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Mis à jour : 26 déc 2019

Canada is now teeming with a multitude of top online casinos where players can have fun without having to worry. However, there are also questionable betting establishments, which can make it difficult for players to choose when choosing a betting destination where they can play legally. On , a platform for French-language casino reviews and news, we assess for you the best reliable betting sites in Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and more generally Canada where you can legally spend your money without having anything this is to be feared. A dynamic team takes care of ants' work to allow you to benefit from the best information about online casinos in Canada.

Online Games For Casino Players In Québec

Whether you enjoy playing slot machines, table games, arcade games or even scratch cards, here you will find all of these options with our bank of over 1,000 free casino games from all software developers. Take advantage of our site to test as many games as you want, and to decide which software is your favorite! All genres are at your disposal, blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, whatever the variant, we have it here!

What to look for if you are in Canada and Quebec

It is true that COF does all the work up front so that you can enjoy the best casino experience there is, but you as a player must be careful not to be fooled. It comes down to what you can take into account a number of criteria when to opt definitively for the platform where you will play without downloading. Besides, these are the same criteria that are taken into account by our experts when evaluating online casinos in Canada. Here is a more or less exhaustive list of what you need to check if you are in Canada.

Legality of the casino: If there is one criterion that must be most important to you when you must choose a Canadian or Quebec online casino site, it is legality and reliability. Of course, you will not want to invest the money that you got to sweat from your forehead at a casino that is not even screwed up to get a legal document. Ensuring the legality of an online casino therefore amounts to verifying the document of its accreditation. Is this license issued by a competent authority whose seriousness and rigor are recognized in the casino gaming industry? In this matter, the Authority Malta Lotteries and Games is a reference as well as the Gaming Commission of Kahnawake. One can also mention the jurisdiction of Curacao, even if it is somewhat criticized by industry experts. Here is a list of reliable legal casinos in Canada and lots more .

Languages: In Canada, cultural diversity is a fact. If in cities like Montreal or Quebec, French occupies a place of choice, English is a language that we can not ignore the importance. Therefore, on a reliable and legal online casino in Canada, these two languages ​​must necessarily in order to allow bettors who wish to play casino games to do so with ease.

Software available: The version which is available in an online betting platform French may be decisive for the rest of the adventure the player. In general, players from Canada or more particularly from Quebec opt for software without downloading because of their easy handling and the convenience offered. However, it is not uncommon to come across sites that offer a downloadable version of their platform. Depending on your preferences you will be able to make an informed choice.

Online Games: As well as the legality of online casinos, the games you play on an institution are of utmost importance. Normal, since when a player registers a platform it is first and foremost for entertainment. You must therefore ensure the variety and profitability of the entertainment options on offer. It is in your interest.

Taxes: Earning money by playing at the casino and having to pay taxes is not always fun. Fortunately, in Canada the tax system is a little flexible with regard to this area of ​​online casino. In fact, if your experience pays off and you win, you won't really have to pay. What you should therefore check when choosing a French online casino for Canada is whether there is any tax in respect of any service that is required.

Mobile: It is quite obvious that you can be at your computer when you feel like playing a casino game. As a player from Quebec, you must therefore check whether the platform on which you want to entertain yourself offers a mobile version, whether it be without downloading via the browser of your mobile device or a dedicated mobile application.

Why use Casino Online Francais


For several years now, has proven itself in the world of French-speaking online betting. This earned him the honor of being distinguished on several occasions. If such prices have seen the light of day, it is thanks to the seriousness and professionalism of our team of experts who treat each information with impartiality and therefore allow you to benefit from the best casino reviews and news. For the development of each review that you will read here, this experienced team thoroughly analyzes each casino according to the criteria listed above and a few others. So you can trust it to enjoy the best experience.

COF, it's not just casino reviews! It is also reviews of the games. Whether it's slot machines, blackjack, poker or more, several entertainment options are being reviewed by us, and you can be assured, very specific criteria have been put in place for evaluation. Free demos of titles are offered to allow you to better know the game you want to play before investing real money.

Train with free Quebec games or money!

Slot machines - Whether you are from Quebec, Montreal or any other city in Canada, it is certain that you have already heard of online casino slot machines. These are the ultimate casino games that are present on almost all French online betting platforms. While this is a purely luck-based entertainment option, playing it will allow you to develop a few techniques that you can use when you want to bet for real money. You will find some of the best free slots in the industry that you can play directly on our site.

When you are ready to play for real money, you will still find recommendations from the best casinos in Canada where you can do so with complete peace of mind. Needless to say, these establishments have been selected according to very strict criteria. You will therefore be able to launch rotations thanks to the excellent bonuses that you will receive.

Blackjack - If you are more into table games and more specifically blackjack, you will be served on this platform. Let’s remember the principle! To win prizes by playing 21, you must beat the casino employee with a score close to 21. However, you should keep in mind never to exceed this total, otherwise you will lose your hard earned money. You'll find some great free blackjack variants here, and it would be great to play there to fine-tune your strategies as a player from Canada before taking the risk of real money betting.

When you feel ready to embark on a real adventure, all you have to do is select a casino of your choice and embark on the adventure. Also read the blackjack and casino reviews that we make available to you.

Roulette - Given the many variations that have resulted, it can be said that roulette is without a doubt one of the most popular casino games in the industry. Its easy playability as well as the entertainment factor have allowed it to gain this popularity with bettors from Canada and around the world. In our online casino roulette section, you will learn more about the game, its variants and more.

On the other hand, you will find a multitude of variations that you can play without spending your money. Admittedly, the luck factor plays a decisive role when you play roulette, but the payments offered are an excellent argument for you to play for real money. When the time is right, check out the list of the best roulette sites for Canada that we offer.

Poker - You will certainly agree, poker is now part of the casino games where skill is decisive, and which gives bettors huge pools. If you are aware of your skills, you can always embark on a real money adventure. If this is not the case, you'd better read the many reviews of the poker variants we offer, and take advantage of the demos available.

Even if it is not entirely poker, you will also find on this platform several variants of video poker (a combination of poker and slot machines). Several free demos of versions offered by major software providers are available to you and you can enjoy them at any time.

Baccarat - Many consider it a variant of blackjack, but this assertion is not unanimous. However, be aware that this is an interesting game which we offer free demos of several variants of the game.

Canadian casino bonuses for players from Canada and Quebec

Even though there would be a multitude of games at an online casino in Canada, they will not be very helpful to real money players if not one of the promotions worthy of the name that accompany. Aware of this, online casinos in Quebec and around the world are developing superb promotional programs that allow punters to take advantage of a full service. Among the bonus offers for Canadians that are often offered on Canada's online casino platforms, you will be eligible for deposit match bonuses, free spins and no deposit bonuses.

With deposit - Also known as deposit match, this type of bonus is most common at online casinos in Canada. The principle is quite simple. After you have made your choice at a French online casino, you must register. Once the registration process is complete, you must make a real money deposit. It is therefore to this money that the establishment will associate a correspondence, most often 100%. In practical terms, if you make a deposit of 100CAD for example, you will be able to receive an additional 100CAD, which brings your playing capital to 200CAD.

Free spins - Also known as free spins, free spins are only used for slot machines. When you come across an online casino in Canada that offers it, don't hesitate to take advantage of it. They are often offered as a no deposit bonus, which means that the casino will give it to you without expecting anything in return. However, other Quebec betting platforms may decide to associate it with the match bonus, in order to further increase this promotion. It is also not excluded to come across Canadian free spins offers presented in cashback form. Either way, carefully read the terms and conditions associated with an incentive before you take advantage of it.

No deposit - The no deposit bonus is one of the most popular promotional offers in the online betting industry. The reason for this is quite simple. It allows players around the world to enjoy their favorite entertainment options for free while having the opportunity to win real money. In other words, the casino gives you its money to play and allows you to make profits with it. It can be a bonus with no free money deposit, free spins, or free play time. In either case a no deposit bonus offered to Canadian players will always be a great way to have fun.

Wagering Requirements - On almost all of the bonuses and promotional offers that you will enjoy at an online casino for Canadians, be aware that there will always be wagering requirements that you must meet before withdrawing your winnings. These requirements are set up on purpose to ensure a certain retention of players, because as you can imagine it would be too easy to grant a bonus to a player and that he goes away immediately after withdrawing his winnings with your money. Read the Terms and Conditions to avoid any disappointment in the online casino.

Land-based casinos in Canada

Long before the advent of online betting, several establishments were installed on both sides in Canada. While online casinos have significantly outperformed physical companies, this does not mean that they have made the apron. No ! On the contrary, new policies have been put in place to allow the few players who prefer to play physical casino to enjoy the best experience possible.

Moreover, it is from these land establishments that many titles with live dealers are broadcast today, which further demonstrates the usefulness of physical casinos. If you want to enjoy the convenience of physical casino games in Canada, you can always go to one of the many establishments that exist in the territory.

Who manages the betting industry in this country?

In Canada, the betting world is well regulated. In fact, each province has its own regulations and a competent authority which manages matters relating to games of chance. For example, in the province of Quebec, it is the Crown corporation Loto-Quebec that manages betting activities. According to its criteria, the only official online casino in Quebec is EspaceJeux.

However, Quebec players are not prohibited from having fun on foreign sites. If the latter do the necessary to obtain an accreditation issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, this would be an excellent addition, since this jurisdiction is highly respected in the online casino gaming industry in Canada.