Online Roulette at Argentina

Roulette has something that attracts millions of people around the world, since its creation. It is one of the most complete casino games because although there are rules and strategies that can be used to improve hands, it also has the exact chance that makes it so captivating. Roulette has many variants (depending on whether we find zero or double zero on the wheel, for example), but all of them are very easy to learn. The basis is the same for all, the differences lie in some aggregate nothing more. Try all the versions, choose yours and claim your Welcome Bonus to release it today. Do not waste any more time and come to meet one of the favorite games of the people with whom you will win fabulous prizes, all must-see. check more on

The History of Roulette

Blaise Pascal, who was a student of probabilities, of French origin, created a spinning wheel in the 17th century. It was numbered from 1 to 36 (as it is currently known). Roulette, as it was called, to mean "small wheel," inevitably improved as its level of popularization grew. Over time, the slots were incorporated into which the ball that spins, giving the Roulette an aspect like the one we know today.

The second variant of the game, which added to double zero (00), was incorporated in the mid-19th century when Roulette arrives in America. Also, the wheel material was improved, which was making the game more equitable. This made more and more followers and it was more attractive to choose to play Roulette. It was such acceptance among people and players that by the twentieth century, Roulette, began to lead the ranking of games in online casinos around the world.

Later online casinos appeared . This allowed Roulette to make way for many other variants that made the game, one of the most attractive on the globe. Among the best known variants are American, European and Progressive Roulette, which accumulates giant wells, among others. The Progressive, which allows you to place bets parallel to the accumulated well, gathers the bets made by the machines linked to the well, which grows exponentially as people are betting. This well at some time is randomly assigned to any of the players who are playing at a linked table at that time. Anyone wins. It does not depend on how much you have bet.

The advantages of playing online Roulette are endless. To start, the games are fast, the first quality graphics along with the latest generation sound will make you “transport” to the table of a real casino. The feeling so real that it gives you will make your game a very complete experience. In turn, you can enter to play at any time from anywhere in the world, as many times as you want.

The Rules of Online Roulette

Start by choosing the Online Roulette table that you like the most at Argentina. Then you place your bet by choosing the denomination of the chip you are going to play. Add the tabs you want by clicking on each one you want to add.

Then, the funniest part of Roulette: spin the wheel by pressing (Spin). The wheel is going to start, and your creeps! Because the seconds it takes for the ball to accommodate you will generate a unique adrenaline. When the ball is deposited in one of the slots, you will finally know if you were benefited with your bets. If you were lucky enough to predict the number that came out, or its color, or the column where it is on the board, for example, then you will receive the corresponding payment in your account instantly. We recommend you always check the payment tables.

Here we detail some of the most common versions of Online Roulette:

American Roulette: this version includes double zero (00). It is very popular all over the world, although, as the name implies, it originated in the United States. With double zero (00), the player has more betting alternatives and in turn, the payment structure is modified.

European Roulette: This is how Roulette is known in its standard version. It is an excellent option because it offers the best scenarios to win. Unlike the American version, it has only one zero (0).

Premium Roulette: This Premium version was created to work online. It has graphics and animations along with integrated information that improves the gaming experience, giving a more realistic feeling in each session.

French Roulette on : It has the same design as European Roulette, but the difference lies in an extra rule called "the partage" (the cast). It allows the player to return half of his bets, if the ball comes out at zero (0).

Mini Roulette Online: This version is only online. It is a reduced version of the traditional game of Online Roulette where its wheel is numbered from 1 to 12 and has only one zero (0). Here the structure of payments and bets also changes.


As in virtually all games, the bets that pay less are the ones that are most likely to win; that is the easiest to win. In the case of Online Roulette would be bets on columns, colors, odd and even, high and low, for example. Those that pay more are full bets (bet on one number), or bets on several numbers at once (2, 3, 4 numbers), although they pay a little less than full.

It is usually recommended to put together a more balanced series of bets between low risk and high pay to try to improve the odds.

Unlike other games, Online Roulette has an important advantage: it pays all winning bets without canceling each other. For example: if you hit a full, and you had bet on its color and column, you win for all three bets.

Clearly, the chances of winning will depend on the version of Online Roulette you choose. A game of Online Roulette in the French version as in the American version does not have the same odds.

For their part, French and European Roulette have the same chances because both use a single zero (0). However, the French version has the plus of the extra rule of "the Partage" (in which the player recovers half of his bet if the ball goes to zero (0)).

In the case of Mini Roulette, where there are fewer betting options, because it is a reduced version where there are fewer numbers available, the odds on the rest are higher.

The American Roulette version has the extra zero; that is zero (0) and double zero (00). In this case there is less chance of winning full. The odds of winning color, column, odd and even and high and low remain the same.

Open your account and win real money in Online Roulette

To start playing with real money you need to open an account in your name in the online casino. To open it, the system will ask you to enter your personal data so that we can validate your identity and if you are of legal age. Once this is done, click on Create Account and you're done! It only remains for you to make your real money deposit in your new account so you can start betting.

In Argentina we offer a variety of payment methods that range from bank transfers to credit cards so you can make the deposit and start playing as soon as possible.

On the other hand, and for being a new game at Argentina, we give you a Welcome Bonus of up to $ 400 (IN ADDITION to 200 free spins of the roulette!) So that you can use it to your liking in any of the games of casino that we offer you. For a deposit you make of $ 400 (IN ADDITION to 200 free spins of the roulette!), You will receive a bonus of up to 100%, or up to another $ 400 (IN ADDITION to 200 free spins of the roulette!) , so you can use them to your liking in the best casino games we have in Argentina. Take this unique opportunity.

Among the services we offer, we have a secure site, backed by the corresponding security certifications so that you can play in the peace of mind of operating in a secure casino. In addition, you can contact our customer service center. A group of professionals that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to give you assistance in Spanish in everything you need.

Glossary of useful terms

We recommend you familiarize yourself with the most common terms related to Online Roulette. This way your hands will be more effective and you will be able to make the right decisions. Make sure you also know the rules and strategies that you can apply in each hand.

High / Low: Pay the same money. Bet on a group of numbers (1-18 or 19-36) to win.

Bet on the column: 2-1 is paid to bets corresponding to the winning column (which contains the number that came out on the wheel).

Dozen Bet: Dozens are chosen and the payment is 2-1.

Bet on the full: Bet on a single number to win a payment of 35-1; the highest payment of Online Roulette.

Bet horse or semi-full: Bet on two numbers that are made by placing the chip in the center line, pay 17-1.

Bet of the same money: You bet on red / black, odd / even, high / low - they have a high chance of hitting and paying the same money.

Bet six: It is a bet on any six numbers (in rows of three, effectively two transversal). You pay 5-1.

Cross bet: Bet on any three numbers on a horizontal line with a payment of 11-1.

Color: Simple luck based on the color of the number we think will come out. This can be red (18 numbers) or black (another 18 numbers).

Table: You can bet on four numbers at the same time by placing the chip in the center of the four numbers chosen. The payment is 8-1.

Betting strategy: Personal guide that each player establishes when betting. It may include the profit and loss limits set in advance, material deemed necessary, adequate budget, etc.

Gross winnings: Amount charged by a player due to his winning bets, without discounting losing bets.

Net winnings: Total amount charged by a player due to his winning bets once the losses produced by the losing bets are discounted.

Random Number Generator (RNG): Software used in online roulette, similar to slot machines. He is responsible for determining in which space the virtual roulette ball will stop. Thousands of random numbers are generated.

Odd / even: Simple luck based on whether the number we think will be odd or even. There are 18 numbers in each category, with 0 not included in any of them.

The Partage: Existing rule in some European roulette by which the player recovers half of his bet to simple lots when he leaves zero, but does not have the possibility of recovering the rest.

Law of the Third: Very justified law by great players that maintains that on a total of possible numbers and in an equal number of runs, one third of the numbers will not come out, another third will come out once, and another third twice.

Multiple Lucks: Also called multiple bets. Are those bets in which the possible results are more than two. An example would be the column bet, in which there are three probabilities of results (1st, 2nd or 3rd column).

Tiers du Cylindre: French Roulette Bet on numbers opposite zero (0).

Triple: Bet on three numbers. Pay 11-1. If you hit any of the three numbers.

Voisins du Zero: French bet on a number that surrounds zero (0).

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