Who said: "It's impossible to always win at roulette?"

Get 165,000 USD every day through the "Secret Roulette Strategy"!

"It is possible to always win at roulette!"

I manage...! Learn how I win the jackpot...and learn how to always win the jackpot in roulette...! You can do it too!

Have you ever asked yourself whether it is always possible to win at roulette?

Like you, a few years ago, what I dreamed of was a safe roulette strategy that can always be used to win roulette. I was 32 years old and I was a car wash in a suburb of Budapest, earning an average of 150,000 $ per month. In those days, I sometimes only played online casinos. It was fun at first, I never thought of it as a way to make money-not roulette, and certainly not in the long run. But I was still young, I was wrong. One day, I came across a rather magical roulette strategy. Some experts secretly liked this strategy, but were not familiar with the public. After trying the roulette method for the first time, I was shocked by the result...

How can I make $15,000 a day in a few hours

When I first started playing online casinos, I quickly became a "bonus hunter". Using the strategy, you will definitely win the casino. Reward hunting is a simple step-by-step process: I signed at every online casino -> 98% of the time I left the casino to get a huge bonus. The money I made is simply amazing. How to turn a deposit of 500 euros into 750 euros, and in the whole process, it rarely takes more than 30 minutes. The 7500 HUF net bonus is a bit less. Of course, I am not the only one who has benefited from this new source of income – my entire family quickly learned to appreciate our ever-improving lifestyle. In the casino, all my hard-earned money is almost impossible for me. My strategy is very complicated: I always calculate the expected profit first and then systematically attack the casino. It can be said that I have figured out everything and I am...

Only two years later, the bonus search is over, what should I do?

Reward hunting has become a multiplayer game. Around 2003, online casinos appeared on the Internet like mushrooms. Every online casino wanted to offer the largest bonus to attract new players. However, two years later, the betting requirements have changed dramatically. The new requirements were extremely difficult to meet, so that in the end everyone turned "bonus hunting" into a zero-sum game, which actually made my bonus hunter and me immediately unemployed. In the second year, my income from the casino dropped to zero, and I had to work hard in my daily work to pay the household bills. The worst thing is that I have sent my daughter An'an to a more expensive private school, and only my daily work prevents me from maintaining everyone, and knowing that my chance of paying tuition fees on time next semester is zero, then I should How to do……?

We need a solution, and it must be solved immediately!

Squeezed on the wall, I was completely forced to find a solution to my financial problems-finally came to me 9 months later: only by luck did I learn the roulette strategy. This strategy worked well, not only After accepting the search bonus, I missed the income gap. , But the benefits obtained are beyond my imagination! At first, it was difficult for me to believe my casino statistics, but when the casino deposited the first payment directly into my bank account, all I thought was: I did it! I really won! Then in less than 12 months, I can resign easily. I could have done it earlier, but I want to allocate a certain amount to ensure that I have enough money for my family this time. The last day of the celebration was when I was 35 years old and found all my financial goals. With recent financial freedom, I realized my biggest dream: my wife, daughter and I packed everything, moved to Ibiza, and now live our most beautiful dream in a beautiful Mediterranean beach house!

My dream has come true!

Finally, when all the daily worries and worries finally disappeared, I felt very relaxed and sad. I am free to own everything and be able to do everything I always wanted without worrying about paying the bills again. A few months ago, my friend Mike (one of the men with longer hair in the picture above) asked me to explain my big roulette secret to him. I agreed to describe everything, and later a bunch of notes I wrote for him turned into a manual, and now it is finally made public for the first time on the site. If what you have read before is totally unattractive to you, please read on and discover how I accepted it at the casino and made $1,000 to use my secret roulette strategy, which made me bored forever life! After reading this website, you will know how to always win at roulette and withdraw all the money you want into your bank account...

How to change a simple game to your bonus withholding tax

At first I could hardly believe my eyes, but after considering all the possible errors in the system, I was convinced that this was true: the complex roulette strategy made it possible to obtain thousands of Hungarian forints quickly and easily.

The concept of earning thousands of HUF prizes through roulette strategy may seem strange to you, but trust me, if you spend a few minutes reading and digesting all the information you will get immediately, the system will become even better Easy to understand. Once you fully understand my roulette strategy, you can start right away and easily earn more than £145,000 a day in an online casino, usually in less than 30 minutes. The best part of this powerful strategy is that you can make money anytime, anywhere!

Let's start with some preparations

In order to successfully use my secret roulette strategy, the first thing you need to do is: download and install the casino software for free to play in the casino for free. Just click one of the download links below. I can assure you that any casino software you can download from this website is completely safe and will not cause any damage to your machine. EU players...

Details of my roulette strategy

You should study carefully and fully accept the following process. The more strictly you follow this roulette strategy, the greater your guarantee of winning the jackpot:

Step 1: Just bet a small amount of €1 on red or black. Suppose you decide to bet on red. The wheels spin and red wins. Congratulations! You win and double your original bet of 1 euro.

-But what if you lose and Black wins? When you lose money, just try the following strategies and double your next bet. This is how you deposit 2 euros in red. There are only 2 options:

1. Bonus: Congratulations, €4. Your winnings are now worth €4, which is twice your bet of €2. You bet €1 in the first round and €2 in the second round. When you add these values ​​together, red will get the amount of 1 Euro + 2 Euro = 3 Euro. But after winning the second round, you get a net profit of 4 Euros-3 Euros = 1 Euro (net cost = revenue).

What can we learn from the example above? The bet you lost in the first round did not hurt you at all. You reacted appropriately and bet twice as much in the second round. You will see: My roulette system protects you from positive and any adverse results. Therefore, even if you lose the previous round, you will always win a bet of 1 Euro.

2. Black win: You lose twice in a row. If you follow my roulette strategy above, you will again double the deposit amount and bet 4 euros.

If red wins, you will win 8 euros, doubling your 4 euro bet. In order to win these 8 Euros, you invested: 1 Euro (1st round) + 2 Euros (2nd round) + 4 Euros (3rd round), which can supplement your total cost 1 Euro + 2 Euro + 4 Euro = 7 euros. Your profit is again €8-€7 = €1, which is the same as the profit above. You will see that when you apply this amazing roulette winning strategy, no matter how many rounds you have previously lost, you can always win an amount equal to your first bet (here 1 euro). Therefore, if you lose the third round again, the prize is doubled again to 8 euros, etc. No matter what happens, you will always get the same result: the amount you win is equal to your first bet (here, 1 euro). rule:

Your profit is always your first bet It doesn't matter how many times you lose

But what if only red or black appears in all subsequent rounds?

What if you lose every lap? In the minds of thousands of people, this question is already before you. Look, the answer is much more obvious than you think (note: for those who don’t have statistics but don’t have to worry about it, it’s a bit difficult, it’s easy to understand after reading all the instructions...

- Suppose the probability of a ball hitting the red area is: P (red) = 0.5 (= 50%). The probability of the negative side, that is, the probability of the cube hitting the black field: P (black) = 1-P (red) = 1-0.5 = 0.5. From the above, P (red) = P (black) = 0.5. In mathematical terms, probability is multiple related. The probability that the cube hits the same color twice in a row is P (red) x P (red) = P (black) x P (black) = 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25. We get a simple formula:

P (n times the same color for n consecutive times) = 0.5 increased to the power of n

- Now is the important part: the probability of P (n times n consecutive colors) will keep ZERO at an increasing value of n. You can find evidence in the example above: P(1) is always greater than P(2), P(2) is always greater than P(3), and so on..., or use mathematical notation: "P(1)> P( 2)> P(3)<=> 0.5> 0.25> 0.125", and so on. With "increase n" or "increase the number of rotations", the matching probability decreases. In mathematical terms, this means:

lim [P (the number of consecutive n times that are the same color)], where Xn is tilted to half of infinity = 0

Only in Hungarian: The more balls that spin continuously and always hit the same color, the closer the probability of hitting the same color in the next round is to zero.

In other words, as the number of n rounds increases, the probability that my roulette strategy will fail completely becomes zero.

Too much math? Try it yourself...

If you don’t like mathematics, you can do the following experiment yourself to understand why my roulette strategy works:

-Take a dice and throw it away. Try to hit the same number one by one, for example, throwing "SIX" five times in a row. You will see: it is difficult, almost impossible!

- In mathematical language, in this case, the probability is multipliable, for example, the probability of throwing 6 is 1/6, and then the probability of getting "SIX" twice in a row is 1/6 x 1/6 = 1 /36, only about 2.7%. The probability of throwing "SIX" twice in a row 3 times 1/216 is only 0.46%, which is a very small probability.

In the language of mathematics, the term I want to explain to you here is called the "law of large numbers". The mathematical law states that the probability of obtaining the same color quickly (for example, black consecutively) in several consecutive circles becomes smaller and smaller within a smaller and smaller number of rotations, and approaches zero. Therefore, this mathematical law means that as the number of "n" spins increases, the total probability of my roulette strategy failure becomes zero.

The result: You will never be able to allocate all your money to your casino account.

Does it sound too complicated? Check out the results below

Think about the worst-case scenario: You lose several spins in a row. Now, I want to talk about your winning spins. The way you use my roulette strategy to win money is entirely up to you. This is why let us look at a very unfortunate situation, in which you lose your bet again and again.

Worst case

1) You paint 1 Euro on black! The ball fell into the red box.

2) You paint 2 euros on black! The ball fell into a red box.

3) You paint 4 euros on black! The bullet fell into the red box.

4) You paint 8 euros on black! The ball falls into the black box.

You will win 16 Euros in roulette.

You invested 1 Euro + 2 Euros + 4 Euros + 8 Euros = 15 Euros, and made a profit of 16 Euros-15 Euros = 1 Euro. ) Is quite low.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, I will provide you with a great opportunity in a few minutes to try this amazing roulette strategy for yourself-so keep reading

Why is it good to start at 1 euro:

I suggest you deposit 1 Euro first. why? Well, on the one hand, this is the minimum deposit for most online casinos, on the other hand, a small deposit can help inexperienced players keep their heads cool when applying my roulette strategy. This 1 euro deposit is the best initial deposit for maximum profit using my roulette system! Please follow this advice and don't be too bold! You fight for real money, neither you nor I hope you will lose your hard-earned money now or in the future.

The following is a summary of my roulette strategy:


- Make an initial deposit (I recommend €1) and apply a color (red or black, here I choose red)

-Continue to bet on the same color (red in this case) and double each bet until the color you choose finally wins!

-Once you place a bet (for example: you place a bet on red and red wins), your initial deposit amount (in this case, 1 euro) must be painted in another color.

-Important Note: Don't double your deposit after winning! Only double after losing one lap.

What about zero?

If the ball hits "zero", it means you have lost the previous round, but this is not a bad thing, because you can easily recover €1: if you hit "zero", just treat it like a ball This event is based on our roulette strategy. If you set it to red, it means that "zero" is the same as "black". In this case, you only need to double your deposit amount as described above to recover the lost deposit. To do this, please keep the deposit the same color as your previous bet, which is red in our example. If you bet on black, your other option is to get "zero", continue to double your previous deposit and continue betting. In rare cases, when you hit "zero" twice in a row, the process will be the same.

There are so many abstracts. In a few minutes, you will understand my roulette strategy and understand from a long-term perspective how I always win at roulette and how to win big prizes!

Let's add now

First, a simple question: do I fully understand that my roulette strategy converts any negative losses into positive profits? Otherwise, please read the above paragraph several times. Are you sure you want to master it? that's awesome! When you are ready, apply the roulette strategy immediately. Remember, you must follow my roulette strategy exactly, because any slight deviation may result in losses! Therefore, please ensure that you fully understand all the above betting procedures before making your first deposit.

To get started, if you haven't started yet, you need to download the casino software. I can assure you that the casino software that can be downloaded from this website is 100% virus-free, completely safe and will not cause any damage to your machine. I strongly recommend that you only use my roulette strategy in the casinos below, as I wrote above, I have reviewed many online casinos and concluded that CasinoClub is the most effective application of my roulette strategy The best option without risk.

Important note: As mentioned above, I have been playing games in various online casinos for the past few weeks and have come to the conclusion that my current roulette strategy is indeed about making money. So far, it has really worked on CasinoClub. Best (so far). why? The answer is simple: most online casinos set the roulette table bet to only 200-300 euros. This is mainly to prevent players from using the strategy I described above to win dozens of Hungarian forints in the blink of an eye and then leave. Casino, they will never come back to play again. Many casinos just want to make huge profits that they can earn legally, so they are just trying to exclude these highly intelligent players at all costs by imposing low bet limits.

Simple rule: avoid these casinos! These are only suitable for players who rarely play the game, and once they lose their first big bet, they complete the game very quickly-because these players have rarely heard of "roulette strategy" before, they tend to happen quickly. On the other hand, CasinoClub works completely differently. To be more fair: their table limit is a huge bet on a single private roulette table: you can bet up to €5000! Therefore, with the "Law of Large Numbers" (see above), you can apply my roulette strategy in CasinoClub without any risk.

If you need to consider other casinos for some reason, please write me an email and I will send you back a list of other online casinos where you can safely and successfully apply my roulette strategy. I encourage you to try my roulette strategy at CasinoClub first, because the unknowingly high bet limit makes it the best place to apply my powerful roulette strategy so far.

How to start gradually earning $145,000 or more in 30 minutes:

1st step

Download the casino software for free by clicking on the banner on the right. The two online casinos I provide here have an "entertainment" mode that allows you to use my roulette system for a long time without spending money. In the next steps, I will explain to you all the necessary steps of the CasinoClub software, if not all the casino software you might encounter, it will usually serve as a suitable example. Installation and management of other online casinos (e.g. I recommend to AEÁ players) is almost the same, and I hope it goes without saying...

Step 2

Install CasinoClub software-in most cases, the installation can be completed in a few minutes. However, this is the first step to win big money using my roulette strategy.

<-New feature: 250 Euros a month casino club welcome bonus + 50 Euros a month bonus! I suggest you take this opportunity until you cancel the offer (it will almost certainly happen soon, because a really good bonus offer like this is usually invalid for a long time).

Step 3

After the online casino software is properly installed, launch and create a free player account. After agreeing to the license agreement, simply select any nickname/password combination you want. Then enter your birthday and address (this is necessary to prevent underage gamblers). Please write down your chosen nickname/password combination and keep it in a safe place. After you complete the subscription, just click "Login" button.

In order to start making money, you need some basic capital, which you can easily double using my roulette strategy! If you have read my presentation carefully now, then I believe you are ready to take immediate action, such a small investment is not a problem for you. Remember, you can get back all invested funds at any time. In this regard, your casino bank account works almost the same as a regular bank account, the only obvious difference is that the casino is not interested in the money in your account. However, on the contrary, you can take the opportunity to multiply your first deposit by a large sum of money in a short period of time. I think this is an acceptable difference...

As mentioned above, but please note that I recommend that you always have a first deposit of approximately 100-150 Euros at the start of a new casino. You will definitely need the least amount of start-up capital to avoid the double problem required to successfully apply my roulette strategy. In addition, when you deposit for the first time, you will receive a 100% free registration bonus (up to 250 euros). If you want to make the first deposit of 250 Euros, of course you will get a bonus of 250 Euros for free, but only before you make your first deposit (for example, if your first deposit is only 150 Euros, you will not receive 250 Euros) You only need to pay an extra 150 euros to get 100% of your investment funds, which is 300 euros in your casino account). Of course, this is your decision... After the casino software accepts your player account, you will see 2 options in the upper right menu of the screen: "TRUE GAME MODE" and "PRACTICAL GAME MODE".

Once you fully understand my roulette strategy, you can start playing REAL MONEY immediately. If you just want to use the roulette software for some practice first, please select "Actual Game Mode" to learn how to use the software and all the options available in the game field. When you are ready, click the "European Roulette" tab under "RULET GAMES" from the menu -> "European Roulette", and then click the "JOIN" button. If you want the game to run faster, it is recommended that you activate "Turbo Mode" from the options menu. Now start playing and apply my roulette strategy, bet the first €1 bet on red or black. If you make a mistake, just right-click to undo the last (erroneous) bet. If you use the roulette strategy as I outlined in the tutorial above, you will soon realize that you will make a lot of money in a very short time. On the right, you can see the roulette table, I started with an equity of 2,000 euros. I played the roulette strategy for 23 minutes, if you look closely at the photos, you will find how much money I made!

Step 4

If you have practiced the "Practical Game Mode" so far, now is the time to make money. But first, all funds must be invested in the casino bank.

In order to successfully apply my roulette strategy, I recommend that you deposit €100-150 into your casino account. I can assure you that if you only deposit this small amount of money, my roulette strategy can still be used normally. You don’t have to worry about depositing any funds, because you can easily return all payments to a real bank account at any time. Therefore, in order to start making money, please put all your start-up capital into "cash" -> "deposit" -> "bank card".

Before making your first deposit, please note that CasinoClub will also pay you a welcome bonus, which means they will double the money you deposited into the casino bank. This means you will be able to start the game with 200% of your original equity.

After all, CasinoClub currently offers a welcome bonus of up to 250 Euros. From my experience as a "bonus hunter", I know: In order to maximize profits, it is worth getting as many welcome bonuses as possible. To do this, you need to deposit €250 in CasinoClub which is very serious and reliable, otherwise they will be sold out by the merchant within a few days. €, €150 free bonus (if your deposit is €150, and so on...). The higher your first deposit, the more welcome bonus you will get for free. Gifts for new guests. I will personally pay the cost of the first payment (as long as there is no risk), but of course, it all depends on you...

To deposit some into your casino bank account, CasinoClub provides the following deposit methods: credit card, bank transfer, Giropay, Moneybookers, ClickandBuy, NETELLER, Click2Pay, Paysafecard, checks, etc. I think the fastest and easiest way to deposit equity is to use a credit card. By using a credit card, if your casino expenses are processed in "network dollars", you will not take any risk at all. Your credit card information will remain encrypted throughout the process, which means that no one can access your information. I personally prefer the credit card mode, but if you don’t have a credit card, just go to the "Cashier" menu and choose the most suitable payment method.

Step 5

Have you already made a lot of money? married...

If you profit from my strategy, why not invite your friends to try it too? You can send their link from my website to all your friends, so that any one of them has a chance to win the jackpot in any casino.


Send me an email to get the latest winning tricks and a list of other lucrative online casinos. Just write here:

Professional strategies for experienced gamblers

You may want to save time!

Then what? Fortunately, you applied my roulette strategy, and now you want to make more money in less time overnight? Well, I can help you. Based on your experience, you can consider increasing your bet slightly. When I first explained my strategy to you, I would not recommend you to do this, mainly because a 100-150 euro share capital may not be enough to effectively bet more than 1 euro in the long term. It can be said that, thanks to your bonus, you not only own 150 Euros, but also about 500 Euros in equity. If so, you can now start saving time in the casino by increasing your first bet. In order to give you a rough idea of ​​how much starting capital is most suitable for which initial bet amount, I have compiled the following list for you:

Initial Capital The amount of the First Bet

€ 100 € 1

€ 500 € 5

1000 € 10 €

etc ... etc ...

Using these capital/bet combinations, your average hourly win rate will now increase faster.

Change: registration bonus

As you know, most online casinos offer high welcome bonuses for new players in order to provide them with huge deposit incentives and ensure that they are free to try and test every game that comes with the casino software. Most casinos will provide you with a wealth, or twice the amount you initially invested. I strongly recommend that you use these bonuses as much as possible, because bonuses are actually free capital that can be used. Once you meet certain betting requirements-when applying my roulette strategy, you will quickly take action without having to think about anything else-you can directly pay this bonus into your own bank account.

Free funds-CasinoClub welcome bonus €250 sign-up bonus-act now!

First month bonus -100% up to €250

Second month bonus -100% up to €50

3st month bonus-100% up to €50

So how can it always win?

Yes, I know this is crazy. You will see what happens after playing the first round, and you will see making money every hour. This is a strange experience, especially if your previous job hourly salary was less than $10 or $20. Even today, there are still many people who spend 10 dollars or less working for more than an hour. From my personal point of view, this sounds crazy to me. What I am actually talking about is to prepare psychologically and emotionally for this experience. Many people unknowingly fear a truly successful work experience without having to bother to die, just because they don't want to believe that making money is so easy after all.

So why is it so simple? Why haven’t you heard of news and raging business magazines about this crazy system before? Look: the system has always existed, but whenever you encounter a smaller table limit, this strategy becomes worthless, because sometimes you will reach the table limit before reaching the final winning round. Today, there are actually only a few online casinos that have and allow such high table limits. In order to better understand the meaning of these table restrictions with you, when you apply my strategy, the chance of losing at CasinoClub Casino (and any other casino I recommend to you) is only 1:15000. This means you can play 15,000 full rounds without losing once. You continue to win at least 15,000 times in a row. Great, isn't it? So, why not catch up with the media and casinos?

Why accept players who "bankrupt the casino"? I will explain: Nowadays, online gambling is getting better and better, and casinos can do this to keep the players who really spend a lot of their money, because they will earn from the losses of all untrained or unaware players Take a lot of cash. Moreover, because the online casino is open 24/7, its owners do not need to pay rent or any salary to their employees, so they do a good job in this way. Nowadays, many people realize the many benefits of online gambling instead of always visiting the "physical casino." If you think about it, they have many benefits: First, the payout rate of online casinos is as high as 99.5%, while the expected average loss value is very small. Online casinos may allow them to do this to attract new players. As I mentioned before, players don’t have to spend all their money on staff and buildings before making money, you will never be in a real casino or lottery. Found in these lower expected average odds values ​​they will usually lose 50% or more of your money as a gambling bonus. The third advantage of online casinos is that you can only choose the size of the online bet, and small bets can also reduce the chance of loss. Of course, it can help you play anonymously and comfortably in your own home anytime, anywhere.

Now, before we end this tutorial, let you play by yourself, let me share some thoughts and suggestions with you: play without a good strategy! If you are an online casino, please accept my suggestion, accept my strategy, and then take action! Gambling is like anything else in life. If you have no plan and no goals, then you are likely to lose the plan and benefit from it. Instead, follow my advice and read everything carefully, and if necessary, read everything over and over again until the whole thing is clear and until you are completely sure that you understand all the details. Don’t forget to record this day in your calendar as a day for you to set complete financial freedom.

Good luck in roulette and all walks of life! I believe that you will at least apply my strategy as successfully as I did, and now needless to say: start using my strategy well and win big prizes...

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