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The reels of the slots are fundamental in any casino, and those of are truly exceptional! Like all the other games we offer, our slots have also been developed and produced by Microgaming. In fact, they are the most recognized games in their catalog and have won lots of prizes. They are perfect for Argentine players looking for intense emotions, and we are sure that you will love them.

Video slots

In physical casinos, video slots are machines that show animations instead of real spinning drums. They usually have more elaborate themes than the slots of cylinders, graphics and special functions that revolve around a central idea. The more you play, the more parts of the story are discovered and the more attracted the player feels. While technically all online slots are video slots, in the world of online casino it is known as "video slots" to those whose game is more elaborate and enveloping. At you will find a wide variety of themes to enjoy: from successful film franchises to classical mythology and much more.

Additional spins for top wins

If you want even more action, you can take your potential earnings to a higher level with the Megaspin and progressive Jackpot games. Microgaming's Megaspin games include up to 4 drum sets on the same screen so you can multiply your chances of winning by 4. Keeping up is an activity that will require your full attention and you'll love the adrenaline that these games offer. The progressive jackpot slots work like the classic or video slots, with the addition of a progressive jackpot that can be activated at any time. This well is accumulated with each bet placed in each game within the net, which means that it is much larger than that of any individual game. Progressive Jackpots can be activated if the cylinder symbols are aligned in a certain way or they can be totally random. You will have to pass certain complementary games before obtaining your prize, or you can obtain it automatically. Be that as it may, once you win, your life will change forever!

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