square, there is no guarantee that the dealer will not draw a black square over and over again. In addition, players should also rely on statistics that prove Martin Grice unreliable:

-Assuming that roulette players have a budget limit and cannot exceed the betting limit of 500 chips. If the latter starts with one credit and doubles continuously as instructed by Martingales, he can only do so 9 times.

-Starting from the tenth bet, the player will exceed the limit. Not only will he spend 511 points, but if his ten bets fail, he will actually lose more on the edge of the house.

Roulette strategy n°4: Consider the advantages of the house in the variant

If you think you can regularly beat roulette using a specific betting system such as ting, that may not be enough. In the long run, the only possible winner is the casino, because the advantage of the casino is zero (the advantage of American roulette is double zero). However, it does not say that you cannot win steadily through and and other methods. You will find that if you have any questions in online roulette games, these methods will be very useful for you! So, how do you win at roulette?

Another important aspect of an online roulette strategy is that you should focus on games and casinos that minimize the house advantage. The edge of the roulette room is always critical because it is constant. For American roulette, it is usually set to 5.20%, while for European roulette, it is usually only 2.70%.

As you know, players must move to the most profitable variant. Therefore, please avoid using the American version as much as possible and prefer French, English or European Roulette instead. The latter applies to imprisonment rules. However, this gives the casino an additional advantage. Our casino roulette strategy: avoid going to jail, prefer to share the shares (you will get back half of your investment immediately).

Roulette Strategy 5: Consider capital segmentation in the strategy

If there is a strategy that players can use at the roulette table, it is a strategy proposed by Andrez Martinez, when roulette became popular in Los Angeles. Although there is no guarantee of a clear victory, this method seems to be more affordable than traditional ting fish.

The strategy involves dividing the player's funds into 35 sub-sectors. Each of the 35 market segments will form a betting unit that allows you to bet on a specific number-please note that there are 35 boxes of roulette. The process is smart: if the player wins in the tenth round, he will withdraw all his funds, and the remaining 25 divisions will constitute an additional winning option. This process helps you maintain a perfect balance and never waste too much money.

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