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Like other countries in South America, Argentina has the controversial online gambling laws, which can sometimes be confusing for those who want to place bets in the Argentine online casino.

Since online gambling in Argentina is being legal, only Argentine casino sites can obtain the corresponding licenses, while international gambling operators remain outside the network. However, the best online casinos for Argentine players remain available despite government attempts to block online access and transactions. Do you want to know more about gambling with real money in an online casino in Argentina? Keep reading and you will learn the laws and history of Argentina in the online casino. We will also reveal the best online casino in Argentina and give you a couple of recommendations about safe gambling: everything you need to know to make your gaming experience in Argentina as pleasant as possible and increase your chances of making money at the casinos

Online casino sites in Argentina

If you want to bet on Argentine online casinos, there are two possible options. First, you can place your bets on Argentine casinos that are accepted and have official licenses granted by the Argentine government. All online casinos in Argentina with government licenses are local casino operators, since international casinos are not allowed in Argentina. The choice of licensed casinos is quite small, but you can still find enough online casino games in Argentina. The second option is to pass this information and play in international online casinos that are not licensed by the government. Playing in the Argentine online casino without a license is not punished by law so you will be safe until you place your bets in a safe and reliable online casino. Speaking of reliable casinos, the team has reviewed many online gambling sites and made the list of the best Argentine online casinos for you to play online casino games in Argentina. If you decide to look for the casino yourself, pay special attention to the following factors:

License Information Although the best online casinos in Argentina cannot obtain the official government license, they must still have one issued by the international casino licensing institution. Before placing a bet and playing online slots in Argentina, check the licensing information in the casino footer or in the Terms and Conditions section. Or from our list; where we rank the best online casinos in Argentina, since everyone has a license and approval. Playing in an unlicensed casino can lead to fraud and loss of money, so if you can't find the safe place to bet, you'd better go back to the website and play some free slots for fun.

Games. Whether you go to Online Slots with real money, Roulette or online card games, take a look at the providers of these games presented at the casino. If you see that the games have been developed by names known as Microgaming, Novomatic or Aristocrat, do not forget to place your bets and play in the casino without worrying, as these companies function as a seal of approval and never allow their games to be played in places of doubtful origin.

Customer Support. It's not a shame to ask questions if you don't know something, but there should be someone to give an answer. The 10 best online casinos in Argentina on our list are distinguished by their responsive and ready customer service to help you with any problem 24/7. There you can ask questions about the payment process, betting options, the Casino Terms and Conditions, withdrawal of winnings and anything else that you are likely to need to know about the best Argentine online casino.

Casino bonuses. The best paid online casino in Argentina will surprise you with the wide selection of special offers aimed at attracting new customers and increasing your overall satisfaction when playing at the casino. Once you make the first deposit, you will be awarded the deposit bonus or a welcome bonus, something good to start the game. Over time, you can also get the small no deposit bonus and some free spins to try the newest online slots.

Currencies and languages. It doesn't matter what language you speak, since the 10 best online casinos in Argentina can be used in a variety of languages, from English to Portuguese. The language will be set with respect to your location and you can change it manually on the casino website. Deposits can be made in different currencies: simply choose the locations and enjoy making bets at the best online casino in Argentina with loyal conversion rates.

Deposit Options To play and win real money in the best online casino for Argentines, you must choose the convenient deposit methods in the banking section of the casino. These can be credit cards, bank transfer and others. You can make your account at an online casino in Argentina and change the payment method later if you wish.

In our list, you will find both the old and the new online casinos in Argentina, such as Spin Palace, Betway, Jackpot City, etc. To play safely in the best online casino in Argentina, simply choose one of them from the list, enter your personal information and the first step towards the jackpot

Laws and regulations of online gambling in Argentina

The online gambling industry in Argentina often leaves players asking questions about how things work in reality. We want to keep you informed about gambling that are really safe in Argentina, so here is the list of the most frequently asked questions with detailed answers.

Are online gambling allowed in Argentina?

Yes, unlike other South American countries such as Brazil, the gaming laws in Argentina allow most of the online and land gaming activities, including gambling such as slots, skill games such as video poker, sports betting and various lotteries. All of them can be played in legitimate online casinos for Argentine players.

What is the legal age to bet online in Argentina?

According to the online gambling law in Argentina, you must be at least 18 years old to place bets with real money in Argentine online casinos or enter a physical ARS casino.

How are gambling regulated in Argentina?

Argentina's online gambling laws are often controversial and sometimes even seem not entirely clear to the government. The main thing to know is that online gambling in Argentina is legal everywhere, except in the capital of the country, Buenos Aires, where all types of gambling are prohibited (at the same time, several floating casinos remain at rest near the city coasts). To provide gambling services to Argentines, online casino operators must obtain the Argentina Online Gambling license issued by the main online gambling authority in Argentina - Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos Sociedad del Estado. Despite the fact that this Argentine online gambling legislation seems fairly faithful, four licenses have been issued since 2006, all of them for local online casino operators. International online casino operators cannot operate in the territory of the country, which, however, does not mean that they are inaccessible to players.

History of the Games of Chance in Argentina

The Argentine game market has its own unique history that had several important time points:

1882 - the game appeared in Argentina when the Jockey Club was founded, the first place for horse bets in Argentina. Since then, sports betting became popular in the country. Today, most Argentines place sports bets during major football events.

1979: the first betting system was established to extend sports betting options within the country.

2002: the most important year for the Argentine gaming industry, since the first gaming license was granted to the local online casino. Since then, four online casinos based in Argentina obtained their licenses from the government and we can expect more in the near future.

2006: the first online sports betting operator (Sporstbook) received the licenses. Now players can not only play gambling games in approved online casinos in Argentina, but also place sports bets.

2008: since 2008, international online casinos that accept players from Argentina cannot apply for licenses in the country. This law has reduced the number of online casinos for Argentine players, but most of them are still available and not blocked.

2016 - The country decides to fight against addiction to the game and approves the new law that establishes different measures aimed at helping players with addictive behavior. These are the additional restrictions of unlicensed ARS casinos, the international helpline, etc.

The future of the best online casinos for Argentines is not yet known, but it seems that online gambling will continue to be an important part of Argentine entertainment services and we can expect the extension of the options of online casino operators.

Even now there are enough casinos with the wide selection of slots and other games of chance that are available to fans of the Argentine game.

The future of online gaming in Argentina

The South American countries have a very different approach in the legislation of online gambling. While in Brazil all kinds of online gambling games are officially banned by the government, Argentina is much more loyal to betting sites, so citizens can have access to the best online casinos for Argentine players with the most lucrative offers. The reason is that the Argentine government considers that online gambling is a vital part of the country's economy, only in 2016 they paid around 25% of their income in taxes. As the government also benefits from the 10 best Argentine casinos, there is the possibility that new online casinos aimed at Argentine players will be accepted when applying for licenses and thus we will have more legal casinos to play in Argentina.

While the Argentine government is working on its new gambling laws, you can read constantly updated reviews of Argentina's online casinos and find a good online ARS to place real money bets on our list of Argentine online casinos.

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