Quantum Roulette by Playtech

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Quantum Roulette for Live Games

One of the leading gaming companies that use the latest technology will soon launch its latest live roulette version https://www.casinoslots.store/. We refer to Playtech that will launch the Quantum Roulette. This game offers participants new recreational, visual and sound experiences.

Live roulettes combine the pleasure of being able to interact with both the dealer and the rest of the players, but from the comfort of home or work. This is possible thanks to technological advances that allow interaction and bets to be made in a safe environment.

New Functions in Live Roulette

Even though in general the roulette game is one of the least variants since its creation, the Quantum Roulette offers some. The general rules are those of roulette with a single zero, but there are also multipliers that are activated in each game.

The new roulette has five multipliers, which range from the increase by 50 to multiply the gain by 500. Besides, to increase the emotion of the players, there is also a special play that multiplies the winnings, called Quantum Boost, which, surely, will attract many players eager for new emotions.

Live games

What the Playtech company is looking for is to offer players new entertainment experiences, which also includes the design they have of the game environments. Quantum Roulette was not the only innovation in recent months, but they have also delved into other live games.

And which player does not get excited when he has the opportunity to play roulette following the traditional rules, but with the option of winning his bet multiplied by up to 500? This is the experience they seek to offer on Playtech and live roulette is one of the games, created by this company, that grants it.

Other innovations of Live Games

Playtech has not only innovated in the way of playing live roulette, but has also made other releases in games such as baccarat, poker and other forms of roulette. https://www.casinoslots.store/ We are far from thinking that their innovative and exciting games have come to an end.

The company has also ventured into the world of financial commerce, supported by all the experience gained in the world of betting. The company is listed on the London stock exchange and, since the experience with its inventions has been positive and successful, it is not another bet on them.

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