Online Casino 2020: The No. 1 Online Guide for Casino Players

Mis à jour : 25 déc 2019

Consult the Guide-comparator of sites selected by professional players, where you can also get bonuses, promotions and more! Play online casino for free or for real money in 2019. Get exclusive bonuses and play bonuses up to CHF 2000 FREE!

Choose the winning casinos from this list - each online casino is free to join and offers its own free sign-up bonus.

1. Best Guide 2019 to Online Casinos

We believe there is always a good Swiss online casino for everyone. We also believe that online gaming should be fun, friendly, and most importantly, safe for each player.

In the articles of our Guide you will learn how to choose the best online casinos to play, how to play safely and what events have marked the news in the gaming world!

We provide a number of services to help our users have the best online gaming experience:

A unique and user-friendly search engine.

Honest and unbiased casino reviews. No advertising, just the facts.

Useful tips for players of all skill levels.

A focus on player safety and responsible gaming.

The info team pays particular attention to the safety of players at online casinos and can guarantee the highest levels of security of all the casinos presented on our site. Use the options of the Top companies generator indicated on the List to find your good Swiss online casino, then click on "Visit the site" on the bar above. In the game, as everywhere else, be free to choose it is to be well informed. Lack of information is a cause of losing wars and losing fortunes. Anyone who has information - at everything! The information on options, legislation, tips and reviews allow players to make the most favorable bets, to the strategies of each Swiss online casino game and avoid the typical mistakes made by beginners.

Since there are so many different types of gaming sites available, later in this guide, we have links to some specific game guides, which will give you a much clearer understanding of what is offered in betting, Online casino games and online casino, which you should read if you are looking for information on the safest and lightest sites where you can play.

2. How to choose the best online casino in Switzerland?

The best online casino in Our Guide is based on the in-depth analysis of the different information, the opinions of experts and players, the game in practice, an experience to deposit and withdraw money, verification of the maximum withdrawal ceiling, the download, free play, comparison and the latest news from the world of casinos.

Follow the news and read the articles with thousands of tips for becoming a Winner! By regularly visiting our site, you will be first and always aware of:

New Offers every day. Bonus, bonus, there are bonuses everywhere! The Casinos selected by us for players combine the largest deposit bonuses in the industry as a remarkable hospitality package, offered to enhance your gaming experience.

A welcome package, which is the sum of all of our deposit bonuses, is simply a way of donating free money. The attractive welcome pack can offer a 100% bonus up to 200 CHF of Swiss online casino games which includes 3 deposit bonuses! For example, the first deposit offers an additional 100% bonus added to the amount deposited, limited to a bonus of 100 CHF. This means that a deposit of CHF 100 will entitle you to your account to be credited with the maximum bonus, totaling CHF 200.

VIP. As a loyal player, you can expect more winning opportunities, better deals and additional rewards like at a luxury online casino. Look at the VIP levels and their benefits. Higher refunds Invitations to exclusively VIP events. As a VIP, you are entitled to exclusive offers. From free bonus offers to even better deposit bonuses. You will have at your disposal a dedicated account manager ensuring a quick and useful response to your needs.

The Reliability and Honesty of each best online casino during Registration, the download speed, the deposit and withdrawal payment options accepted for players in the best Swiss online casino.

There is only one way you can say with any level of confidence that you are playing fair and random games on any online gambling site, that is to check for ensure that the online casino and the gaming platform provider The games and software for all online games have had their games independently certified as fair. A certificate is often posted on each site of the best online casino showing its customers and potential customers who and where their games have been checked.

Ecogra software The casinos selected for French speaking players are sealed by eCogra approval to ensure the safety and security of their customers. Regarding the local authorization of local gambling companies, in April 2000, unlimited gambling was authorized by the Federal Gaming Law and casinos. The Betting Council was officially created in 2006 as a licensing and supervisory authority for betting and lottery establishments across the country. The evaluation of license applications by off-line casinos is carried out by the Council.

By the way, according to the country's law, players are not allowed to bet on online casino sites only local, which is why they must use foreign online gaming sites to play or go through VPN. There are a wide variety of these websites for players to choose from, which are already selected from our Top Guide. The best part is that banks have no problem transferring funds to and from these online casinos to player accounts. However, the government is currently working out the details of online gambling regulations. Such regulatory measures are expected to increase overall tax revenue. If the legislation on online gaming activities is officially completed, players based will be able to bet on approved websites.


Online Casino Software There are several criteria for reliable and trustworthy casinos. One of the most important criteria is the security of such an establishment. Online casinos collect personal data from customers and transfer large sums of money, so players need to trust security in institutions. The dissemination of personal data to third parties will cause problems, until the closure of the online casino, which is why online establishments that promote their reputation use information protection methods like .

In general, to protect internal and customer databases, casinos use the 128-bit encryption system, which allows information to be hidden from prying eyes. On the reliability of the system of many casinos one can learn on which platform the online casino uses. In total, there are a dozen software developers for the i-Gaming gambling market, but the most reliable are considered the Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and Novomatic Gaminator platforms. These software are not only with the reliable encryption system, but are also user-friendly with an intuitive interface.

In most cases, users need to download specific online casino software and install it on their PCs. Downloads and installations are generally very fast. However, there are also online casinos, which do not provide a “download” option. In other words, users have the option of playing via a browser via Flash online casino.

In most cases, users need to download specific Swiss online casino software and install it on their PCs. Downloads and installations are generally very fast. However, there are also online casinos, which do not provide a “download” option. In other words, users have the option of playing via a browser via a Flash online casino.

4. BONUS in Swiss online casinos

Online Casino BonusesEach online casino has its own unique bonuses, differences and exceptional charm.

Casinos offer bonuses in exchange for certain conditions. Wager - is a prerequisite for the rates in online casino bonuses. Once the conditions on the bet you will be able to withdraw the bonus money.

Bonus Wager is divided into several types:

In a certain number of bets to take advantage of a bonus within the framework of this type of bet, the client must make a certain number of bets on the amounts recorded in the bonus. However, the additional amount is not necessarily the same as in the bonus. For example, for a bonus may be necessary to make bets on 10 certain amount.

Deposit a certain amount - under such conditions, the customer must make a certain number of bets in which a certain amount typed. For example, when betting CHF 500 is available at the expense of an additional amount of CHF 50 - 100.

In addition, the bonus can be used on certain days only. The main objective is to encourage players to bet for action, as well as the prevention of bonus hunts; Players also sometimes register, use sign-up bonuses - and never come back to this online casino.

The bonus policy is no less important than the security criteria and the choice of games. Various bonuses are offered by each online casino, but it is worth paying attention not only to the generosity of the bonuses, but to the conditions of their allocation. Therefore, only bonuses should not be a decisive argument in favor of a online casino.

Find a bonus from each online casino from our TOP 7 List! No deposit, free time, free spins, sign up bonus!


Online Casino Games All games listed in online casinos selected by our experts are updated regularly so you can check for new additions.

A typical selection of games of chance that can be found in an online casino could include:






Online Slots


Games available

An important criterion is the quantity and quality of online casino games, their choice can go up to the hundreds with dozens of variations of: slot machines, blackjack, lottery, poker and tournaments with live dealers, multi-tables , baccarat, arcades, keno, sic-bo, solitaire, all card games, bingo, sports betting and more. So you should be able to find the game interesting for yourself. Here are the games most played in online establishments, including spectacular live world tournaments:

Video Poker is considered to be the best option for players because many Poker machines keep only a small portion of the money wagered. This basically means that with the correct strategy, the player has the opportunity to beat the machine.

Slot machines, which have been transformed into multi-reels, multi-line electronic devices, which are controlled by computer. Contemporary slot machines bring larger bonuses and have a variety of features, payouts and progressive jackpots.

Roulette is one of the most favorite Swiss online casino games of all time, attracting players with payouts of up to 35 times the bet. First, players should be aware that the European and American roulette wheels are different, so they should always check the wheel they are playing.

Bingo is another popular type of gambling and, if there are literally thousands of bingo sites available online, you need to fully understand the differences between each site because not all of them will meet and exceed your expectations. This is why we have already sorted out the most reliable online establishments.

Sports betting: if you have already bet on a game of football or basketball, you already know enough to benefit from sports betting. While a live Swiss online casino could offer sports bets alongside their Swiss online casino games, the online world mainly serves sports bettors through dedicated sports newspapers that offer bets on events that happen take place around the world in dozens of sports and games.

Live Casino Games. The most popular games in the Swiss online live casino are blackjack, poker, baccarat and roulette. During the live game, the atmosphere does not create the same nature as in a match against the computer. In front of a real roulette with a live dealer with paper cards sort out with the sounds of a pleasant rustling of the shuffle. Just like money!

Some of the biggest brands in the industry have live casinos for you such as 888 Casino, JackPotCity Swiss online casino, Spin Palace Casino among many others. Many of these sites also have live casino options that are also compatible with mobile, so you can use them on your cell phone or tablet. Playing live casino games on these sites is quite similar to what you would expect from land-based casinos, and there are a few things we check before going into the deep end of live casino: The casino site in Swiss Line offer a no deposit bonus? What are the wagering requirements? Do they have regular promotions on live casino games? Do they have a high rolling or VIP system for you to enjoy?

Gambling in the LIVE-casino is for high stakes. The betting size in the live casino is larger, but at the same time and the payout size is much larger than in the usual online casinos. The pleasure is therefore disproportionately! This is quite simple to do, you only have to choose an option to play the tournament live!


Mobile online casino Casino online casinos offer great entertainment and you can win real money on any device. When playing the game, Malaysia’s best mobile sites will work with any iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android tablet or smartphone. You don't need the latest and most important hardware.

All the best gaming sites offer great mobile gaming in 2019. That means as long as you have a stable internet connection, you have the power to play from anywhere in the country. Why not play blackjack at home, poker at work and roulette in a restaurant? When you consider that any respectable Swiss online casino is open 24 hours a day, the possibilities for fun never end. Of course, since you can launch an app in seconds, you can play for as little or as long as you want.

The market has come a long way in mobile technology. Ten years ago, phones were still very large, coverage was limited outside of populated areas and the speed of internet browsing was really ridiculous. Fast forward to today - and most of us carry hand-sized computers in our bags, that is, of course, we can walk around with a mobile casino which is handy too!

Facebook’s Farmville and Android Angry Birds were some of the first mobile games to go ‘viral’. Since then, mobile gaming has grown into a $ 25 billion industry. There are thousands of mobile games to choose from, including traditional Swiss online casino games like blackjack and slot machines. As of December 2013, there were over 100 mobile casino operators. In 2019, that number likely increased.

How do I play online games in our site's casinos from a phone? The game is simple. Once you find your choice of French or Swiss online casino with mobile gaming options, there are a few ways to get connected. In some cases, you will let the Swiss online casino know your phone number and they will send you download instructions for the software. In some cases, you can enter the app from the App Store on your phone. And in other cases, accessing the Swiss online casino website via your phone's Internet browser will take you to the mobile software.

Devices compatible with mobile games and device compatibility. To get involved in a real game, you need to have a cell phone with WiFi, 3G, 4G or LTE. Generally, if your phone has been manufactured in the past 3 to 5 years, you will have this. If you are still unsure, you can check with the Swiss online casino; They will be able to inform you if your phone is compatible for a particular mobile game.

Payment Security concerns related to mobile games: Like online betting, each casino offering mobile versions of their game uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology to all data passed over the user connection. This technology is the same as that used by online casinos and banking institutions. Third party companies also vigorously analyze payment systems, information and privacy software from reputable casinos. These licenses and certifications are often found at the bottom of the site.

Mobile gaming is also very convenient for users who do not wish to comply with certain rules or prohibitions in physical casinos.

As the popularity of mobile games continues to grow, many internet-based Swiss online casino operators offer mobile equivalents of their most frequently played games, including slot machines. And the best part is that those can be played for real money, while in most cases, downloading and installing the apps is free.


Payment An important role is played by the choice of payment methods in casinos for Swiss gamblers. Many online casinos use 10 to 40 different payment systems. In some establishments, while recharging the account with the help of any particular payment system, the premiums to be paid.

Once you've signed up for an online gaming site, you'll still need to fund your account in order to play for real money. Transferring funds to your account is usually simple, because you only have to choose the method that is most suitable for you. Then simply fill in the information and choose how much you want to deposit in your account.

The deposit methods generally depend on the country you are in. Still, you can be sure, because all the major credit and debit cards are normally taken from the larger betting sites. There are also a few third-party deposit methods such as e-wallets, prepaid coupons and virtual credit cards, checks, money transfer services, Skrill, Neteller, Ukash, etc.

The withdrawal methods also depend on your location. In addition, the manner in which you will be allowed to withdraw your money is determined by the policy of the Swiss online casino site to which you have chosen to register. In general, you will have the choice between:







In countries like Switzerland in France, withdrawals by credit cards are allowed. Most online casinos allow their users to withdraw their funds by electronic checks. In addition, it must be said that if you used a third party payment service to deposit funds into your account, you will probably be authorized to receive your withdrawals in the same way.

Here are the pros and cons of online gaming versus the experience you get as a player at a physical Swiss online casino.

Advantages. Due to the fact that the online gaming industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years, online casinos are trying to attract more users by offering them a variety of bonuses. Many Swiss online casino sites offer sign-up bonuses for new users, who may receive an additional 10-50% upon initial deposit into their accounts.

You can You can access the Swiss online casino literally from anywhere in our country. In addition, you can bet from the comfort of your home, without any need for physical trouble at the casino.

Users of online casinos can benefit from better rules compared to those of physical casinos out enter for a free online casino. You can play via your mobile devices whenever you want.

The inconvenients. When signing up for a Swiss online casino, you should be aware that customer service may sometimes depend on your location. Sometimes excellent customer service is received in a few minutes, and sometimes it could take a few days to receive a response.

There are no authorities in case of disagreement or conflict in a certain case. Usually players agree that the rules could be changed at any time by the Swiss online casino and the casino has the final say in the event of a dispute.

If you use a credit or debit card for deposits, it will be difficult for you to track transactions, as they usually do not indicate the name of the Swiss online casino, but only specify the operator's bank.

Restoring your credit to your credit card can take a while. Usually it takes two to four weeks to take back and get your credit. Debit cards, however, are faster, with only about three to five business days from your credit appearing on the card.

8. FAQs

How to use our Free Guide?

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Our goal is to locate and review only the best casinos on the web that guarantee a safe, enjoyable and user-friendly experience to the fullest. Here we never get ahead of our work, and the result of our teamwork and dedication to user needs is a good guarantee of a non-stop game especially to get the most out of games for you.

It should also be noted that our team does not receive any remuneration or financial reward from the side of the houses of chance games for additions or evaluations of their sites of online casinos.

This Site is the ultimate source for Swiss online casino bonuses, free spins, reviews, game reviews and various deposit bonuses!

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As experience shows, a List of 7 is the most optimal and comfortable, you can visit all the sites and choose the cream of the crop. Also read the latest MicroGaming or NetEnt Reviews and find out all the latest news on online gaming. We are here to inform you.

In addition to our casino lists, another important section of our website deals with player education on how to play a number of popular Swiss online casino games. In each tab or in the guide you will find the rules, strategy and payment options for the game with tips for playing with an optimal strategy to maximize your chances of winning. Below you also have lists of the most popular games with direct links to individual pages with rules and strategic information.9. Summary

Information Guide Online Casino Switzerland provides useful and relevant information. Here you will find the latest news, analysis, game secrets, new technical achievements, historical facts and psychological aspects of the game. All the information we collect on the site of the best casinos is sorted and systematized. With this information, you will quickly become a novice gamer, who is not afraid to play Swiss online casino, because he knows how to win more or look for the most reliable establishments.

Choose the best, safest and most secure establishments to play with our List of online casinos certified This choice will be the fairest, the most reliable and the most honest.

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