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This game is suitable for everyone because it is simple and easy to understand, but mastering its strategy can take years. This article outlines the game and the strategies that can be used to improve skills.

If you are interested in starting to play blackjack, please visit a selection of online games, it is free. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games of all time. Not only can this game be used in every casino in the world, you can also play blackjack at home or via mobile devices at any time. By playing blackjack, you will enjoy a casino game where the house edge is lower; the lower the house edge, the greater the chance of winning.

If you have never played Blackjack Online before, you may want to know where to start. To learn more about the problem, please visit this online casino website. In this casino, you can not only find 21 standard games, but also other versions of blackjack with other rules.

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Why play this casino game?

Blackjack 21 is a lifelong passion for some people, because it takes years of patient research and dedication to master. On the other hand, this can be a fun and relaxing experience. It all depends on what you are looking for.

The uniqueness of Blackjack Casino is the level of player control. The player chooses when to take more cards, when to stand up and when to use certain strategies. You can control the rhythm and result of the game. This is one of the reasons why blackjack is so popular around the world.

Try your luck in this card game

Another reason for the increasing popularity of blackjack is its extremely high odds. It provides one of the highest payout percentages in any other casino game. This means that using the basic blackjack strategy, the house edge will be reduced to only 1%.

The reason why such high odds can be offered is because the casino relies on the fact that most players do not know how to use the best strategy to play the game, which sometimes reduces the advantage by 15%. Therefore, if you are a serious gamer (or want to become a gamer), we definitely recommend that you are familiar with basic (advanced) strategies, you can learn about these strategies by visiting our related links.

When you cannot enter the casino...

Not everyone lives near the casino, enough to play blackjack in person. Therefore, online blackjack is very suitable for many people. Moreover, people are often intimidated by the atmosphere of the casino and its dealers. With online blackjack, you can wear pajamas and play in a relaxing environment. For these reasons, many people like online blackjack because many websites offer high registration or loyalty rewards.

download games? Still play without downloading?

According to your choice of online blackjack, you can choose to play or download in the browser. Whichever you like, it all depends on your decision. Many websites provide both services, but some only offer one of two options. Sometimes, you can even select a specific game to download to your computer.

Select downloadable software and games from the browser

You already had your first choice when you decided to play blackjack, but now you have to decide where you want to play? If you know you want to play the house on the same computer, then you will want to download the blackjack software. It will run faster and have better sound and graphics. When you sit down and play the game, all you have to do is click on the application and the program will start; you don’t need to enter all the details using this method every time.

However, if you are the kind of person who wants to be able to play games on multiple computers, you should consider choosing a browser that has a wide range of blackjack games for you to play. Any modern computer can meet the system requirements, so all you have to do is to play blackjack at your favorite site no matter where you are. You only need to enter your username and password to access the account on the site. In addition, you don't have to store anything on your computer, the game can be played immediately!

Player tips and tricks

So you think you know how to win in blackjack, don't you? Well, you may know the basic rules on the table and all the options available, but to really crush the odds in the house and turn it to your liking, you have to keep reading.

Here you will be familiar with the best basic strategy and the concept of card counting. We also provide information on financial management, psychological factors and other topics you will face at the blackjack table.

For more information on basic rules and strategies, please visit our rules and strategies link.

Number of cards

Card counting is an advanced blackjack strategy used by players in real casinos that involves determining the best time to place a big bet to beat the house. The card counter operates by tracking the saturation of the high and low cards used by the dealer. When there are many master cards in the deck (such as ten cards and one point), it is beneficial to the player. When there are many low cards on the deck, it is good for the dealer. A successful card counter will track the deck until it has a good sense of the direction of the deck. He will then adjust his bet accordingly.

Blackjack betting strategy

In blackjack, the best betting strategy has not changed. Only one set of rules is considered the best. Most players are not familiar with these rules because it takes hours of practice to remember them. Following the rules in the table on our strategy page, you will compete with the house with an advantage of approximately 0.25%.

Manage your token

The best way to manage money in blackjack is to consider your bets by unit. When you think in units, you will not fall into pressure, so you can maintain good standards and still stick to your best choices. Beware of progressive gaming systems. This is the case when you double your bet after losing. This will keep you for a while, but eventually you will be close to the limit of the gaming table and lose a lot of money.

Bet with your thoughts instead of emotions

If you are new to blackjack, you might as well start small. In many online casinos, you can play blackjack for free, giving you the opportunity to try your own strategy before playing for real money. When you play blackjack online, you will only fight against the dealer and you will not see other players. This gives you the option to leave the table for a while in order to reconnect if needed. Make sure to bet on your mind, not your emotions.

Blackjack endurance

Blackjack may be a fierce game. A good live trader can guarantee 20 hands per hour. A complete table can give you precious time to make a decision. The online timer keeps the rhythm dynamic, so you never have much time to think. Many people like this quick action. But for long blackjack, it is important to drink water regularly and walk around the table every hour to stretch muscles and sanity. Always drink water over alcohol.

Take some time to study table strategy and blackjack secrets. Check out our recommended casinos, where you will always find excellent blackjack games.

Cheating at blackjack

There is no complete game story without mentioning cheating. To know how to play, you must also know how to cheat. Please rest assured that we neither recommend nor tolerate cheating, but it is important for you to know if you are cheating. The only way is to have as much knowledge as the cheaters. That being said, this is not a guide on how to cheat, but a guide to learn more about all aspects of blackjack.

No one knows how widespread cheating is, bad guys are caught and good guys deceived. There are several books with hundreds of portraits of all the cheaters in Las Vegas. Modern casino security technology and the integrity of online gambling reduce the occurrence of fraud.

Where is the line between strategy and cheating?

Speaking of blackjack, there is a very clear difference between cheating and strategy. The counting and basic tactics are not illegal and do not constitute fraud. This is more about fighting other players and dealers. Using a device to track the map is not a problem, so it is technically legal. Usually, using a computer or special ink to mark the card will limit cheating.

Although technically speaking, card counting does not sound like blackjack cheating, many casinos still treat it as a cheating. If you suspect that you are a card counter, you will easily be banned by the casino. The only difference is that you will not be arrested or sent to jail to count the number of cards. If you cheat, you are likely to be sued. You should also note that it is prohibited to use computer equipment on the table to assist you in the game. If you use a computer to help you count your cards, you must be cheating and you may have to leave the casino and be arrested.


In this case, the player has a partner standing behind the dealer to browse his cards. Phantom then sends a signal to the player, who gets more information about the dealer's hand and can therefore place a bet.

Card mark

In order to keep up with the strong or weak cards without counting, the cheaters mark the cards with special ink, which can only be seen by special glasses. For example, it will score all Ace to know when the dealer has blackjack if he has an Ace in his lost hand.

Discount card

Folding cards for marking is a fact. This is not a very effective strategy because most other players will notice that you fold the cards.

Card exchange

This involves swapping your own card (usually under the sleeve) for the card issued to you. It's difficult to do, but some magicians are very good at it.

Conspiracy with the co-host

This is when the cheater reaches an agreement with the dealer to receive a signal about when to bet. This is the best scam because it is harder to identify than others.

Computer equipment

In blackjack, computer equipment is often used to help players count cards. A real professional counter does not require a computer, but laymen always want to maintain their advantage. Usually based on the information the player receives from other players at other tables, the computer is used to send a signal about the best time to bet, usually on the player's shoes, which has a better advantage than the dealer. Liar beware!

Liar beware!

Nowadays, casinos have multiple methods of detecting cheaters. The most effective weapon he has is called the "eye in the sky" technology. This means that they have a camera on every table and sophisticated software that can track the dealer's hand and your hand. If the software detects any abnormalities, the boss will show you around. If you fall into the best situation, you will be kicked out of the casino and lose your victory. In the worst case, this involves arrest by the police and a passage through the prison.

Legal blackjack strategy

Blackjack seems simple at first, but after playing it a few times, you will start to notice that it is actually very complicated. You can use many blackjack strategies and techniques to significantly increase your winnings. The most important thing to remember is to remain calm at all times and not let frustration affect the game.

Read on to learn about blackjack systems and how to use them. If you follow this guide, whether in a real casino or an online casino, you will win at blackjack. Also, be sure to check your other resources, such as card counting or more advanced strategies. Take advantage of our online blackjack strategy guide!

Blackjack counting card

In short, blackjack card counting is a strategy for determining the best time to beat the house with a high stake. Card counting involves tracking the number of high and low cards in the dealer. When there are many strong cards in the deck (for example, ten or one point), it is an advantage for the player. The successful card counter will follow the deck until you have a good understanding of the direction of the deck. He will adjust his bet accordingly.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a PhD in mathematics to count cards. You need patience, discipline and a lot of practice to hone the technique. Read on to learn more about banknote counting and the different banknote counting techniques you can use in blackjack.

How to count cards in BlackJack

To count the cards in blackjack, you need to track the cards issued by the dealer. This includes cards in the hands of the dealer and other players. Each card counting strategy provides a specific point value for each card. Once the dealer has processed part of the deck, you can understand the count and its direction. If the count is positive, it means that the platform is beneficial to you; if the count is negative, it is beneficial to the dealer.

Since online casinos use 6 to 8 decks, these decks are often shuffled, making it difficult to count cards online. You will only see the cards held by you and the dealer, so compared to a full table of 8 people in a real casino, there is less information about each bet. It is almost impossible to obtain key information in this way. If you really want to try to count your card count online, then your best bet is to find a simple online game. However, such blackjack usually only pays 6-5, which negates any advantage you get from card counting.

Hi Lo Blackjack Digital Card System

In Hi-Lo, all cards between 2 and 6 have a value of +1, all 10 and aces have a value of -1, and other cards are neutral and have no effect on the count. To get the so-called "true count", you must divide the running count by the number of packages remaining in the shoe.

Blackjack elimination card counting system

The KO card counting system is based on the same system as Hi-Lo, with one exception: the value of 7 is +1. This eliminates the need to divide the count by the number of remaining packets to obtain the "true count" of the high and low counting system.

Practice and train at home

Before trying blackjack card counting, make sure you have mastered the basic strategy, which you should even remember.

Now take the bundle and observe it, familiarize yourself with all point values ​​(+1, -1, 0). Once you are sure that you can immediately identify the point value of each card, you can try to play like in a casino.

Try to track the points; you will notice that many cards will start to cancel each other out, and many patterns appear repeatedly. Recognizing these patterns is very important to be a successful card counter.

Keep practicing until you can count a complete backpack in 25 seconds or less. This is not easy, but to be an effective counter card requires a certain dedication. It will be difficult at first, but please keep practicing, all these processes may be natural to you. Then you will know that you are ready.

Basic strategy

The basic blackjack strategy is to maximize your winnings when no cards have been seen since the last time the cards were shuffled. Check the watch to see when it hits and when it sticks. The main strategy helps you know what to do when your hand is between 12 and 16.


If there is a pair, the split player can "split", which means they can create two hands with the original hand. This is done by adding another bet next to your hand. Then, the dealer will split into two pairs and add another card to each pair to create two separate cards.


Insurance If the dealer shows that he has an A, the player can make an additional bet called "Insurance" to prevent the broker's blackjack. If the broker does have blackjack, the insurance betting odds are 2:1.


After the surrender player receives his hand, another blackjack strategy option is called "surrender". He or she can withdraw half of the bet and keep the rest of the time. This is a good strategy when the dealer shows a promising game and the player does not show the game.

Double drop

Double bet players can "double bet" after receiving a hand, which doubles his bet until the last card is received. This feature is particularly useful when the initial lot size reaches 11, because your next card is likely to be worth 10 and add up to 21. In some casinos, bets may be placed. It is twice as low as the original bet to minimize losses. However, it is only recommended to double it if you are almost certain to gag.

Strategies to avoid

Here are some strategies that are not recommended because they are not effective...

"Never go bankrupt" strategy

Some players will use this strategy, depending on who you talk to, the strategy will be encouraged or discouraged. In the standard strategy, it means that if your hand range is between 12 and 16, then the dealer should play when the dealer shows 17 or more. Players who "never go bankrupt" claim that you must never hit objects older than 12 years old, because you might end up going bankrupt. If you never went bankrupt, then you will have more chances to see the dealer go bankrupt. However, statistically speaking, the standard blackjack strategy has better returns.

"Imitate the host" strategy

This strategy means that you play the game according to the same rules as the dealer: stick to 17 or higher, and never split or double. The odds of this strategy are lower than the odds of the "never go bankrupt" strategy.

"Assumption 10 in the hole" strategy

This strategy is the worst. If the dealer shows an ace and then points his face down card to 10, if he does not play blackjack, then he does not have a 10, so it is wrong to assume it is a 10.

Don't let the house have you Many people say that insurance is a bad idea, because if you win but lose the insurance money, it will only reduce your return. In addition, some games distort bonuses and you should avoid using them. When you have blackjack, the odds of most blackjack games are 3:2. Beware of those who offer 6:5 or 7:6 because they will not be profitable.

If you pay attention to these blackjack systems, it will greatly increase your chances of winning and having a good time at the table!

Different variants of blackjack

Online blackjack is a popular game played by millions of players in the world. If the right strategy is followed, this is both fun and profitable. It is more or less a simple game, but you need to pay attention to some changes when playing in different locations.

Here is a list of twelve types of blackjack and its rules.

Classic blackjack

In accordance with the classic blackjack rules, each player faces the dealer. You first get two cards, and then you can stick or hit to make your hand as close to 21 as possible without going over or "breaking."

The purpose is to defeat the dealer. The dealer must strike when his hand is less than 17, and he must persist when the dealer's hand is greater than or equal to 17.

European Blackjack

European Blackjack In European Blackjack, the game is divided into two pairs. If your number is 9-11, you can only double at the bottom. After the split, you can double at the bottom and there is no split or surrender. The dealer should play soft 17.

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip Blackjack Las Vegas Strip Blackjack also has two decks. You can double in any first hand and are eligible to double after the split. You can also split into three hands, which means that if you are dealt to another card with the same number in the first split, you can split again.

21 Spanish

Spanish Blackjack 21. In Spanish 21, you can double any number of cards. Different combinations of blackjack can bring different bonus levels. There are no 10 cards in the deck, so only 10 cards are face up.

Double exposure blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack In "Double Exposure", the dealer faces two cards and the dealer wins in all combinations except blackjack. The odds for blackjack are 1:1. The game progresses to 8 packs, and the dealer hits the soft card 17. You can split into four hands and only double between 9 and 11 o'clock.

Blackjack In this variant, the game is played in the form of 5 packets, and the dealer stays on the soft card 17. You can only double with 9-11 hands, and do not double after splitting or splitting. The players also did not allocate.

Single layer blackjack

The edge of the house in this version is much lower than others, because you can count cards easily. It is a single-layer game, and the dealer hits 17. You can double and double after allowing the split, but you can only split once.

Progressive blackjack> / h3>

In this version of online blackjack, each hand must bet on the jackpot. The jackpot continues to grow throughout the day. If you cast a 7, you win. Two 7s in a row can earn 5 times. If they are the same outfit, you will get 50. The three will get x10 $, if they are the same suit x50. If you get 3 7 squares in a row, you will win the jackpot, counting 10,000 chips in total!

Blackjack switch

In the blackjack switch, the player must make two bets of the same size and the cards are dealt face up. Allows players to exchange the second card issued in each hand. You can double any hand and then double after the split, but only once. The odds are 1:1, and the dealer's 22 beats any hand except blackjack.

Double attack blackjack

In Double Attack Blackjack, players can bet the dealer's next card with different payout ratios. For more details, see our double attack table.


Floating bridge is a variant of blackjack, and you can allocate between two cards that are not worth 10, even if they are not the same. If you separate A, you can only take one of each. The dealer wins, and five cards less than 21 pay 2:1. You can only succumb when the dealer shows ace or head and the dealer needs to play a soft 17.

If you put all these types of blackjack in your mind, you will always have a good time.

Blackjack rule

Blackjack is a very popular game today. Since the advent of online casinos in the 1990s, it seems to have been a place where people's interest has risen.

The game can be found in every active online casino, except for a few, but if you want to join the millions of people playing this game every day around the world, then you must learn the rules of blackjack.

Choosing to learn the rules of blackjack is not as cumbersome as it seems, because they are not very complicated. Specifically, you can learn to play blackjack in less than 10 minutes.

The rules of blackjack will be fully described below, so please keep reading to find out how to play this game in the most effective way.

Learning to play blackjack seems simple in theory, but if you want to master the game, practice is necessary. The basic principle of the game is that the player who has a hand with a total of 21 or close to 21 wins. However, if you have more than 21 cards in your hand, it means you cannot participate in the game or you are called "bankrupt".

The value of the card

based on the value of the card blackjack rules it is easy to grasp, because each card will retain its value. For example, diamond is 2 2 5 5 heart-shaped, and so on. On the other hand, the top cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) have a value of 10. Depending on your total lot size, an A may be worth 1 or 11. An A and a first card might be the best hand, because it is equal to 21. It's really simple.

Card allocation

The blackjack rules stipulate that each player at the table will deal two cards at the beginning of the game, but the dealer will only take one card.

Place all the initially issued cards so that all players can see them. When everyone has two cards, the dealer takes out the second card or "hole card", but the card is placed face down, so it will not be revealed until the end of the game, which means you either stay ( If you are interested in your credit card and don't want to use it anymore), or you have gone bankrupt (if you have more than 21 credit cards).

If you get a card worth 10 (10, Jack, Queen or King) and A in the first two cards, then you have 21 points and you will automatically win a 1.5-point profit bet.

Click paste and win

After all the cards are issued, you will have to choose between "sticking" the cards you own or spending more and trying to make the hand closest to 21.

If you choose to stick, that hand will pass, but if you want another card, you must ask the dealer to "hit" you. Then, send it to you one by one until you decide to hold on. As long as there are no more than 21 cards, there is no limit to how many cards you can accumulate.

When you place a bet, the dealer's hole cards will be revealed and he or she will repeat the same process, although the dealer must exceed 17 and beat your total to win. If you beat the dealer or he goes bankrupt, then you win.

Blackjack history and timeline

Blackjack is one of the most popular and most popular casino games of all time because it involves players. Unlike other casino games that have fixed odds and the player does not have much room for maneuver, blackjack requires careful decision-making and has a small marginal impact on the house (if played correctly).

According to the player's skills (and of course, his luck) can make a fortune. Blackjack has an interesting and colorful history, please read on to learn more about the origin of the game and its future development.

The origin of blackjack

Most historians trace the origins of blackjack back to France in the 18th century. During this time, there is a game called Vingt et Un (21). Another very popular card game in the same period was Chemin de Fer, from which Baccarat was drawn. 21 is considered a variant of the traditional Chemin de Fer game.

When French settlers first arrived in the United States in the 19th century, they brought the game of twenty-one. It is called "21" in the United States. When the first legal casino appeared in Nevada in the 1930s, some casinos placed special bets on their traditional "21" games. If the player wins a hand with spades or ace of spades and ace of spades, his bet will be 10-1. This gave rise to the name Blackjack, which has been there ever since.

The popularity of modern blackjack

In 1962, Edward Thorp wrote a blackjack strategy book called "Beat the Associate." This book quickly became a bestseller and is still a reference for all card counting schemes.

Thorpe is a math teacher who uses his math research to find the best gambling strategy. Due to the success of the book "Beat the Dealer", casinos began to change their rules and crack down on gambling counters. brand. Although casinos are still doing their best to curb players' awareness of blackjack profitability, the ideas in this book have caused madness and brought blackjack to its popularity.

Other well-known Stanford Wong players have also contributed to the popularity of blackjack through publishing strategies. Wong wrote a book called "Professional Blackjack", which introduced his card strategy based on the ideas in Thorp's "Beat the Dealer" book.

There are many books about blackjack, and more books will be published. To learn more about these titles, please visit our Blackjack Books section. Remember, in the game of blackjack, knowledge is power! The more you know, the more likely you are to beat the house!

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