New Free Slots 2020

This page is dedicated to all the latest launches of gambling games, including the newest slot machines of 2019 and free slot games 2018. In addition to them, you will also find information about the new mobile casino games that have just been released . As always, it is possible to play free slot machines 2019 for fun, without registering or downloading. We are following the industry news carefully to update this page with the new free slot machines and to inform you of everything that happens in the world of gambling.

Of course, you may ask yourself: why should I play new slots for free? There are hundreds of familiar slot machines with the same drums and the same betting options, so what's the point of trying something new? We have the answer. It always depends on the game provider, but, in general, the newest free slot machines have several important advantages compared to their contemporaries.

New slots = new features

New releases from the most popular casino game providers generally include new features that cannot be found in the classic slot machines that were manufactured several years ago. Its objective is to attract more players, make the newest free slot casino more interactive and entertaining and, finally, increase your chances of winning. Among the most outstanding innovations in the new free slot games we can name the following:

Bonus rounds While in the previous games, bonus rounds were generally known for some free spins given, new free 2019 slots sometimes resemble more complete video games than simple gambling games. In the newest free slot casino games, the bonus rounds became more interactive and now involve the player in the gambling process. This means that, now you are not only pressing the button, but also your movements influence the outcome of the game. In the newest free slots, you may be asked to choose the box with the free spins, find the right path for the money or even play the little Battleship game. In the end, you can get the almost unlimited number of free spins and thus earn a lot of money.

Wilds symbols. The newest free slot casino games made the simple Wild symbol the main element of the game and now has a lot of different shapes. There are the Stacked Wilds that cover the entire drum and create a lot of winning combinations at once, the Walking Wilds (very popular in the new free slot games without downloading) that move from one drum to another every time they give it a free spin, the Sticky Wilds that remain in place for several spins and help you win in the new free slot casino game.

Winning Lines The first casino games only had 1 to 3 winning lines, which made them not so lucrative, to tell the truth. But in new video slots, this number sometimes increases to thousands! Many possible winning lines mean a lot of money, so the new games are more profitable than the classic ones.

Of course, these new features make new slot games for free more complicated and sometimes a little difficult to get, but at the same time, they make new slot machines to play for free more lucrative and more fun. You can quickly get bored with the classic slots, but the new slot machines have thousands of possible winning combinations and various types of wild cards that can easily capture you for hours.

New games = New casino promotions

The best part of the new free slot games is that every time the casinos arrive they jump out of the skin to promote them and attract more players. So what does it mean for the players? The best promotions and bonuses! For most of the new online casino games they are, for example:

Free spins. These are perfect for those who want to play new free slot machines 2018 but do not want to bet real money, online casinos offer some free spins (usually around 10) so that the player can try for free and decide if it is the games Free new slots, whether it is worth spending money or not, etc. This type of promotion is usually done for the newest free slot machines created by industry leaders such as NetEnt or IGT and are widely advertised on casino websites and in emails sent for this purpose. But if you want to play new slots by smaller providers and want to do it for free, you can always find them in SlotsUp.

No deposit bonus. When the new online casino games are launched, the casino can grant a small no deposit bonus to attract new customers and allow them to play the new free online slot games. No deposit bonus means you are getting a certain amount of money (usually around $ 10) to play online slot machines right after creating your casino account. It is a perfect way to try new slot machines for free, but without losing that casino spirit with real money.

Increase of progressive jackpot. In games with progressive jackpot, the amount of possible winnings depends on the number of people who bet their money on the game. Generally players play a lot of the newest free online slot games, which means that you have more chances to win a grand prize while you play in the new 2019 free slot than those that have been there for a long time.

Casino promotions do not guarantee you win, but they can reduce, in comparison, the amount of money spent, or even make the newest slot games free give away a certain amount of free spins. So do not think twice and when you choose the casino to play new free slots 2018 always pay attention to the casino's commercial, as it can offer something new and juicy. These offers are the best way to play the Spanish slots 2018 before making the real bet (in addition, of course, you will already have experience with these previously tested games for free in SlotsUp).

More slots = More fun

New games always mean new technologies. In the free slots 2018 and 2019, you'll find the most advanced and detailed graphics, more complicated soundtracks, easier to use games, and more.

New free slots are optimized so they don't load your computer or browser so much, whether you're playing HTML5 or Flash games, which means that everything works quickly and smoothly, and you don't have to wait for the game to respond. Advanced graphics are the key point in the newest free slot machine games, as you will hardly find the simple 2D products between them. Most of the new 2019 free slots are amazing colorful 3D games with stunning animations and highly detailed game symbols created by professional designers. They are fun and enjoyable to look at, so if you are a person who enjoys good graphics, you better choose the new casino games for free slot machines, rather than the classic ones. The soundtracks of the 2019 slot machines are often created by the famous presenters so you can hear not only the sound of the reels but also the good music.

Obviously, all this is not necessary to play casino games since you can also earn money in the classic slots, but good graphics, good soundtracks and smooth gameplay give life to the traditional bandit and attract millions of players to online casinos to play new free slots.

New slots: pay or play for free?

As with any other casino game, there are two possible ways to play slot machines 2018. First of all, you can play new slot machine games for free or, as we usually call it, for fun. Playing free slots will not take you to the pit, but it will give you fun and useful knowledge if you are still a newbie. With the help of free slots, you can try the game without betting real money and try all the new features. At SlotsUp, you'll find the largest collection of the new slot machines available to play instantly. It means you can play new slot machines for free without downloading or registering. We add approximately 100 new free slots every month so you can always enjoy the freshest releases of the online gaming industry.

But if you're a bonus hunter and want to get the most out of casino games, new slot games can be too boring for you. So, if you are ready to play with real money, we will recommend the best real money casino games with the most lucrative bonuses and the best deals for new customers.

Actually, it doesn't matter if you play slots for fun or for real money, the newest slots are always so exciting that we can't help playing them again and again on We hope you will join us on our journey through the best and newest free slot games 2019 at SlotsUp and, of course, we wish you good luck and great winnings!

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