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Surely, each of us heard about this game since childhood and, in some cases, it was our first approach to the cards. Depending on where we are, we can find it with a different name, for example, it is also known as "Twenty-one", "Blackjack" in Spain and "Pontoon" in the United Kingdom.

It is, then, a game that must know its rules well to be able to make smart bets in casinos and know when to apply the appropriate strategy. For this reason, in we prepare an extensive guide with all the information you need to familiarize yourself with this incredible game.

History - A game that passed from generation to generation, without knowing where it came from

It is like this: until today there is no certainty about how one of the casino's emblem games originated. However, the first written reference we know dates from the years 1601-1602 and is found in the work of Miguel de Cervantes, Rinconete and Cortadillo, in which two characters are in Seville playing "Blackjack", whose purpose of game was to get as close to twenty one, but without going over. From this, it can be deduced that it began to be played at the beginning of the 17th century both in Spain and in France.

At the end of the 19th century it arrives in North America and in the 20th century it is installed in American casinos. However, it did not reach rapid popularity until the moment when bonuses began to be added. This attraction consisted of a ten-to-one payment to the player who was handed the ace of spades and the black jack. From then on, this hand was known as "Blackjack" and became its version of casinos, as we know it today.


It is essential to know the vocabulary of blackjack, since otherwise you will be completely lost. Below is a brief Spanish / English list about the different decisions that a player can make throughout the game:

Request | Hit: The player asks for cards when he thinks he can improve his situation and not risk going over 21.

Stand up | Stand: The player may decide to keep the cards that were dealt to him when he considers that his cards are good enough or he may put his value at risk.

Divide | Split: An important decision that the player can make is to transform the cards initially dealt into two separate bets. This is an applicable strategy when two equal cards are obtained and it is advised to apply to certain cards.

Fold | Double Down: The player announces doubling his initial bet and receiving one more card. In this case, you can no longer receive letters.

Give up | Surrender: The player withdraws and retains 50% of his initial bet. However, it is a decision that favors the casino, so it is advisable to continue until the dealer passes.

Hard hand: Refers to the hand that does not have aces and, if it does, they are valued with a point.

Soft hand: Refers to the hand that came out with an Ace or more. Contrary to how it happens with the previous one, the Ace can be valued with one or eleven points.

Sure | Insurance: When the card discovered by the dealer is an AS, then the player can allocate part of his bet to insurance, in case the dealer gets the Blackjack. Only available at some casino tables.

Card Counting - What is it about?

In a Blackjack table of traditional casinos , four to eight card games are usually played and there may be a player counting the cards. Therefore, if the dealer distributes a few tens, there may be a situation commonly known as "hot" and this player is entitled to increase the bet. Otherwise it happens when many tens come out, which is called a "cold" situation and the player can lower his bet.

However, it is a situation that casinos do not usually approve because it would be a matter of distrust in the casino by the player, damaging the reputation of the establishment and reducing the house's advantage over the games. In many cases, when casinos detect this type of behavior, they tend to kindly throw the subjects.

Meanwhile, in online casinos , card counting is impossible for obvious reasons: there are no physical cards and you are facing software whose distributions are made randomly. Even so, if it's a live game from a real-time casino, it can't be allowed either.

The card count is, then, as an anecdote of this legendary game, since you will not be able to do it under any circumstances.

Strategies - Do you need advice to win in Blackjack?

Over time, there has been much speculation about what to do to get the best results in Blackjack, this means that many strategies were formulated: some with great success, others with not so much.

Although the strategies are, in reality, a kind of guide to help you avoid making bets that you can later regret, the best known is that proposed by Michael Shacklefold and which most of the websites dedicated to this game.

There are numerous casinos that offer to play Blackjack for free, so we advise you to do your first practices in them before deciding to bet your money. Keep in mind that in the long run the experience will become your best weapon.

Next, the team lists a series of generalities to consider when playing:

Avoid too simple strategies - Sometimes you can hear that "the dealer has a hidden card of value 10" or that "you do not have to ask for cards when there is the possibility of passing you", all these will result in increasing the profits of the house.

Before playing, I met the casino's pay for Blackjack.

Using insurance can be a double-edged sword - we know it looks like a good option, but keep in mind that the player always has a good chance of losing.

When the croupier's card is an Ace, ask to bet separately. Asking for "insurance" is also not a good option in this case.

If you find yourself with a hand that you cannot divide, consider it as if it were a hard hand.

Does the casino offer Black jack Bonuses? Take them! - Many casinos offer welcome bonuses that can bring you good benefits in the long run, such as: doubling the amount of money you invested in your first deposit. Take into account the online casinos that FanaticoJuego selects for you, since one of the priorities that our team takes into account is to offer you the best benefits in each of the casino games.

Follow the schemes offered by websites dedicated exclusively to Black jack online.

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