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A few years ago, I was a webcast host in Paris and worked about 50 hours a week.

I live a very poor life and I am at a loss at the end of each month.

My job is not satisfied: I work 50 hours a week and I am tired. In the end, my only gain is that I can only use it to maintain my salary until next month. I dream of more and more freedom.

I have been a professional poker player since 2010. My result is a net income of more than 2 million euros. I have established my own source of funds through discipline and training "hardened"!

In 2012, I was trained by Aubin Cazals (nickname: Kzouls31), the French world champion, for 18 months. Since then, I have been at the table of the best players in the world. After hundreds of hours, this allowed me to understand the strategies they used and their secrets.

"My life is a big question mark, especially thanks to a professional player, who is connected day by day, I have gained the greatest gain in my life, and I have received unprecedented training."

I'm struggling, and I don't have the opportunity to now have to benefit from the "turnkey" program to become a Pro. I will like it! This saves me a lot of time and avoids all these errors and the endless stages of results.

I'm struggling, and I don't have the opportunity to now have to benefit from the "turnkey" program to become a Pro. I will like it! This saves me a lot of time and avoids all these errors and the endless stages of results.

Do you want to be a player Poker professional?

Becoming a professional poker player does not mean getting sponsored by a poker website. No, 99% of professional players are people like you and me who have become financially independent through poker.

During the game, are you always sure that you have made the right decision? Maybe you will make some recurring mistakes, which do not necessarily have to be recognized. This may be one of the reasons why you did not reach your goal fast enough.

Do you tilt sometimes? Bad actions and wrong rhythm will make you angry, frustrated and affect the game. You make a move that makes you feel sorry, playing hands that you have never played before.

So don't waste time... Follow my instructions and you will have all the tools and techniques as if I were on your shoulders. You will have a way to eliminate tilt, leaving only a distant memory.

Don't spend your time trying to learn on your own, and don't learn with people who think you can play well. Compared to walking alone, you have much less to do, because you will get my help and the help of all the participants who have joined the private group.

I spent 4 years doing errors, testing and experimentation.

I decided to take you under my wings, I have prepared everything you need to copy in the game to change your game and all new results.

Professional players can earn between 1,500 and 50,000 Euros per month in poker.

I work as a radio host in Paris for about 50 hours a week. I was living a poor life, and I was at a loss at the end of each month. Then, I discovered poker while playing with friends in 2009. I immediately learned that there are many strategies to discover, which attracted me.

For the first 4 months, I lost everything that was left, which was 3000 Euros. Since I have a hard mind, I decided not to give up, but I had to stop talking nonsense! It started to become almost dangerous. I decided not to train anymore, but to wait until my next salary drops before going to the game. A month later, I returned to the table where I lost 3,000 euros to play. I let them play against the same regular players in two months. Those who have scratched me no longer fear me. They feel that I have changed in the game and are no longer the player of last month. In the next 4 months, I generated more than 10,000 euros in cash games (blind 2/2 euros). I have turned the table, and when I entered the circle, they were the people who didn't want me to sit at their table. I felt that when I kicked them, they were already scared.

Then, I went to Sardinia because I needed to thoroughly learn from my previous social circle, which understood my suddenness and passion for poker. In the first year, I made an average of 1,500 Euros per month at the cash game table in Cagliari.

Then for nearly four years, I specialized in online competitions, and I participated in all competitions on .com. My monthly income is between 3k and 6k Euros. Although I live a good life, I am under a lot of pressure because my funds have been fluctuating between 5K and 40K, and I spend a lot of money. At that time, I had much fewer impressions, like my impression of "knowing" poker and "I need" progress. I thought I only needed to play at the maximum volume, and in the end I could only chat once (win 6 or more digits at a time), which made me feel good. This is a big misunderstanding.

I also participated in a lot of live tournaments, which really hindered my progress and increased the travel expenses of the poker festival (airplanes, hotels, restaurants, travel...I can see them everywhere).

One day, I decided to stop the whole game: either I would stop poker now and miss my dream, or I would stop making the same mistakes in poker, and I would use this to change my life. The real decision. I decided to switch to online cash games and study hard.


I still have 10,000 euros in capital: I invested 2,000 euros in PCs and 500 euros in office chairs. The remaining 7,500 euros allowed me to enter the NL50 online at 12 tables: the first month: + 700,000 euros (NL50 + NL100) to get 7,500 euros, my funds doubled, and now I only play NL100. After 2 weeks, I started playing NL200, and then in the second month, I had already started playing NL400.

I made 30,000 Euros in the first month of September 2014 (this is my second month of online cash games). Then my income varies between 15,000 and 30,000 Euros every month. Then in 2015, I did 300,000 euros for the first year.

I also received the training of French world champion Aubin Cazals for 18 months. Since then, I have spent thousands of hours on the list of the best players in the world, which allows me to understand the strategies they use, their ways of thinking and their secrets.

My level has increased tenfold: online and real-time cash games accounted for 75% of my income at the time, the rest of my profits in the tournament.

In April 2016, I joined the PMU professional team for 2 years, participated in the live competitions of the international tour, and obtained good results, including several 5-figure performances and direct wins in online competitions, with a prize of 150,000 €!

In 2019, I won the Deputy World Poker Championship (Runner-up) in Las Vegas for $3,000 in the WSOP Shootout.

I now have a net poker bonus of more than 2 million euros.

I study with the best players in large games in more than 10 countries/regions.

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