Roulette skills to win online roulette

Surprisingly, so many people think that by finding the perfect strategy, they can win huge sums of money in roulette. According to them, many people call themselves roulette experts and promote their ideas. Is their claim justified? Is there really a roulette system that guarantees winnings-even if it does not bring a lot of money, the gains are at least greater than the losses in a given period of time?

In a few minutes, you will get answers to all questions about the simplest roulette money making strategy. You can also get exclusive information about betting and operating systems.

Is there a proven roulette technique?

If you are looking for roulette skills and strategies, please be careful-especially on the Internet. Many dubious websites have promised to adopt a single and bulletproof roulette strategy, which is said to not only provide great prizes, but also bring amazing prosperity. Not surprisingly, you must pay appropriate fees to access these sites. If you have ever read something similar, don't be obsessed with it-it is almost certainly a scam. We are here to betray the facts and safely explain the most popular strategies through a bunch of conflicting information.

Online roulette strategy-how to win on online roulette?

There are some strategies that can help you increase your chances, but no system can do it 100%. why? Because after all, where the bullet fell is just a coincidence. Neither statistical analysis nor probability calculations can influence or accurately predict what will happen when the wheels start to spin. We hope this clarifies the reality surrounding the "roulette strategy" and you will soon try our online casino, where you can get used to the way roulette works and thus minimize the initial risk.

Why try an online roulette strategy in a big casino?

- With us, you can play in a safe environment under the control of the Gambling Authority - Our licensed website is completely reliable and prizes are tax-free

- Our offer is constantly expanding.

Know the skills of roulette

We will tell you the most popular and important roulette strategies. Here you can find free information about the most important and popular strategies. After reading these contents, you can decide whether it is worth trying.

Roulette tips for beginners

For any strategy, players must have great patience, remain calm, and must invest in research.

It is important to know that roulette is a very complex game, and it offers you many different options for placing bets or behavior. First, the most important thing is to really understand the game and practice the rules so that we can apply strategy. For anyone who wants to be successful at roulette, it is vital to understand the rules, because in most cases you will not stubbornly follow roulette. In many cases, flexibility and making the right decision are essential. Therefore, if you are unsure of the rules, be sure to study them first.

Why is online gaming better?

The exciting atmosphere of a real casino is certainly the great attraction of the game, but there are still many reasons to play online. For example, you can more easily try strategies online to see which ones are right for you. Our online casino will provide you with an ideal environment to get started. You can give yourself as much time as possible before moving on and you can watch the game without stacking until you are confident enough to make money.

What's also good for online casinos is that you don't have to follow the House rules. For example, land-based casinos do not allow the use of any technical equipment on the table. Some casinos even prohibit players from taking notes on paper or using any form of notes. When you play games online, you can use as much help as you need, whether it's your own notes, online roulette tools or anything else helpful. Considering all these factors, we recommend big casinos, where you can choose the most compassionate person for you from a variety of roulettes.

American Roulette

If you play American roulette, the payout ratio can be as high as 94.74%. In the American roulette system, there are 38 holes in the roulette wheel, numbered 1-36, and also contain zeros and double zeros, which further increases the bank's chances-and reduces his players. Therefore, French roulette is more recommended. One way or another, there is no chance to completely avoid or offset the benefits of the house. But in the end, someone must win at roulette. Why wouldn't that person be you?

European Roulette

There is a major difference between the American roulette rules and the European roulette rules. There are no double zeros in European roulette, which gives you a small advantage, so you have a greater chance of winning. (The payout rate here is 97.3%.) This version is very popular and is still playing today-this is how European roulette was formed.

More importantly, if you simply place a bet, the odds are 1:1 and the ball falls on 0, then you lose American Roulette. On the other hand, in European roulette, your bet is either "jailed" (the "prison" rule, which means that the roulette wheel spins again, and if you win, you can bet back), or you pay back Half cleared. Therefore, the probability of a simple bet in European roulette is advantageous because the possible payout rate in this case is 98.65%.

Different types of roulette skills

There are many options for roulette strategy, but there are some classification techniques. One possible method is to divide into two groups: one is a strategy of increasing the bet based on the outcome of the round, in which case the bet amount is constantly changing, while the other group is betting unchanged.

Betting tips

Similarly, a betting-based strategy can only be divided into two parts, depending on whether the bet is won or lost. The most prominent example of the latter is Martingale's betting system, which doubles the bet after each lap is lost. Ting strategy is very popular among beginners because it is very easy to use.

The Paroli betting system works in the opposite way: players double after winning, instead of losing the round. This makes it safer than Mar.

Now we know that bets can be placed after winning or losing. In addition, the bet can be steep (such as Martingale and Paroli) or not (such as D'Alembert)

Steep bets can always be used well for external bets, such as odd/odd or red/black, because this is the only way the bonus can make up for previous losses. In the case of internal betting (such as betting), a less steep raise is more advantageous. The player won't win often, but if he wins, he will win more, which usually makes up for previous losses.

No-raise strategy

In addition to strategies based on raising after a round of winning or losing, there are strategies that can work without raising-all bets are of equal value. This roulette system is called Masseégale. Basically, the desired result of the player is different from the actual probability. In other words, the desired end result is more frequent than the probability calculation suggests. The Masseégale system only makes sense for internal betting.

Try roulette skills online

The advantage of online roulette is that during the game, you can browse various statistics from the previous rounds and watch other people's games so you can learn its skills. Live roulette is also a special feature, where the real host spins the wheel and throws the ball. Unlike the analog version, the real-time roulette game takes a little time per round, but brings back the magic of land-based casinos, which would otherwise disappear in online casinos.

With the release of our live games, if you are new to roulette, because you can learn the basics of roulette, or if you are an experienced player, we also recommend you to use Grand Casino because you can try new strategies.


The ting roulette system is by far the most popular strategy. But is it really successful?

Ting is a well-known roulette strategy-especially used by novice roulette players, hoping to win easily. The reason why it is widely known among beginners is obvious, the system is clean, easy to use and does make sense. Although other systems require a certain level of strategic and mathematical understanding, not everyone has skills (or not everyone has patience). You don't even have to take notes to use Martingale correctly, the idea behind it is very easy to understand.

Based on Martingale

When placing an external bet, you must use the Martingale roulette strategy, namely: 1-18 (low) or 19-36 (high); red or black; even or odd. Compared with internal betting, they have the highest chance of winning (close to 50%) but the lowest odds. If you win, the odds are 1:1, so you win the same amount as the bet. For example, if you black out your chips and win, you will get chips and get another chip.

The ting system is easy to understand, so if you want to try it, we recommend that you use Grand Casino-to minimize your risk and get more benefits with our welcome quotation.

The Martingale system is easy to understand, so if you want to try it in the future and want to minimize the risk, we recommend that you use Grand Casino.

how the system works

Another basic concept of the ting method is the roulette doubling strategy. The concept is simple, you have to place bets on external bets. After each round of failure, you will double your bet until you win. By winning the first round, you will recover all your losses, plus the profit will equal your initial bet. At this point, you focus on a new start from the original bet, and you will double until you win.

Double bet

This is an example to demonstrate the concept-for the sake of example, suppose you put the chip on black. If the ball falls on red, you will lose your chips. Now it's time for you to win the Mar prize for the first time. Your bet has doubled, so you put two chips on black. If the result of the next spin is black, you will win two chips. This offsets the loss from the previous round (one chip) and one chip in the bonus. If the result is red instead of black, then you will have to double your bet again in the next round and put four chips on red.

Basically, this can be done indefinitely-as long as you always double your previous bet, the jackpot will cover all the chips you have lost, and you will also receive additional chips as a reward.

Therefore, we have to clarify, is the ting strategy really effective? In theory, even if the house advantage (ie, green 0) is the probability of dealing with players, the concept does make sense. The probability that the rotating number corresponds to your bet is close to 50%, but it is not reached. However, this is not the biggest problem facing Marbird. Otherwise, this will apply to all roulette strategies, because there is no opportunity to compensate for the advantage of the house.

Try online

If you want to try Martingale in the future, we recommend that you use Grand Casino, where you will have the opportunity to develop your own strategic awareness, as we will provide several live roulette games. If you want to try the game experience or any other strategy (such as the D’Alembert system based on a "flatter" process), it is of course up to you. In any case, regarding online roulette, the big casino will be one of the best places you can go.

How does the Paroli system work, how does it affect your chances of winning, and how reliable? Find answers to all your questions about Paroli.

Using the Paroli roulette system, you have a great chance to win a large enough bet without having to bet too high. Many participants stated that the system is not frustrating at all, and even in the unfortunate failure, it allows them to play with a positive attitude-these facts are indispensable to Paroli’s antagonistic system (ting strategy) imagination. Players who want to win for a long time still use the Paroli system.

Advantages of the Paroli roulette system

Any player familiar with the strategy knows that this is based on having to double the bet after losing a round. This means that in a longer bad series, bets may be placed much faster, and will be much higher than the player’s wallet or table betting limit can handle, and this again means that the player has in the blink of an eye The amount is greater. You may lose.

The Paroli roulette system is basically the opposite-bet after the winning round, that is, your bet doubles after each win. At first, it seems that you don’t even have to use too much of your own chips, because you would rather use chips issued by your bank. Nevertheless, we will soon see why this is nothing more than a reassuring fantasy.

In any case, the Paroli method is much less risky and dangerous compared to Martingale, which makes it particularly suitable for novice roulette players and those who are looking for a suitable place to start online roulette. There is no better place than a big casino, where you will find many roulette games.

An example of the Paroli system

The easiest way to understand the Paroli system is to look at an example-suppose you put the chip on black. If you win, you only need to leave your original bet and your winnings on the table for a total of 2 chips-this is the first raise. If you win again now, there are a total of four chips in the betting area for the next round. To win another round, you already have 8 chips. If you want to raise again (i.e. raise for the fourth time) and win again, you have already got 16 chips from the original stack. In theory, you can operate in the game for as long as you want.

At the same time, if you lose what happened publicly, especially if you plan to increase your salary, that's not a big deal. In any case, most of the chips on the table are for the bank because you only bet one chip at the beginning.

As you can see, if you lose a few rounds using the Paroli system, the damage will not be too great, because your stake is relatively small. Moreover, if you win, in most cases, the winnings will make up for your previous losses.

How do you use the Paroli strategy in the casino?

If you want to use the Paroli roulette strategy in a real casino, you may want to tell the co-host about this, by telling him how much you want to raise. This is important because in this way, the co-host will know who the bets and bonuses on the table belong to, and must wait until a few rounds before removing him from his seat. If you use the Paroli system to play online games, you must place a bet in each round. If you are involved, you can always see the visible area of ​​the table layout.

Use Paroli to get long-term prizes?

If you use the Paroli system in a roulette game, you can expect a lot of smaller losses and some larger profits, which will be statistically equal to each other in the long run.

Compared with the Martingale method, the Paroli roulette system is generally easier to operate and less susceptible to neurological interference, because the invested bets are relatively small, the losses are not so serious, and they do not happen all at once. These are good points.


Compared with the more famous bert strategy, the D'Alembert roulette method is considered safer. It works as follows.

D’Alembert's concept is similar to the well-known Martingale strategy, although the potential salary increase curve is "relatively flat", which is closely related to lower overall risk. In addition, the player is unlikely to go bankrupt or reach the table limit before making up for the loss.

Benefits of D'Alembert strategy

The D’Alembert roulette strategy is named after the French roulette theorist Jean le Rond D’Alembert who lived in the 18th century. Like Mar Mink, this is based on a raise after a loss, which means that the bet must be increased after each game is lost. Although the raise is not as high as when using the ting strategy, the previous bet must be doubled after each round is lost.

Due to slowing down the bet, winning rounds usually cannot make up for all losses. However, the advantage is that the rate of increase in the stakes is not so fast. Again, this just means that it will be much easier to deal with longer bad series, and in general, you can choose a longer game time. Of course, there is also the risk that the player has to stop the game after running out of budget or reaching the table limit, but this risk is much lower than the game according to the according strategy. Ultimately, risk sometimes brings profit, but as with any casino game, minimizing losses is crucial. If you are familiar with the D'Alembert strategy on the Grand Casino website, it is recommended that you try the D'Alembert strategy.

How does the system work?

The following table shows an example of using D'Alembert roulette strategy. This is not necessarily a realistic sequence of events, because it is unlikely (although not impossible) to win five rounds after four defeats. This example is intended to illustrate how betting works and how to get a good quick bonus-if you bet on a frequent occurrence.

Conte D'Alembert

Due to the disadvantages of D'Alembert's roulette strategy (mostly after a few rounds of failure), some mathematicians came up with a kind of Contre. The Contre D'Alembert roulette system works exactly the opposite of the traditional D'Alembert-players will not lose a round after losing a round, but will increase their salary after a winning round. Therefore, after each round, when you win, you must add one more chip to the total bet already placed on the table, and if you lose, reduce your bet by one chip-unless you only have one chip left, you have the same Way to make a chip.

Compared with the traditional D'Alembert system, the advantage is that players need less money to use it. If you have a long (unfortunately) bad series, you don't have to make up for it by making more and more chips.

We tried to model the use of the Contre D'Alembert system using exactly the same circles as when describing the traditional D'Alembert system. The results show that after a long series of bad tests, the overall loss of using the Contre version has not been slightly reduced. In other words, the risk of this version seems to be lower. However, this also does not guarantee continuous and safe prizes.

Try D'Alembert strategy online

If you want to try two D'Alembert strategies in the future, I suggest you play in Grand Casino.

The big casino is very convenient, especially for strategic roulette players. Will D'Alembert or Contre D'Alembert bring you better results? You can try as soon as possible!


The Masseégale roulette system works without betting and is used for internal betting. But can this method really succeed in playing roulette?

The working principle of the Masseégale roulette system is basically the opposite of other popular methods such as Martingale or Paroli. The main difference is that throughout the game, the same bet is rotated in each round. This is indeed one of the simplest roulette strategies-players place the same bet over and over again.


There are many different roulette systems that can operate with the outermost external bet, namely red-black, low-high, even-odd pairs. The most popular among them are Martingale, Paroli and D'Alembert strategies.

Masseégale is a no-raise strategy that only makes sense when players place internal bets (such as Street (three numbers on a horizontal line), Split (two adjacent numbers on a horizontal or vertical line), straight up) ( Single number) etc.

Why is it really meaningless to use the Masseégale system for the outermost betting? The player always wants to get a higher value than expected, which means that anything he does should appear more frequently than other numbers. If all of these occur on external bets, even more than once, then the payout ratio will not be too high, because the payout ratio is only 1:1. Therefore, if the Masseégale roulette system is used together with digital betting, it will only produce more serious prizes and other internal bets. There is no better attempt than a big casino.

Stack a number -A common method of using the Masseégale system is direct installation. It is very likely that during the full spin (37 laps), the number you bet will appear. Most Masseégale players overestimate this possibility, because it is certainly not guaranteed.

To prove this mathematically, we need to look at some probability calculations-if you lose a number, the chance of losing is 36:37, because there are 36 numbers on the roulette wheel plus a green 0. Spin? After you lose, is it under 37 laps?

(36/37)x37 = 0,362 = 36%

Within 37 laps, the chance that the number you entered will not appear is 36%, which means one third!

(36/37)x50 = 0,254 = 25%

(36/37)x74 = 0,131 = 13%

Therefore, after 50 rounds, your number will not appear at all in every 4 cases. Even after two complete rounds (ie 74 rounds), you still have a 13% chance of not seeing your number win. You can continue this calculation, and you can see that many rounds must be passed to be relatively certain that the selected number will appear in the winning number. But obviously, this is not even important now, as if you won the straight bet, your bet is 35 times, then you will win! So far, what you have lost.

However, Mas’s sky is not a real “system”. In fact, the player did not really do anything, just bet the same number of chips on the same bet over and over again. Hopefully, you will lose more money than before.


In addition to the math-based roulette system, there is also a physical version called the Kesselgucken system. But can you learn it?

How does Kesselgucken work?

Unlike other methods, Kesselgucken's method is not based on mathematics but on physics. Kessengucken (Kessengucken) is a German word that has been translated free of charge and means "watch roulette". The goal is to "feel" the ball when the host releases it and guess which number or sector it will fall on. The bet must be placed as soon as possible before the betting time ends.

For those considering the Kesselgucken method, there are many things to consider-the precise speed of the wheel and the ball and the precise starting point of the ball when it starts to spin. The small diamond-shaped obstacles on the wheels add extra difficulty because they greatly affect the natural path of the ball.

Usually, with this "observation wheel" method, players try to place bets as late as possible-shortly before the co-host bets. The reason is obvious: the later a player places a bet, the better the chance of guessing where the ball landed.

Tetak with Kesselgucken system

Players who use the Kesselgucken strategy may benefit from using so-called French betting. These bet combinations cover the area occupied by adjacent numbers on the roulette wheel.

One way to place a French bet is if the player is the co-host (in this case called "betting"). These bets can be a predefined combination of numbers (for example, voisin duzéro-neighbor is 0, Hungarian is a large number sequence, cilindre tiers-round number third, Hungarian is a decimal number sequence, and orphelins-orphan). However, it can be a selected number, and next to either side are two numbers, which is a total of five numbers.

Christian Kaisan (Christian Kaisan): Saxon

Christian Kaisan (nicknamed Saxon or Szász) is very popular among (German) roulette players. He is a vivid example of how Kesselgucken's method works and has the potential to win permanent rewards. This is exactly his 20 years of professional experience-of course, he is certainly not immune. As time passed, Koties was banned by more and more casinos. In addition, he himself noticed that Kesselgucken technology became more and more difficult to apply. Because of these frustrations, he retired and the roulette player's career was over.

Can I learn Kesselgucken technique?

Many websites give the impression that almost anyone can learn Kesselgucken technology. In theory, this may even be correct, but it will definitely take a long period of hard training and a lot of effort. In fact, there is almost no meaning, even former Kesselgucker professional player Christian Kaisan advises everyone to oppose it. What is the reason for this? Nowadays, roulette spins faster in casinos.

Online Roulette and Kesselgucker method

Since the Kesselgucker method is physically based, it obviously cannot be used in mechanical roulette like in Betsoft's European Roulette. Since its output is determined by a random number generator, it has nothing to do with physical properties such as the speed of a ball or wheel. Therefore, you cannot predict where the bullet will stop.

Although Katherine (Kesselgucken) is pointless these days, there are some good reasons to play roulette online instead of in a land-based casino. If you win, you don’t have to play the co-host, and you don’t have to spend too much time stacking chips, and you can keep track of the current game and statistics of the previous rounds at any time.

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