The growth of the poker industry in Brazil

The past few years have been positive for poker lovers. Since 2010 it has officially been considered a sport, rather than a game of chance. This is a great moment for poker fans, which has always been seen only as a game of chance, and now, officially classified as a sport of the mind, has reached a new level of visibility and credibility among players. The growing movement of poker

With this category transition movement, the popularization of CasinoSlots, for example, grew even more, especially in Brazil, which already has a history with the sport. In recent years, poker has gained more space not only among famous players, but also with new players, mainly due to the format of online poker. Unlike traditional poker, you don't have to be in a casino to play poker online. Just have an internet connection and a device that can connect. So you can play from anywhere, at any time of the day, without having to take off from a casino. In addition, in online poker the player has the flexibility to practice new game strategies, train and play at different tables and at different levels, without worrying about location, time or costs. It is possible to play using real money or just practice moves. It is also possible to participate in international competitions or to follow the latest tournaments, all from the same online poker platform. The introduction of technology in the game has brought many advantages to players and online casinos.

One of the things that most attracts players of all places and different ages to the game of poker is the sense of competition and adrenaline that poker involves. The amounts of money that come into play, especially in professional competitions, was one of the things that most attracted new players to the poker universe, who are always looking to improve their moves to reach a high level of play. As the game is now officially a sport, more people, mainly Brazilians, have joined the practice. Currently, in Brazil alone there are more than 7 billion players, including famous and already known players in competitions, in addition to names that have emerged as promises for the sport. Here are a few:

João Simão This is one of the biggest names in poker in Brazil at the moment. In the ranking of the best poker players on the Global Poker Index, Simão is the first place, with 2,643.51 points. João accumulates more than US $ 11 million in winnings in tournaments and world competitions. He has already been voted the best poker player in the world, and even with all the winning history he accumulates, the player always reinforces the long journey that has taken him to the present moment of his career as a poker player. It took a lot of defeats and practice to get where you are. André Akkari Andre Akkari is also one of the big names in poker today. He has already won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet and has accumulated around $ 3 million in prizes, both in live and online tournaments. In addition, Akkari is also very versatile, as he also acts as an entrepreneur, influencer and still has a strong network of contacts, which include names like Neymar and Ronaldo. Today, Akkari is an important ambassador for the sport and contributes through his school, which teaches players strategies and rules of poker.

Alexandre Gomes Alexandre Gomes made history in the world of poker by becoming the first Brazilian player to win a bracelet at the WSOP, in 2008. In addition to this great title, Alexandre is also champion of online tournaments, and other competitions. He has accumulated more than US $ 1 million in prizes, and is at the top of the list of live awards among Brazilians. These examples of poker names currently in Brazil show that the industry has grown a lot, and attracted more and more players. Much of this growth is due to technological evolution, which has brought facilities for the development of online games. What was previously only possible in physical environments, today can be done from anywhere in the world, with the cell phone itself. These are great advances that have helped a lot to leverage the poker industry. The trend is that for the future more people will be impacted and enter the world of poker, especially online poker. The new generation, the millenials, who are much more connected, digital natives, and who already live practically in an online world, are an audience to be explored by this industry, with great potential. It remains to wait and observe what the future holds for this new generation of players, and what the poker industry has prepared in terms of news and technological innovations for this universe.

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