The legislation of online casinos in Spanish

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The legislation of online casinos in Spanish may differ greatly from one nation to another. In fact, the world of online casinos in Spanish is totally broad and goes from Spain to all of Latin America. Here we will find some examples of how online casinos are in Spanish so you can play in each of them.

Spanish online casinos

The casinos in Spain were not legal until 1977. Previously, and we talked about live casinos, only draws were allowed by Lotteries and State Betting (LAE). Today there are more than 60 large casino venues throughout the country. Some of the live casinos in Spain are owned by the State or the autonomies, although most correspond to private funds.

Taxes usually vary from region to region, but reach an average of 55% on gross income, plus a corporate income tax. In short, about two thirds of live casinos in Spain have no taxable profits.

The recent changes in the Law of the Game in 2012 created greater competition by allowing online casino operations in Spanish under a license. The live venues were also expected to suffer a great shock when the plans of investor Sheldon Adelson - close to President Donald Trump - arrived in Spain in the form of Eurovegas, although the project was finally canceled in 2013 due to disagreements with the State and Competent authorities on tax issues and the prohibition of smoking in public spaces.

Slots arrive

Law 13/2011 on Gambling opened the door to online casinos in Spanish to obtain the legal license in Spain since June 2012. At the head of it is the General Directorate of Game Management, responsible for issuing the corresponding licenses to all casinos that are interested in providing their services in Spain.

Dozens of companies have taken the opportunity to launch their own online casinos under the .es domain, which is now a necessary feature of all the halls.

Until July 2014, online casinos in Spanish could only offer online roulette, poker Spain, online bingo, online dice, online blackjack and baccarat, but online slots were banned. However, the new rules by the DGOJ allow slot machines and betting exchanges to be included in the list of legal services of online casino games.

The DGOJ receives license applications and it is expected that during the next years the process will attract many more online casino rooms, after the first process that lasted until January 2015. Suppliers and brands increasingly rely on the Spanish market, which It has enormous potential.

Although many players visit the pages of the .es domain, many casinos abroad also have a lot of traffic from people residing in Spain.

Online Casinos in Argentina

Online casinos in Argentina are one of the most played by Argentine players since 2002, when the first room of the albiceleste country was inaugurated.

The Argentine gaming industry offers the widest of legal forms for online games, casinos, sports betting rooms, canodromes, horse races, lotteries and others.

Argentines have a great passion for the game, and this is demonstrated by what they spend every year on the lotteries, an amount that is around 6-7 million dollars.

As we have said, the first online casino appeared in 2002, but the legislation in the country, despite having had several attempts, remains stagnant and is in the hands of the provinces.

It is the provinces themselves that are in charge of negotiating with the online casino rooms their permission to operate in each of them, so you will have to take into account all this if you travel or reside in Argentina and want to live from the Spanish casinos online .

Online Casinos in Mexico

One of the countries where online games have grown the most in recent years has been in Mexico. From poker to online casinos with all kinds of games. The Mexicans are in luck at the time of playing. In fact, it is estimated that the value of the Mexican market amounts to 300 million dollars.

For Mexicans to play, they must do so in online casinos that have their headquarters in the country, since those who do not have it are only available to foreigners visiting the country. However, we are sure that Mexico will be one of the short-term powers in the panorama of online casinos.

Online Casinos Colombia

One of the most advanced countries in terms of regulation and structuring of online gaming has been Colombia. In fact, Colombian legislation is expected to guide other nations to regulate online gambling in search of a balance with their state-owned games.

Betting is legal in Colombia, and the figures speak of bets of more than 1.1 million dollars several years ago, much of it in lottery.

Since 2011, the public entity Coljuegos has been in charge of researching and licensing the different online casino rooms so that they can operate in the country. All this fulfilling a series of quite demanding requirements for the South American nations. Of course this application also extends to poker rooms in Colombia

Brazil online casinos

The Latin American giant is, without a doubt, the best place to play online casinos. The legal void that exists in the 1946 Law has allowed it to be wagered in online casinos and also in sports betting. Although bingos and physical casinos are banned, this does not prohibit players from connecting to the Internet to enjoy the advantages of online games that move over 265 million dollars a year in the country.

Online Casinos Chile

One of the nations where it is illegal to play in online casinos is in Chile. Although the Government of the Nation prohibits it, it is true that it does not do too much so that players do not access the online casino market.

Online casino games are really popular, as are Colombia poker and sports betting. Most of the rooms are in English although its users will also be able to find versions in Spanish.

It is estimated that Chileans spend around 10 million dollars on online casinos.

Online casinos in Spanish: Security

Once you have seen some of the most important countries where you can play in Spanish online casino rooms, it is time for us to see what a Spanish online casino room should have in order to be safe and reliable for you as a player.

Many times you will find rooms full of hidden messages and that are not clear with the player, here we have done the work for you and you will only find the rooms certified by our experts in casino and poker games.

These are some of the requirements that an online casino room must meet in Spanish.

Spanish as a language: One of the keys for you to feel safe in a Spanish online casino is that all your software must be translated into Spanish so you can understand it. This will help you learn the dynamics of the room quickly.

Customer Service Support: In addition to the software, the customer support of several rooms must be in Spanish, both via live chat and phone call, something that will further loyalty even if it fits the player.

Certificate: Online casino rooms in Spanish must have the certification of the regulatory body of the country where it operates. Here we have talked about Coljuegos or the DGOJ as countries with somewhat stricter regulations, although many of the rooms are regulated by external organizations such as the UK Gambling Commission; Malta Gaming Authority, or the regulators of Gibraltar, Isle of Man or Curaçao.

External audit: Also, to guarantee the reliability and honesty of the games, the online casino rooms in Spanish must have an external audit process by companies such as eCogra that certify that all their games are based on a RNG (Random Number Generator) that It makes the results 100% random.

Transaction encryption: Of course, customer safety is the first thing that large online casino rooms think in Spanish. Most of them are secure with 128-bit SSL encryption or the latest technologies in the market in terms of security, to prevent hackers from interfering in economic transactions or accessing confidential player information.

With all this, you have a little more knowledge of what online casinos in Spanish mean, now you just have to scroll through our section and discover the games that are offered to you as well as the different bonuses to play.

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