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Mis à jour : 25 déc 2019

  1. You will quickly notice that our online casino guide will become essential to you because it is not easy to evolve in the world of iGaming. Whether in the online casino Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium or France, the players are numerous, they are service providers of all origins who are ready to do anything to conquer new players in. However, once you are familiar with the basics, playing at an online casino will be such enjoyable entertainment that you will enjoy going head to head with yourself.

Tired of casino guides who only advise you on what suits them to get you where they want to go? We share the same feeling, don't worry. This is why we in turn wanted to create our game guide for lovers of casinos and online games. Our editorial team is made up of a lot of players, that may be why we understand exactly what you expect and why we feel so close to our readership. And if we can live from this passion, why not you? Lady luck will definitely visit you when you have read all of our recommendations!

We decided to create this guide reserved for the online casino in order to help you find your way in the labyrinth, while allowing you to find the best online casino and help you win. This is how our site was developed with the participation of passionate teams, including the team at

2. Why should you let yourself be tempted by the adventure and try yourself at the online casino?

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You know, when you play online casino, some casino purists, those who prefer land based casinos tell you that they don't understand you, because online casino is not casino. However, there is more than one good reason to try your hand at online casino. So we have listed the major advantages of this game mode:

Play from home

Games often require concentration to be well done. We also spend so much time outside that it's nice to be home. Playing a casino game from your comfortable chair, without having to dress for the occasion, we really appreciate the concept.

Saving money

Think about the savings you make when you play at home: first, you don't have to travel, saving on gas. Then you don’t have to park, saving space.

Exclusive bonuses

Bonuses at an online casino are common. The larger your budget, the more likely you are to hit the jackpot. If you decide not to inflate your bets, then it is over time that the game will spread out, you will play longer.

The games all together

Hundreds of games are available to you in just one click. All types of games are also available: table, slots, video poker, etc.

The casino that never closes

For our night owl friends, don't worry, you don't have to stick to schedules, you can play all night, in the early morning, etc. The establishment is open without interruption, every day of the year.

Play on your mobile or tablet

The mobile online casino allows you to play on the interface of your paid online casino (on which you have an account) from your smartphone and tablet by downloading the operator's application.

Quality customer service

And finally, the icing on the cake, you have a customer service that takes care of you, sometimes 24 hours a day, it's great isn't it?

3. Our experts offer you the essentials to enjoy the best online casinos

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Online casino: become an expert in a few clicks. Finally so that you can play in the best conditions, we put online a list of establishments in which the game is particularly interesting. This ranking of the best online casinos is established by online casino experts. Of course, we want to remain completely transparent about our decision-making in order to help you choose a new online casino that will fill your neck.

Our experts, who have been present on the Gaming market for many years, share with you the best of what is best today, so that your experience is the best possible. Unpretentious, without tongue-in-cheek, you will have access to simple and understandable advice for everyone, allowing you to choose the online casino that suits you best. Thanks to this summary of information, you will also be able to benefit from the best bonuses. To summarize, here is what all Swiss players can find on our website :

A special guide to get started: you will be able to discover all aspects of online casino. From the law to the rules of the game, including advice dedicated to beginners, you will win your first bet. Even better, our concise and educational articles help you understand everything about this wonderful world of Gaming.

Tips and techniques to get you started: never forget that each game has its own features. Therefore, you will have to go through theoretical learning before you start an online game.

Online casino reviews: we offer you an objective look at all the legal casinos in Switzerland. No unpleasant surprises can await you at an online casino. In addition, you will know all about the options of an online casino site, even if you have never set foot there. To put it simply: trust us to win the jackpot!

Exclusive bonuses: thanks to our partnerships with operators, you will be able to take advantage of incredible bonuses that you will not find anywhere else.

Free casino games: directly on our site in a section specially dedicated to these games, you will be able to test the most popular products without spending a dime.

News articles: stay up to date with what's going on in the gaming world with one click. Our news articles keep you up to date on everything related to online gaming, from afar or near.

4. Take a look at our expert advice on becoming the best player in the world of Swiss casino

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We sincerely want to share our experience with you, that's how we decided to share with you our four tips to make you an ace at the Swiss casino:

Choosing the best casino

There is no "best casino". There are very good casinos, due to the diversity and generosity of their offers. But when it comes to the best casino, it’s the one that fits all your requirements. Take the time to consult the rest of our guide to find out the criteria that will open up research avenues. Make a list of criteria and find your gem!

Managing your capital

Before you start playing, be sure to calculate to the nearest franc the amount you are willing to commit to the game per month. And when we say "ready to commit", it is of course an amount that you will have bleeding calculated beforehand. Once you have determined the monthly amount that you are really ready to commit to casino games! Our advice would be to divide it by the number of weeks in the month, because a weekly budget is much easier to manage than a monthly gaming budget.

Getting the most out of bonuses

Only online casinos offer you bonuses, so take advantage! Getting the most out of these gifts means first knowing the conditions by heart. In what situations are you not entitled to it? What are the rules to be able to benefit from it? Consider this flower a real gift, not a gift.

keep calm

To play at the casino is to seek adrenaline, thrills, while having fun. The best strategy is to not absolutely wait for the gain.

5. Use your skills and participate in tournaments organized by the best online casinos

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A few years ago poker tournaments appeared on the net. It was clearly a great success as soon as the pokers room were launched. The best online casinos have therefore had the good idea to adapt this type of tournament to the games they offer. And since then, it must be said that the players appreciate it. So let's go around the question about tournaments:

Games affected by tournaments

Today, you will be able to find a tournament in almost every type of game, such as baccarat, blackjack or slot machines. In short, all the types of games that you find in your operator's toy library will generally be offered in tournament games.

Participate in a tournament

Registration is simple, you just have to click on "participate". To register, you sometimes have to pay an entry fee, which is called a buy-in. Sometimes tournaments are completely free.

On the other hand, the money you can earn is very real. Once you have registered, you just have to wait and wait for D-Day.

When the tournament begins, all players receive the same number of chips. The tournament usually lasts a few hours, half a day or a few days for the longest, but it is very rare.

How to win a tournament?

To win a tournament, you must be the player who has the most chips when the regulation time stops. For that, you will simply have to spend a maximum of time on the game and especially be careful to manage your moments of luck on .

6. Before clicking on "play online casino", make sure that the legal aspect is respected

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Online casinos are becoming more and more numerous on the internet, this is how before taking the big step and clicking on "play online casino", it is essential to check some criteria, including the famous license of e -Gaming that all operators must have in their possession.

6.1 The regulation of globally imposed online gambling is the basis of any reliable and legal activity

As in all of Europe, all activity with money funds must be regulated. When playing online, it is important to know that there are Authorities which control the market of online casinos and their activities with an iron fist, in order to ensure a reliable, secure and fair game.

Note that in order for an online gambling establishment to exercise and offer its entertainment services to Internet users, the latter must obtain an e-Gaming license.

6.2 What does this e-Gaming license represent for the casino? Is this a real proof of reliability?

It must be clear, obtaining this precious sesame is the only possibility for an online casino to open its virtual doors. The game license will allow him to play thousands of players on a 100% legal and secure platform.

As you will have understood, some "bad students" fail to obtain this precious license. These are online casinos that do not meet the strict standards and rules imposed by the licensing authority. It is obviously very risky to play at this type of casino. Here's why it's important to be a knowledgeable and informed online casino player, taking the time to choose a licensed casino.

For the player, there is nothing else to do than play at a casino that has a license, it is an obligation, otherwise you will be clearly in danger. The license represents for you the guarantee of playing at a quality casino in which you can deposit for example, in complete safety, where you will be sure to recover your winnings if you make them.

6.3 How can an online casino obtain this license which is essential for its exercise?

To obtain the license which will give it the right to carry on its activity on the net, the casino must comply with fairly strict procedures.

Initially, the company which sets up the casino must set up the casino on the net, the establishment must be ready to "open its doors".

Then, the company must present to the authority responsible for issuing the license, a complete file which includes all the points of the casino: operation, deposit methods, withdrawal of winnings, payout rate, etc. Everything that makes a casino exist. Everything is analyzed by experts who will judge whether the casino complies with the imposed operating code.

If it is positive, then the casino will obtain the famous authorization.

6.4 Which authorities issue these most highly rated e-Gaming licenses in the world?

The best authorities in the world for licensing are Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, Cyprus and Manila. There are others that are of high quality but these are the main ones for online casinos.

7. Is it possible to win money through a casino ? We answer the question:

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Knowing how to play at the casino does not only mean reading a detailed casino review and registering on the establishment's website. It also means being critical and verifying for yourself all the information that seems important to you as a player, here is the basis for hoping to win money thanks to a casino .

7.1 Why are the bonuses distributed at online casino often higher than all our neighbors?

Casino bonuses are a huge part of online casinos. Indeed, it is often a welcome bonus casino that will encourage you to register with one establishment more than another. And in these conditions, an inexperienced player will probably choose the highest bonus of his selection.

The main thing is to know all the types of bonuses, and to make sure that you accept all of the conditions before you want to take advantage of them. Free bonuses are not necessarily synonymous with unconditional bonuses, check the rules of the establishment. Also, a deposit bonus can be enticing, but be aware that you must often bet several times the amount of your bonus to be able to withdraw your winnings. The rules being specific to each casino, make sure you know this beforehand.

7.2 Is it really possible to become a professional player at online casino

If you follow all our advice and you are perfectly capable of managing your bankroll, you will just need a little luck to make a good living thanks to the casino. Some will find the gamble risky, but counting on luck, some traders and speculators have produced millions, so why not you?

It is an initial investment, of course, but did you find out about the tax conditions for your winnings? Here is a point not to be overlooke

You will have guessed our answer. Because the online casino can be mobile, you can make the most of your downtime and you can make money from wherever you are. On the other hand, there are many more casino games at an online casino than in the lobby of a land-based casino.

Finally, do you believe that the bonuses are distributed at arm's length in physical casinos as much as in virtual casinos? The answer is obvious. Even if the bonuses have conditions that must be read, it is, however, extra money that may make you a fortune! Clicking on "Casino online play" is therefore a plan that can be remunerative.

8. The best online casino site for you, but don't forget to test the games before signing up

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On our casino guide, you will have the chance to have access to the best in the online casino market. You will be able to train in particular thanks to many non-paying online casino games.

It’s a great way to win big bets afterwards, with great training in real conditions. However, the gains withdrawn from the demo mode will only remain fictitious. This type of non-paying games allows you to play simply, without having to take out your bank card. How to take advantage of it? You will be able to play on our free casino in Flash version as on the interface of the best online casino site which will offer you the demo mode.

Among the different free online casino games available to you on our online casino guide, you will find all the popular games to win big such as online slots games, craps, online roulette, poker video, baccarat, bingo, blackjack, keno, online poker and their many variations. In short, you can find the popular games of land casinos in . Please note that our casino guide unfortunately does not offer non-paying live casinos.

We just have to wish you the best: fun and money at your favorite online casinos.

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